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A Day in the Life of Dan, Phil, and Emily // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: family fluff, domestic fluff. Parent!phan

Words: 3.2k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: slight swearing

Summary: YouTube Notification: AmazingPhil just uploaded a video: “A Day in the Life of Dan, Phil, and Emily!”

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Twice reaction to: their partner getting them matching onesies

Jihyo: She’d be surprised when she saw you dancing in a purple unicorn onesie, laughing at your silly dance moves, but she would then see the pink unicorn onesie sitting on the bed, and would soon put it on and start wildly dancing with you.

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Nayeon: She walk into your bedroom, seeing you watching a movie in a bright green dinosaur onesie with popcorn in your mouth. You’d notice her and bring attention to the other dark green onesie on the bed, getting her to change into it. She’d be embarrassed at first because people think onesies are ‘kiddie’ things, but you’d bring out the kiddie side of her, getting up and jumping around with her.

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Jeongyeon: Would go absolute hyper when she saw you bought matching onesies, jumping about and dancing all over the place. You’d soon regret buying the onesies when she refused to take it off, literally jumping away from you.

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Momo: Another crazy baby like Jeongyeon, she’d immenditalyput the onesie on and put on twice music, making you get up and dance to Knock Knock and TT until you need a break. She’d absolutely love the onesie and would probably refuse to take it off! (You’re Tzuyu lmao)

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Mina: She’d be a but shy to put it on, making you think she didn’t like the gift, but she’d panic and say no she loved it, she just thought they were a bit ‘kiddish’, but you’d soon persuade her and soon she’ll be doing ballet in a pink elephant onesie, with you struggling beside her!

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Sana: Surprise surprise, another Jeongyeon. She’d go ballistic when she saw you in a tiger onesie, with a zebra onesie on the bed waiting for her. She’d soon whine she wanted to be a tiger because they were ‘cooler’. At first you would refuse because you wanted to be the tiger, but soon Sana would start hugging you for it, acting cute and whining cutely until you give in.

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Dahyun: Would absolute love the onesie, hugging you and thanking you for the amazing present, immediately putting on the white bunnie onesie (pretend the outfit in the gif is a onesie lmao) and dancing around with you in the pink monkey onesie. Twice would see you both and would joke you had gone ‘bananas’

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Chaeyoung; Chaeyoung would see the lion onesie on the bed, and wouldn’t think much about it, putting it on. She’d go and see you in the tiger onesie and would realize their matching and would blush, causing you to coo at her and backhug the blushy baby, making her lush more.

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Tzuyu: She’d be super tired when you brought the onesie to her, so she’d quickly put it on and cuddle up to you, causing you to hug her. When she woke up, she’d see she was wearing a bright pink squirrel onesie and blush when she saw you in the blue one, realizing they were matching

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His World: Monkeys

Requested by @arendalphaeagle! It took me forever to get to this one….

1. Monkey Phase

Milo wasn’t normally this fussy. But now he refused to wear any other pajamas besides the fuzzy monkey onesie, even though it clearly needed a wash. There were crumbs lodged all over the sleeves, and the round tan spot in the middle had a little smudge of drool. “Come on, Milo,” Brigitte cooed. “No monkey pajamas tonight. These are dirty.” 

He crawled to the side of the crib nearest to the wall, tugging the monkey pajamas so that they rested in a crumpled heap next to him. Next he glared angrily at her, though the effect was lost when he also puffed out his cheeks. And also because babies were adorable when they tried to be mad. 

“I’ll give you two bananas for breakfast tomorrow, if you’ll give me your pajamas,” Brigitte offered. “How does that sound?” 

“Ana?” Milo repeated. 

“Ana,” Brigitte confirmed. Milo squealed in delight, and Brigitte scooped him up in her arms, cradling him with one hand and tossing the monkey pajamas in the hamper. “I blame Martin for turning you into a little monkey. Now, do you want the pajamas with the presents or the bees?”

2. Monkey Business

“Blast this infernal attic,” Balthazar muttered, sneezing for the 23rd time. No, he wasn’t so bored that he was counting his sneezes. Who did that? They were camped out in the attic of the Murphy residence, waiting for the family to leave for the day so they could conduct a thorough investigation. Unfortunately, the family kept forgetting the most random things and kept rushing back inside to grab them. 

Maybe there would be information in the attic. 

Balthazar opened a large box, a family of squirrels scolding him for disturbing their nap. “Pardon me. So sorry,” he closed the flaps, leaving the box where it stood. “Dakota, help me find something I can use for proof!” 

Vinnie shoved a bag of chips into his pocket and started poking around at a corner. “Chips kinda taste gross in the attic anyway. You get to take in a mouthful of dust and cobwebs while eating and-oh cool, so this is the time period where they had all those children’s animal magazines! I loved looking at these when I was a kid!” 

“There’s not enough time-oh, never mind,” Balthazar knew it was a lost cause when Vinnie picked up an issue with a photograph of a spider monkey on the front cover, flipping through the pages. 

“Balthy, are you sure you don’t wanna learn about New World monkeys with me?” Vinnie asked. Balthazar continued to rummage through a stamp collection, mentally noting they all seemed to be centered around historical disasters. “What if we were assigned to, I don’t know, Costa Rica and we got lost in the rainforest or something. And we have to learn how to hop from tree to tree because there’s a ferocious jaguar that everybody’s afraid of. And we would have to avoid arrows tipped with dart frog poison. And there’s probably an ancient temple somewhere. There’s usually one in those kinds of settings.”

A practical application. Not likely, but plausible. Setting aside the stamp collection for now, Balthazar leaned against the wall and sighed. “I suppose it’s a possibility,” he mused as Vinnie laid down on the floorboards, his head resting on Balthazar’s stomach. He propped the magazine up on his chest. 

Listening to Vinnie gush about the eating habits of capuchin monkeys was a great stress reliever. 

3. We’re Going to the Zoo and We’re Gonna Get More Than We Bargained For

“And here comes a cart full of kids, monkeys in hats, and a clown on a unicycle barreling through to make a daredevil leap through the shark infested waters that has put at least thirty-four professional stuntmen in the hospital! Huh, what? No way! Sorry folks! Correction, it was thirty-two professional stuntmen and two pharmacists.” 

“What do we do?” Melissa shrieked, clutching a vacuum cleaner as a lifeline as the cart hurtled uncontrollably down the ramp. 

“Well, as soon as this blows over we should really get these monkeys back to their exhibit,” Milo replied, watching the monkeys hoot to each other as the banana perfume the cart was coated in whipped them up into a frenzy. “The zoo staff will be using them for a kid’s birthday party later.”

“Monkeys, stop chasing us! Monkeys, stop chasing us!” Zack shouted. The monkeys ignored him, one latching onto an iron bar of the cart and desperately holding on as he was helplessly pulled along. Milo pulled the hitchhiking monkey up so he didn’t get hit by the wheels. The monkey hugged Milo out of fright instead, covering his face with a long, hairy arm. 

A shark appeared out of the water just as the cart went airborne, jaws wide open. Melissa threw down the vacuum cleaner, smacking the shark in the head. It sunk beneath the surface in pain. 

Milo managed to move the arm so that he could peer out with one eye, turning pale as three more sharks appeared, bumping the bottom of the cart with their noses so that it landed on the other ramp safely. They slowly rolled to a stop, catching their breaths. 

The clown was knocked out on the other side, while the monkeys around him fought over the unicycle. The monkey that was clinging to Milo let go, circling around the walkway to join the others. Workers herded them to the exit.

“On second thought, do you just want to find a balloon vendor?” Milo asked. 

“Okay, but this time, I handle all communication with the woodpeckers,” Zack said. 

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Smut or sweet, George from Union J x
I decided to write a sweet one since it was George!!!

This is the imagine

I was sitting on the couch all snuggled up to George when his phone went off. He answered it and after talking for a minute he hung up. He looked at me and said, “my mom needs me to watch my little cousin.” “O ok do u want me to leave?” I asked. He looked at me like I was nuts and said, “you are staying here and helping me this kid hates me!” I said, “no one could hate you you’re you!” He said, “well this kid hates me so stay here!!!” He ran upstairs then yelled, “hey if there is a knock on the door answer it!!” I rolled my eyes and got out my phone and started scrolling through twitter when there was a knock on the door. I went and answered it there stood a little boy and George’s mom. When I opened It and George’s mom saw me she smiled and hugged me. I knelt down to his cousins level and said, “hi I’m y/n what’s your name?” He said, “I’m Daniel.” I smiled then George’s mom said, “where’s George?” I sighed and said, “upstairs somewhere.” She laughed and said, “you never know with that boy.” I smiled the she said, “well I need to go thank you for watching him!” I said, “you’re welcome!” Then she left I asked Daniel, “what do you want to do?” As I said that George came down in his monkey onesie and screamed, “THE PARTY CAN START THE MONKEY IS IN THE BUILDING!!” I face palmed and gave him a weird look. He smiled. Then some old woman underneath us in the apartment building screamed, “shut up or I will cut you balls off!!” George started laughing so much he fell on the floor laughing. Then we spent the rest of the night playing with Daniel I realized what he meant by Daniel hated him. Daniel would only talk to me. Then a couple weeks later George left to go on tour. I guess George’s mom forgot cause she called Me and George’s house.
Me: Hello
George’s mom: hi y/n! Can I talk to George?
Me: he’s on tour
George’s mom: o yea I forgot!! Y/n do u mind babysitting Daniel for me.
Me: that’s fine!
So in a few minutes I was babysitting Daniel and he was playing Mario Kart on the Wii. My cell phone went off and it was a call from George.
Me: hey babe!
George: hey! My mom said you were babysitting Daniel for her.
Me: yea is that ok?
George: yea it’s just I wish I was there with you.
Me: I wish you were to.
George: *sniffles*
Me: babe are you crying?
George: I just miss you babe!
Me: I’m sorry I got school or I would have went with you.
George: I know look I got to go we are about to go on stage.
Me: k bye I love you.
George: love you too!
Then he hung up. 5 minutes after JJ called me.
JJ: y/n just come down for like 5 days he isn’t being George he’s being like someone who’s about to die. We will by your ticket and everything you just have to come and see him!!
Me: ok I will but I have to go I’m babysitting.
JJ: ok don’t tell George it’s a surprise also you leave tomorrow.
Me: what time?
JJ: Noon
Me: ok I have to go.
Then I hung up. After playing Mario Kart with Daniel he said, “I’m hungry!” I asked, “what do you want?” He thought for a minute then said, “grilled cheese.” I smiled and said, “I can make that!” I made it for him and he ate then said, “I’m tired.” So I took him to the couch and let him sleep there til George’s mom came and got him. When she did she tried to pay me but I said, “no me and him r buddies I will babysit him anytime.” So she then left I went to sleep when I woke up it was 10:30 so I got ready to go to airport
*skipping boring plane ride*
When the plane landed I got my bag and looked for Josh, JJ or Jaymi. I finally saw Jaymi. So I went over to him and realized it wasn’t Jaymi it was so dude that looked like Jaymi. Then I saw JJ. I went over to him he hugged me and took my bag. And we went back to the arena. Josh said, “George is on the bus. It’s unlocked go see him.” And he pushed me towards the bus. I walked over there when I got there I walked on and saw George just staring at the TV so he didn’t notice it was me. And I went and sat beside him and leaned to the skin below his ear and kissed it lightly when he felt that he jumped up because he thought it was one of the guys. The he noticed it was me and ran picked me up spinning me around. He kissed me and said, “I missed you so much.” I said, “I missed you too!” Then we went so he could get ready for his concert I was watching from backstage. When JJ whispered something to George and George nodded and looked at me. Then in the middle of the concert George grabbed me and pulled me on stage and got down on one knee and said into the microphone “I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and only you. Will you marry me?” I nodded and said, “yes!” He picked me up and spun me around while everyone in the crowd was cheering when we got to the bus it was just me and George and well you know what happens!
Hope you liked it!

A George of the Jungle / Tarzan AU where Louis is a model who meets Wild Man Harry in the Congo. He was raised by apes and barely speaks a word of English and turns Louis’ life upside down. (x)

An emoji retelling with the permission of, and for embrofic.  

Spoilers ahead:

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