monkey riding a pig

the baltic boys and their respective meme type
  • justs: innocent facebook mom memes, shares funny minion memes unironically. completely unaware of the types of memes on other social media he's just trying to have a good time. haha, look at this baby monkey riding on a pig everyone!
  • jüri: absolute walking shitpost. his sense of memes is so warped he laughs at things like "hey everyone! romanticise the void" nobody understands his humour
  • donny: kinda behind on memes, like you know that one guy that joins the bandwagon after its already been everywhere on the Internet? that's him. u mad bro?
Hall of Fame - "The World Has Gone Insane" Edition

It’s gems like this that inspired the creation of this site.  No one, I repeat NO ONE should go through life without witnessing the harmonious union between an infantile monkey and his scrappy little porker pal.  If you haven’t seen this by now, you should be hung, drawn and quartered while listening to the infectious theme song on repeat…..backwards.  

anonymous asked:

I don't know why I'm venting to you, I think it's because you're incredibly nice, I'm just crying because of anxiety, and because I'm so sad about my breakup (which happened more than a month ago) and it's fourth of july and I can't handle my family, and I don't wanna burden any of my friends because they all are so happy (or have their own problems) and just......eveything is so overwhelming, and sometimes I can't handle it and I don't know what to do

When you’ve devoted any time of your life to another person it will never be easy to let go. But you do, and you do move on. I promise you. 

I’ve been through a break-up before and it feels like your world is ending. Yet here I am, happy again, with another guy, and yes we’ve had our shitty moments and gosh we’ve been through hell together but that’s how these things go.

You’re going to be hurting and you’re going to be in pain and I’m so sorry :-(

so I’ve made this for you! :) 

LILY’S BREAK-UP TIPS AND TRICKS: (and for general if you’re sad and need some love.)

  •  I can recommend these songs (click them to listen on YouTube!):

Dare You To Move by Switchfoot, Long Live The Queen by Frank Turner, Get Better by Frank Turner, Brave by Sara Bareilles, Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles and Free by Twin Atlantic. 

  • I can recommend these YouTube videos to make you laugh: (click them to go to the video!):

Talking cats, Baby Monkey riding on a pig, Dan and Phil photo-booth challenge, Louise & Dan prank calls, Thomas Sanders vine compilation, ThatcherJoe pranking CasparLee and ANYTHING BY AmazingPhil because that dude is guaranteed to make you smile. 

Here are 20 different cakes you can make in a mug in 5 minutes (x)

Here is a website where you type your sad thoughts and they disappear before your very eyes (x)

Here is the video for Friday by Rebecca Black to make you smile (x)


Stay amazing, lovely. 


baby monkey riding a tiny pig backwards