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I’m so f****** pissed right now. All of us are constantly distracted, our monkey minds are racing non stop and we’re feeding our minds and bodies with toxic shit day in day out. We’re so damn privileged, yet most of us don’t wake up in the morning feeling truly blessed and grateful for what we have. We are so blessed to be born into circumstances other people in different parts of the world will never experience, no matter how hard they try. Most of us feel lost and are damaged in one way or the other. Numbers of people suffering from mental and physical illnesses are going through the roof. Most of us are trying to fill this screaming emptiness inside with materialistic possessions no one actually needs. At first, it looks like we’re more connected than ever, globalization leaves the impression that it brought us closer together, yet there are so many people suffering because they feel meaningless and lonely. We get into huge fights about the smallest things, we can’t seem to solve big social issues that have been around the same amount of time humans have lived on this planet. We write books and make movies about heaven and hell while we’re already living this! Heaven and hell is all around us, we just need to wake up and see that! Instead we spend billions of dollars on creating art, cars, fashion, yoga studios or holiday resorts. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with art, music or traveling. But the price is too high to do all these things out of habit, in a mindless and wasteful way. And by the end of the day these things don’t even manage to make us happy anymore because we’re already on to the next thing. We’re insanely addicted to having more and more and more. We’re always in a rush, always trying to be somewhere else or someone else. We attack, we waste time, resources and energy non stop. If someone is outspoken about animal rights or is trying to make the world a better place, they get called a tree hugger and a “weird hippie” and is asked to stop smoking weed or drop acid, and to grow the fuck up. Meanwhile the ice is melting, trees are dying, climate is changing at a pace that leaves scientists surprised. Sure, they saw it coming, but not this quick. We’re actually close to the 6th big extinction period in the history of the earth. Let that sink in. Why isn’t everyone on their feet trying to fix this? What the fuck are we doing? Scientists say we have maybe 20 years to fix this mess we made. So what the hell are we doing? Being on tumblr, Netflix, instagram, being busy making a living, being busy caring about what others think, being busy exploiting other humans, even the people we call our “loved ones”, and of course the planet that is our home.
I stopped being a vegan because I was tired to be looked down on, I stopped being active and outspoken about environmental issues because at some point I felt like I was being annoying. And, you know, life was happening. I was doing what we’re all doing: trying to make money, trying to be okay with not being appreciated in my job, trying to be in a relationship, trying to be someone, trying to make myself happy, trying to fit in and feed this insanely flawed system. Even though I knew better, I got tired and went back to doing what everyone else is doing. I shut my mouth and made myself believe that I tried. Meanwhile I also felt like there were so many social issues that had spiraled out of control that it seemed silly to me to focus on trying to produce less trash and work towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. And I’m so mad at myself right now, and so mad at this whole situation. Why isn’t everyone else angry? Why are our ego driven, social problems so much more important than the massive damage we’re causing? Why aren’t we giving a shit about Mother Earth? Why is it more important to us to lose weight, look good, be liked, fit in, make no one angry, be famous, have lots of followers, fulfill our dreams? I really really don’t get it. I can’t continue to talk about these fucking small first world problems anymore, things that don’t matter the slightest when you look at the bigger picture. I was so numb and blind. It’s time to wake the fuck up. I’m not saying mental illnesses don’t matter. I’m not saying social issues aren’t real and bad. But we can do something about it, we don’t have to follow the same old patterns and routes we’ve been on for too long already. We don’t have to waste time and energy on feeling desperate, being overwhelmed and inactive. We have so much power, it’s time to use this power in a good way. I’m so tired of all these damn excuses.


Whew, it’s been a while since I’ve written a fic for these two cuties!

Ever since he had met Plagg and started his life as a Miraculous Holder, Adrien Agreste hadn’t been surprised by many things anymore. I mean, let’s face it, if a cat-like creature called a ‘Kwami’ suddenly shows up in your room and tells you that you’re destined to be a superhero, nothing can surprise you anymore.

Or so he thought. It just happened that there was someone who managed to surprise him time and time again.

And her name was Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

He’d always had a soft spot for the girl, don’t ask him how or why, but he considered her his second real friend (losing only to Nino). That alone earned her a pretty high place in his heart, but then there was the other thing, and he believed it to be purely instinctual, but just the mere thought of her being in any type of harm made his heart pound and stomach churn. That’s the feeling that confused him, since he didn’t even feel that way with Ladybug! (Although that may be because he was well-aware that the masked girl could protect herself just fine)

But that’s just it. Any person who would give Marinette no more than a sideways glance would consider her someone who needed to be protected- frail, even. She was just that kind-hearted and optimistic, and anyone with those qualities was bound to be either naive or too kind for their own good.

But Marinette would debunk that stereotype the second you even thought of her in that way.

She was stubborn, fierce, and stood for what she believed in. Not to mention that she was surprisingly strong and quick on her feet, too. In short, the entire opposite of what she appeared to be at first.

Take right now, for example. Adrien - and he was almost one hundred percent certain everyone else - was staring in complete and utter shock at what was happening right in front of his very eyes. The only one who didn’t seem all that surprised was Alix, but that was just because she was enjoying this way too much to let her bewilderment overshadow it.

Even Alya- who claimed to know the aspiring designer inside and out -was staring at the two with surprise in her eyes. Even so, she still had the mind to whip out her phone and film this 'legendary’ occurrence.

The whole classroom had been cleared for both Kim and Marinette; tables and chairs had been pushed all the way to the back of the room except for two of them, which had been centered in the middle of the class so that everyone could stand around them and watch clearly as the two classmates tried to one-up each other.

The arm-wrestle match hadn’t been planned or anything, it just had been one of the spontaneous matches between Kim and Alix as usual. After their match, however, everyone had been surprised to see Marinette actually challenging Kim to go against her and see who was stronger, actually getting annoyed when he claimed he would go easy on her.

But now it had been made pretty clear that that was a terrible idea on Kim’s part.

He was clearly struggling, and Adrien was certain that he spotted sweat droplets on the other boy’s forehead.

Lê Chiến Kim was actually struggling to hold his own in an arm wrestling match.

Marinette was actually winning.

But that wasn’t all, they had all seen Alix beat him in arm wrestling a couple of times before, so the fact that a girl was beating him wasn’t that big of a deal to them; even if it was someone as unexpected as Marinette.

No, the surprising thing was the amount of effort she was putting into it- or, better yet, the lack of effort.

She was holding Kim’s hand tightly in her own with ease, a soft smile on her lips as she just watched him struggle, her other hand supporting her head. Her smile wasn’t mocking or anything, it wasn’t even cocky, it just wasn’t in her personality to taunt or humiliate her opponent like that.

No, her smile was the same kind and gentle smile that all of them knew and were accustomed to. Adrien tried not to think too much of the fact that it had his heart pounding in his chest.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Marinette’s smile turned soft. “Sorry, Kim,” she said, her grin widening. “Looks like I won.”

And with that, her grip on his hand tightened as she turned her wrist and slammed his hand down onto the table.

The class went silent, and it took a while before they managed to snap out of their shock.

Kim was the first one to react. He calmly got up from his chair and walked up to her with a proud and impressed smile on his face. “Nicely done, Mari!” He praised, head tilted down so he could properly look at her with his towering height. “Who’d have thought you’d be able to beat me? I’m impressed.” He quickly slipped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer so he could ruffle her hair playfully, which had her struggling and protesting in his grip.

Meanwhile, the green-eyed model was still staring at the sweet and somewhat shy girl in complete awe.

It were moments like these that had Adrien questioning his sanity.

Note Number #1: Marinette Dupain-Cheng was extremely kind.

Note Number #2: Marinette Dupain-Cheng was brave.

Note Number #3: Marinette Dupain-Cheng was insanely strong for a girl her age and weight.

Note Number #4: Marinette Dupain-Cheng had very quick reflexes.

Note Number #5: Marinette Dupain-Cheng was a pro at gaming.

Note Number #6: Marinette Dupain-Cheng had the agility of a circus monkey.

Okay, yes, Adrien had resorted to taking mental notes of Marinette. In his defense, he had been completely unaware that he was doing it, and by the time he realized it; he was already down to four.

Gym class was one of the blond’s favorite classes. It was the one time where he could just play and run around and actually have fun. The best part was that he didn’t even have to be Chat Noir to do it. It was also the place where he could let his competitive spirit run free, and he’d taken note of the fact that his competitive side always happened to surface when they were playing in teams and a certain black haired girl with pigtails was in the opposite team.

And he was again taking notes of something Marinette-related. If he didn’t watch himself, it was going to become a habit.

He was just glad that he wasn’t actually writing them down. That was when he’d need to start worrying.

Surprisingly enough, gym was the only class where she was able to form a coherent sentence while in his presence. He guessed that her competitive side was big enough to rival his, since the normally stuttering and blushing girl would go as far as challenging and making bets with him whenever they were the two last standing- which seemed to happen a lot.

Adrien did feel a bit like he was cheating, since all his running around Paris as Chat Noir tended to enhance his physical attributes as himself too.

Still, he found himself not caring one bit whenever Marinette was the one standing across the room from him.

Huh, maybe he needed to make a list about himself too, since he kept learning new things about himself whenever the topic was either Marinette or Ladybug.

The moment Adrien had walked into the room, he felt himself getting excited when he spotted the monkey bars set up for them to swing on. He had half a mind to just run up and leap across them in a cat-like fashion, but that would both be too obvious and just plain embarrassing.

From the corner of his eye, he spotted flaming brown hair entering the room and he turned because whenever Alya got out of the changing room, Marinette was close by- and damn it, was he really paying that much attention to her?!

At this rate, he’d need counseling 'cause this was turning obsessive.

Another thing to add to Adrien’s list of weird characteristics.

In the middle of the girls’ conversation, Marinette looked up and her eyes lit up when she spotted the monkey bars, her smile almost brightening the room and Adrien was almost sure that he was blushing. He couldn’t help it, the look on her face was simply adorable.

Seriously, this was becoming worrying. At this rate, he’d forget all about Ladybug since his focus was entirely on Marinette. Still, he didn’t feel as panicked as he should have been, and that little detail alone should’ve already told him enough.

From the way his blush darkened, he knew damn well just what was going on.

He got snapped out of his thoughts when the teacher called for his attention. “Adrien! Marinette! You’re up!”

He blinked and looked up to see Juleka and Sabrina walking back to the bench, the purple-haired girl quick to pull her fingerless gloves back over her hands after having to take them off for the monkey bars.

The task was simple, swing across the bars as fast as you could and try to get there before the other had. To put it simply, it was a race on monkey bars.

The two of them walked up to the bars, both teens having a good mood about this particular assignment. Adrien glanced beside him and shot the girl a smile. “Ready?”

Surprisingly enough, she met his stare head on with a smirk. “Think you can keep up?”

Her words just prompted a smirk of his own and he was sure that his green eyes were shining in cat-like mischief. “Oh, we’ll see about that, P-” He stopped there, dangerously close to saying Princess and it occurred to him that it was just way too easy to slip into his Chat Noir persona without even being aware of it.

Seriously, he was taking mental notes of all the peculiar qualities of a certain interesting girl, but failed to make note of the important things that could protect his identity.

After this, he was so writing everything down to clear his head.

The teacher gave the signal, and the two of them simultaneously jumped onto the bars, swinging across with speed that had their classmates blinking twice and rubbing their eyes to make sure that they were seeing it right.

Adrien, however, was feeling a bit troubled.

All this - swinging and laughing, even making bets with Marinette - it all felt so familiar. The sense of déjà vu being enough for his concentration to slip and one of his hands to accidentally let go of the bars. He was quick to grab hold again, but that short moment of hesitation was enough for Marinette to get ahead of him, reaching the end quickly and jumping off with a small flip, her agile and graceful movements doing nothing but worsening his déjà vu to the point where it was becoming maddening because he couldn’t figure it out.

He landed beside her just seconds after, using the same technique as her, but whereas hers was more graceful, his was a lot more carefree and playful.

She smirked up at him playfully. “Looks like I won after all, K-” She stopped, her pretty sky blue eyes going completely blank as whatever she was just about to say seemed to shock her into silence. Her eyes locked on him, narrowing for a second before she shook her head and her eyes cleared up again. Whatever she just had been thinking was just too ridiculous to be true, either way, Adrien could clearly see that it must’ve been a worrying thought for her to slip into silence like that.

His mind flashed back to how easy it was for him to slip into his Chat Noir persona when talking to her, and he wondered if she had picked up on it too.

Damn it, he knew that visiting her sometimes as Chat Noir was a bad idea.

“Congrats!” He smiled, figuring that changing the topic was his best option at the moment, and he made sure to get rid of any trace of Chat this time as he talked. “Maybe I’ll be the one to beat you next time.”

His voice had turned playful again at the end, and Adrien realized just how little self-control he had when around her.

It seemed to work though, since she looked up at him with a smile that equaled his as she responded. “We’ll see about that.”

Note Number #7: Marinette Dupain-Cheng was a very competitive person.

Her smile turned soft, and Adrien found his heart skipping a beat, and he regrettably had to add another note to his list.

Note Number #8: Adrien Agreste was completely and utterly screwed because he had fallen hard for Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Okkkkkk, so Raja and Raven are apparently receiving lots of death threaths and hate mail right now just because they booted ONE of Kim chi’s looks in the Photo Ruview video and because they tooted Derrick’s looks. 

This is why i hate this whiny ass fandom, i mean it’s just their opinion, it’s not like they killed Kim or something.. i meann… jesus…grow tf up tbh. They’re just doing their job. Kim won the challege so why are you even bitching about it? I feel so bad for the queens who have to put up with all of these whiny kids acting like immature and hateful 12 y/o’s. No wonder the queens are being ‘’rude’’ sometimes to their fans when 80% of their fans behave like this. 

Why do yall always gotta find something to complain about just so you can feel like it’s okay to be hateful towards somebody over the internet? Just be grateful that we actually have this amazing show and focus on the things you love about it & focus on the queens that you love, it actually aint that hard.

It’s actually gotten so messed up and gone so far, that almost every rpdr queen at some point have had to call out their fans out on twitter and tell them to behave, Especially this last year, the hate and negativity of this fandom is growing and it’s going to kill the whole show, especially for all of the queens who wish to be on the show in the future, or for those who have already been on it. I left a few nice messages to them, a few nice comments and called some hateful bitches out, yall better help out to show some positivity and love up in this fandom. 

Honestly just props to all the queens for having to put up with all of this BS & negativity from this hateful fandom.

Tuesday’s Gift

The wind blew a warm breeze across my face, as it did every Tuesday. I opened my eyes to an ice cream truck being swarmed with kids and their paying parents. Sun rays cast over their smiling faces, while they glossed over the menu to decide what they wanted. I turned away and found a vacant bench that faced the playground. There were more children running and laughing, as they bounced from one equipment to the next. I did quick scans of the slides and swings, until I saw a head full of dark curls bounce wildly as she ran to the monkey bars. I smiled. She is so energetic and carefree just like I was at her age. Her laughter filled the air and hugged me tightly, while I watched her win in a monkey bar race. The other kids cheered for her and her opponent shook her hand in good sportsmanship. How cute. 

“Mommy, did you see me?!” She yelled, as she ran towards me.
I beamed a wide smile. “Yes, baby I did! You were awesome.” I brought her in for a tight hug. “I’m so proud of you.”
She snuggled into my neck. “Thank you.” She pulled back, “Danny said that he could beat me because I’m a girl, but I showed him!”
“Indeed you did, my love! Remember what daddy says, ‘Anything boys can do, girls can do better.’” I wink.
She grins, “Where is he?”
“He couldn’t make it today. He’s been working a lot more lately and he’s always tired.” I place her on my lap, running my hands through her soft curls. “But he’ll come next time, okay?”
She lays on my shoulder and nods. “Okay.” Her hand smooths over my stomach. “How’s my sister?”
I toss my head back, chuckling. “You’re the second person to say it’s a girl! What makes you so sure?” I wrap my arms around her.
“Because I just know!” She rubs my stomach. “Will she look like me?” Her voice had a hint of melancholy.
“Do you want her to look like you?”
She nods.
I tip her chin up. “Then she will look like you.” I lay a kiss on her rosy nose.
Her rich, brown eyes stared into mines. “Mommy, how are you?”
I almost felt a lump in my throat, but managed to keep it from forming. “Sweetheart, don’t make me lie to you.” A tear managed to escape from my left eye, as I tried to laugh.
“You don’t have to.” Her sullen voice said.
“Well”, I breathe, “I have my sad days, my lonely days, and my tough days. But I have good ones as well. I try to smile and laugh as much as I can.” My eyes were now blurry from the rush of tears forming. “I miss my baby. I miss you so much that it hurts so bad!”
Her hands reached my face, as she tried to catch every tear that fell. “It’s okay, mommy. Don’t cry! No, no, no, don’t cry! You said you wouldn’t!”
I try to get myself together, remembering that promise I made. “I’m sorry, baby girl!” I faintly chuckle, “You’re right.”
She leans in to connect our foreheads and noses together. “Remember that you’re supposed to be strong for me. And daddy. And my sister.”
I slightly nod, sniffing away that ache. “I know, I know. And I will. But that doesn’t mean it’s that easy.”
I looked up to see Danny, her opponent, run towards the middle of the playground. His short blond hair moved briskly, in the sudden cool breeze.
“Cheyenne! We have to go now!”
She broke our contact, turning towards him. “Okay, I’ll be right there!”
When she hops down, I stand up and grab her hand. “I’ll walk you to your friend.”
She turned towards me with a surprised look. “Oh no, you can’t mommy! You have to stay here.”
My heart was filled with that ache again. “But it’s only a short walk, I can —”
“Stay here, mommy.” She said slowly, “You have to stay here.”
“I don’t have to! I can go with you!” My voice was cracking. “Please don’t go.” I whispered, as I picked her up into a big hug. “Don’t go.”
Her little arms squeezed me as hard as they could. “I have to, but I’ll be back. You know I’ll always be here waiting for you and daddy.”
“Just let me go with you, please.”
She shook her head. “Not today, mommy.”
“Cheyenne, we have to go now!” Danny called out to her again.
Her lips kissed my stained cheek. “Let me go now.” She grins, as I hesitantly put her down. “I love you so much, Cheyenne. I’ll see you soon.”
“I love you more, mommy. "She walks towards the playground, then halts. "Tell daddy to stop walking away, he’s a big jerk for that!” She jogs toward Danny, who quickly grabs her hand. “See ya later!”
I manage to smile. “See ya later, baby girl.” I watched her and Danny swiftly vanish, as they ran towards the other end of the playground.

My lids flew open, my heart was pounding a beat faster. The darkness blanketed me, as I rose from the bed. I could feel wetness on my face from crying. I peaked at the bed, seeing Joe tussle around on his side trying to get comfortable. I walked into the kitchen, heading for the stove to heat up the teapot. After grabbing a peppermint green teabag from its can and placing it in a mug, I sat down carefully at the island. 

My nine year-old daughter had been gone for almost two years now, but that pain is still raw on my soul. All it took was a fatal case of pneumonia to destroy my perfect world. There isn’t a feeling worse than doing everything you can to save your child, only for them to still be taken away. 

And Joe… 

My husband was almost nonexistent after Cheyenne’s passing. It was as if he lost his best friend. He would barely talk, touch, or even look at me. She was a split replica of myself, from the dark brown eyes to the radiant smile. I knew how hard it was for him to come home to me, but he always reassured me that he wasn’t going anywhere and that he’s still in love with me. So being told that every day is what kept me warm at night. It wasn’t until three months ago, when we found out that I was pregnant, that he snapped out of his spell. 

The tea kettle’s whistle sounded and I got up to fill my cup. The peppermint aroma soothed the air, as I stirred in some honey. 

“There you are,” Joe’s raspy voice broke the silence. “How long have you been up?”
I sit back down. “Fifteen minutes, maybe.”
He walks over to me, lifting my chin with his finger. “Carmen, you’ve been crying.” He stares into my red, swollen eyes. “Cheyenne?" 

I could only nod, as I felt another wave of tears form.  

"Come here.” Joe locks me into his arms, kissing my forehead. “It’s okay, baby.” His thumb swiped at the tears. “How is she?”
I sniff, “I’ve never seen an angel so beautiful.” I faintly smile. “She’s so happy, Joe.”
Those grey eyes sparkled at my words. “I bet she is. She deserves that happiness after what she went through.”
“I know,” I chuckle, “She’s excited for her new sister.” I gently stroke my pouty belly.
His hand covers mine, “If we’re lucky, she’ll look just like her.”
“That’s what she wants.” I notice Joe getting teary eyed. “Oh, babe." 

He puts his head down, moving his jaw around. The tanned pigment of his face was slowly turning red. I saw his shoulders tremble and I immediately brought him into a hug. The vibrations his shoulders spread throughout his core. I started to feel tears drop onto my neck, as they slid down my chest. 

"I miss her so much!” He muffled loudly into my neck. “I miss my baby girl, Carmen.”
I rubbed his back with one hand and cradled his head with the other. “I know you do, love. Believe me, I do.” I quietly spoke. 

Hearing Joe’s sobs, repeatedly shattered what’s left of me. It’s always hard telling him of my dream dates with Cheyenne, because I know of the overwhelming emotions they bring. Hence, why I’m almost always waking up from them with a fresh broken heart and the tears to match. 

I pull back from hugging him to stare intently in his reddened eyes. “You have to stop walking away, babe. She really wants to see you.” I wipe his face with my knuckle. “You’re a big jerk for that." 

Through his sadness, he managed to smile and left a long, warm peck on my lips.

The warm, Tuesday breeze circled around me, while the kids raced towards the ice cream truck with their parents. To my right, I could hear the joyous laughter from more kids. As I walked closer, I could see an empty bench facing the playground. A couple of steps back, I would’ve gotten cold feet and retraced my steps into the opposite direction. But not this time. It was my time to stop being a big jerk, and finally see my angel. Feeling my heart thump a beat faster, I pushed through my nervousness and sat down on the bench. I patiently watched some kids interact with each other on the swings, until I saw her. Immediately, she ran from the slide she slid from, smiling her mother’s smile as she approached me. I could feel my eyes water with a face splitting smile. 

"There you are, daddy!”
“Here I am, my Cheyenne.”