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Here’s what the Chinese zodiac says about you

Happy Lunar New Year! 2017 is the year of the rooster, and it’s believed that anyone born under this sign will have a good year with plenty of luck and opportunities. To figure out which sign you are, simply look for your birth year!

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I ordered (and devoured) this big, beautiful vegan pizza earlier today. 😍🍕 Free of all the cruelty and pus of cow’s milk. 🐮🍼 Before I went vegan, I had been vegetarian for a few months. I remember telling myself (and other people), “I could never go vegan. I love cheese too much!” 🧀 This is a common remark among meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Looking back, I cannot believe how self centered and ill-educated my actions and justifications were. I mean just think about it. We are the ONLY species that takes milk from another animal. Could you imagine drinking pig milk? 🐷 Monkey milk? 🐵 Dog milk? 🐶 So why are we enslaving cows, artificially inseminating females so they can continue to produce milk, and separating mothers from their calves? Ask anyone why they drink milk, and the standard response is calcium. A common myth perpetuated by misinformation and propaganda spread by the dairy industry is that we need cow’s milk for strong bones to prevent fractures. 💪 Yet statistics prove time and time again that countries with the highest dairy consumption rates also have the highest rates of osteoporosis, a condition of weak and brittle bones. Meanwhile, countries that subsist mainly off plants with little to no dairy and animal product continually have lower rates of chronic diseases and osteoporosis. 🌎🌱 Dairy also contains over 60 naturally occurring hormones (which causes acne), pus due to inflammation and infection of cow udders, and casomorphins (yes, as in morphine) which gives dairy it’s addictive quality. It’s about time we DITCH DAIRY. Believe it or not, you can live without cheese or milk and still enjoy the same meals. Simply replace cow’s milk with one of the many plant based alternatives (you’ll find one that you like, I promise), purchase plant based cheeses such as Daiya or Chao, or skip the creaminess altogether and opt for a cheeseless pizza like I did! The man who made my pizza began showing it to all his co-workers who remarked on how good it looked, and these were meat eaters! ☺️

Chinese zodiac traits (doing the other horoscope is too mainstream)
  • Rat: Great leaders,lively,motivated by money and status,intelligent, charming and confident.
  • Ox: Excellent planners,strong Character, tolerant of others,motivated, have hearts of Gold, hardworking, loyal, patient, good hearted.
  • Tiger: Need to be loved, competitive,protective of their loved ones,Independent, productive and loyal.
  • Rabbit: Calm natured and great leaders,stylish and sophisticated,great communicators, well-mannered, caring and sensible.
  • Dragon: Great leaders,free spirits, unlimited energy, very lucky,intelligent, charming and confident.
  • Snake: Excellent planners,great business people,not emotional,Hardworking, Loyal, Patient, Good Hearted.
  • Horse: Need to be loved,life and soul of the party, funny and quick witted,like to start tasks but often they don't finish them,independent, productive and loyal.
  • Goat: Calm natured and great leaders,peaceful and calm characters,artistic,well-mannered, caring and sensible
  • Monkey: Great Leaders,curious and fun loving,Great imaginations,intelligent, charming and confident.
  • Rooster: Excellent planners,trustworthy,like to be heard, not shy,hardworking, loyal, patient, good hearted.
  • Dog: Need to be loved,great listeners but can be worriers,Always finish tasks,independent, productive and loyal.
  • Pig: Calm natured and great leaders, honest, patient and understanding, very charitable, think of others before themselves,well-mannered, caring and sensible

headcanon that El absolutely loves stuffed animals - like sure, she’s a little old for them, but they comfort her, and they are soft and fluffy, and really for a little girl who grew up in a lab training to be a weapon, that’s what she needs. so she FILLS her bed (the fort?) with all sorts of stuffies - cats, monkeys, pigs, fantasy animals too. is it cute? SHE HAS IT. she says doesn’t have favorites, of course, she loves each one equally, but when she sleeps, she cuddles up to the one Mike gave her because really, anything from Mike is her favorite. 

look at these babies on my bed tho
love em