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Animals in Māori

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Kararehe - Animal

Arewhana - Elephant
Heihei - Chicken
Hōiho - Horse
Ika - Fish
Kāmera - Camel
Kau - Cow
Kiore - Rat/Mouse
Kiwi - Kiwi
Kurī - Dog
Maki - Monkey
Manu - Bird
Nākahi - Snake
Nanenane - Goat
- Bee
Pirihaku - Sheep
Poaka - Pig
Raiona - Lion
Rāpeti - Rabbit
Tia - Deer
Tuna - Eel
Ngeru - Cat

Vocabulary 12: Animals

동물 - animal
개 - dog
강아지 - puppy
고양이 - cat
새 - bird
말 - horse
조랑말 - pony
소 - cow
쥐 - mouse
원숭이 - monkey
돼지 - pig
사슴 - deer
황소 - ox
고릴라 - gorilla
호랑이 - tiger
거미 - spider
고래 - whale
늑대 - wolf
동물원 = zoo
토끼 = rabbit
당나귀 = donkey
독수리 = eagle
도마뱀 = lizard
코끼리 = elephant
기린 = giraffe
사자 = lion
개구리 = frog
염소 = goat
상어 = shark
양 - sheep
닭 - chicken
곰 - bear
펭귄 - penguin
개미 - ant
달팽이 - snail
여우 - fox
모기 - mosquito
올챙이 - tadpole
바퀴벌레 - cockroach
오리 – duck
판다 - Panda
오소리 - Badger
들소 - Bison/American Buffalo
물소 - Water buffalo
용 - Dragon
문어 - Octopus
오징어 - squid
생선 - fish 
새우 - Scrimp
뱀 - Snake
벌레 - General term for bug 
매 - Hawk
나방– Moth
말벌– Wasp
파리– Fly
잠자리 – Dragonfly
번데기 – Silkworm larvae
꿩 – Pheasant
망아지 – Foal
송아지 – Calf
캥거루 – Kangaroo
코알라 – Koala
낙타 – Camel
돌고래 - Dolphin
잉어 – Carp
고등어 – Mackerel
장어 – Eel
게 – Crab
가오리 - Stingray
에뮤 – Emu
타조 – Ostrich
산토끼 – Hare
앵무새 – Parrot
악어 – Crocodile
악어 새 – Egyptian plover 
사람 – People
인간 - Humans
마리 – (counter for animals)
새끼 - youngling/little 
(~새끼 can be added to animals and some objects to refer to their ‘child’ counterparts. E.g “새끼 고양이” is a baby cat or kitten. 새끼손가락 is the little finger or pinky finger. 
Don’t use 새끼 with 개, use 강아지 for puppy instead, since 개새끼 means “son of bitch”


Here’s what the Chinese zodiac says about you

Happy Lunar New Year! 2017 is the year of the rooster, and it’s believed that anyone born under this sign will have a good year with plenty of luck and opportunities. To figure out which sign you are, simply look for your birth year!

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I ordered (and devoured) this big, beautiful vegan pizza earlier today. 😍🍕 Free of all the cruelty and pus of cow’s milk. 🐮🍼 Before I went vegan, I had been vegetarian for a few months. I remember telling myself (and other people), “I could never go vegan. I love cheese too much!” 🧀 This is a common remark among meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Looking back, I cannot believe how self centered and ill-educated my actions and justifications were. I mean just think about it. We are the ONLY species that takes milk from another animal. Could you imagine drinking pig milk? 🐷 Monkey milk? 🐵 Dog milk? 🐶 So why are we enslaving cows, artificially inseminating females so they can continue to produce milk, and separating mothers from their calves? Ask anyone why they drink milk, and the standard response is calcium. A common myth perpetuated by misinformation and propaganda spread by the dairy industry is that we need cow’s milk for strong bones to prevent fractures. 💪 Yet statistics prove time and time again that countries with the highest dairy consumption rates also have the highest rates of osteoporosis, a condition of weak and brittle bones. Meanwhile, countries that subsist mainly off plants with little to no dairy and animal product continually have lower rates of chronic diseases and osteoporosis. 🌎🌱 Dairy also contains over 60 naturally occurring hormones (which causes acne), pus due to inflammation and infection of cow udders, and casomorphins (yes, as in morphine) which gives dairy it’s addictive quality. It’s about time we DITCH DAIRY. Believe it or not, you can live without cheese or milk and still enjoy the same meals. Simply replace cow’s milk with one of the many plant based alternatives (you’ll find one that you like, I promise), purchase plant based cheeses such as Daiya or Chao, or skip the creaminess altogether and opt for a cheeseless pizza like I did! The man who made my pizza began showing it to all his co-workers who remarked on how good it looked, and these were meat eaters! ☺️

Bf! Johnny

  • What a fucking idiot but such a sweetheart it hurts
  • You were a barista at this local coffee shop, minding your own business and doing your job when he came up the counter. You smiled at him and he just looked at you startled
  • “What would you like?” you asked. He looked around, flustered and nervous and his voice breaking
  • Johnny had such a striking appearance, tall height, cheery smile and amazing hair. You decided to put some extra effort into making his coffee. Given your year worth of experience, you were nervous for this one
  • Because the customer was so damn attractive
  • You handed him the plastic cup,on which you had put a little smiley face for god knows why
  • He handed you the money along with a little slip of paper
  • It had his number and name and “call me?” in a really smudgy handwriting 
  • You smiled to yourself, forgetting that he was still standing there. He looked away, feeling self assured and confidence
  • But then it hit him, were you smiling cuz you were excited or cuz you were mocking him
  • The thought invaded his mind the whole day and night
  • Until you finally called him
  • You hastily entered your apartment and pulled out the crumpled piece of paper from the pocket of your coat and immediately dialled his number
  • And Johnny took his while picking it up, not recognising the number but secretly hoping it was you
  • He ran out of the practice room and said “hello” in an electrified tone
  • You both decided to meet up on a Saturday morning in a different coffee shop
  • He kept on laughing and making awful but laughable jokes. He was really such a giant dork you were falling in love
  • He shyly held your hand as he walked you to the bus stop and you reached up to kiss his cheek and he slightly blushed
  • He was so happy that you didn’t turn him down cuz of his ridiculous humour
  • He called you that night as well
  • And in the morning
  • And now he always calls you before sleeping and you always wake up to his cute ass morning texts that make your day better
  • Stares at his phone a lot, expecting a call or text from you.  And is always checking his phone in case you called and reads your previous messages, smiling and then sighing
  • He found himself already so attached to you
  • Does all kind of gentlemanly stuff like holding doors and pulling back chairs and reaching to clean your face if there’s something on there
  • And he holds you close and holds your hand really gently. And when its too cold, he puts your hand in his pocket and messages it with his thumb
  • Loves hugging you. It was awkward at first but still so warm and soft. He’s big and comfortable and he totally encloses you in his jacket and places a soft kiss on your forehead
  • plays with your hair a lot and ends up having it caught in something and that just results in some strands just break off your head
  • Wants everything to be perfect but sometimes things just HAVE to go wrong cuz its Johnny
  • Back hugs and he always smells so nice
  • Stealing his clothes and hoping he wouldn’t notice and he pretends not to and loves it so much
  • Is so in love with you that he has a hard time concealing it
  • Has the weird ass names for you
  • like “pumkin bunny” “baby pig” “silly monkey”
  • and there are names like 
  • “ugly sock” “molten cucumber” 
  • Laughs at you when you do something wrong and then you stare at him and he stop laughing and goes red cuz he’s holding his laugh so much
  • Making fun of your height 25/8
  • Like he’s just such a shit especially when you want to reach something and he picks you up like its nothing (lowkey showing off his strength) and you get so scared and he laughs his ass off then
  • Messy cooking/baking sessions which ends really badly
  • But the end result is always good and you both share the food so its all cool
  • Nags you to wash your hands so much
  • Hangout sessions with Ten
  • You three go out for food so much and honestly Ten is such a third wheel but sometimes you feel like the third wheel
  • And Johnny notices and holds you close the whole time and if there’s a joke you don’t get he makes sure you do
  • Ten and Johnny always have so many things to tell you, especially about their trainee days and dorm life and its always so much fun
  • Ten’s ur bro and your best friend and you love hanging out with him
  • Johnny’s named you both “THE FAM”
  • which is so cute
  • You always steal his hair products cuz his hair is always on point
  • and he also smells really good
  • shows off his talent at mimicking parrots and you’re just like wtf Johnny and he’s just like “dont act like u dont like it”
  • cool coffee shop dates
  • you both listen to music together and just chill
  • whether it be a lazy saturday afternoon or a crazy friday night
  • Johnny want to spend all his time with you
  • He has amazing music taste and always plays his music and loves to hear your music too
  • He’s genuinely interested in your likes and tastes
  • Like he’ll always be so enthusiastic to watch a movie u like or listen to your playlist or eat at a restaurant you like
  • And if he doesnt like it he’ll pretend to like it
  • plays the piano for you often and makes you sit with him so you learn too
  • you end up sitting on his lap while he plays
  • but he gets so shy and just starts giggling like a little girl
  • gets cute stuff for you like stuff toys and make up without you asking and you scold him how he shouldn’t spend money on him
  • and he gets annoyed like “I bought it for you! you should be grateful”
  • sulks the whole day
  • You rarely fight but when you do he always apologises and cracks one of his weird jokes
  • which makes you smile and eventually forgive him
  • late night conversations about life
  • star gazing and listening to his playlists
  • midnight snacks and cuddles
  • going to concerts together and dancing a lot
  • him staring at you a lot cuz you’re his little pumpkin
  • is the jealous type but handles it with wit and sass
  • like if a guy gets too close to you he just goes up and tells him off
  • but if you’re too close with someone, he starts sulking and gets all moody
  • and it takes a lot of kissing and hugging to get him out of his mood
  • In bed he’s really passionate and constantly asks you if you’re ok
  • “johnny you’re ruining it”
  • “oh sorry are u ok”
  • “JOHNNY!”
  • it doesnt matter to him who’s on the top or who’s in control, as long as he gets what he wants
  • late night existential crisis
  • “y/n if we’re 70% water does that mean that water is 30% human?”
  • “Johnny its fucking 3 am”
  • “y/n do u think penguins have feelings”
  • “y/n-”
  • Loads of cuddling and he’s ALWAYS the big spoon
  • his sexy english accent melts you away
  • like he knows you love and deliberately talks in english to have u like that and then smirks at you
  • “I’m so lucky to have you”
  • “you’re so beautiful”
  • watches you get ready 
  • loves you endlessly
  • and you love him endlessly
  • this giant is yours, what else do you want?

Animals | Animal Counters

Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing well! Today we’re gonna discuss animals in Japanese and some of the counters used for small and large animals.

  1. Animals=動物・どうぶつ
  2. Bear=熊・くま
  3. Bird=鳥・とり
  4. Cat=猫・ねこ
  5. Cow=牛・うし
  6. Deer=鹿・しか
  7. Dog=犬・いぬ
  8. Elephant=象・ぞう
  9. Fish=魚・さかな
  10. Fox=狐・きつね
  11. Giraffe=麒麟・きりん
  12. Hamster=ハムスター
  13. Horse=馬・うま
  14. Kangaroo=カンガルー
  15. Koala=コアラ
  16. Lion=ライオン
  17. Mouse=鼠・ねずみ
  18. Monkey=猿・さる
  19. Owl=フクロウ
  20. Pig=豚・ぶた
  21. Rabbit=兎・うさぎ  
  22. Snake=蛇・へび
  23. Squirrel=栗鼠・りす
  24. Tiger=虎・とら
  25. Turtle=亀・かめ
  26. Wolf=狼・おおかみ
  27. Zoo=動物園・どうぶつえん

e.g. I like dogs

       My cat is very cute.

       I wish I could have a pet monkey.

       Do you like animals?

As far as counters go, there are multiple counters for all the various animals in Japanese. I will only go into this a little bit but if anyone would like a detailed post feel free to request it in my ask box!

「ひき」 is used for counting small animals such as cats and dogs.

  1. 一匹・いっぴき
  2. 二匹・にひき
  3. 三匹・さんびき
  4. 四匹・よんひき
  5. 五匹・ごひき
  6. 六匹・ろっぴき
  7. 七匹・ななひき
  8. 八匹・はっぴき
  9. 九匹・きゅうひき
  10. 十匹・じゅっぴき

「とう」 is used for counting large animals such as horses, cows, elephants etc.

  1. 一頭・いっとう
  2. 二頭・にとう
  3. 三頭・さんとう
  4. 四島・よんとう
  5. 五頭・ごとう
  6. 六頭・ろくとう
  7. 七頭・ななとう
  8. 八頭・はっとう
  9. 九頭・きゅうとう
  10. 十頭・じゅっとう

I hope this helped you guys out, feel free to send requests in for posts you’d like to see on this blog!

Chinese zodiac traits (doing the other horoscope is too mainstream)
  • Rat: Great leaders,lively,motivated by money and status,intelligent, charming and confident.
  • Ox: Excellent planners,strong Character, tolerant of others,motivated, have hearts of Gold, hardworking, loyal, patient, good hearted.
  • Tiger: Need to be loved, competitive,protective of their loved ones,Independent, productive and loyal.
  • Rabbit: Calm natured and great leaders,stylish and sophisticated,great communicators, well-mannered, caring and sensible.
  • Dragon: Great leaders,free spirits, unlimited energy, very lucky,intelligent, charming and confident.
  • Snake: Excellent planners,great business people,not emotional,Hardworking, Loyal, Patient, Good Hearted.
  • Horse: Need to be loved,life and soul of the party, funny and quick witted,like to start tasks but often they don't finish them,independent, productive and loyal.
  • Goat: Calm natured and great leaders,peaceful and calm characters,artistic,well-mannered, caring and sensible
  • Monkey: Great Leaders,curious and fun loving,Great imaginations,intelligent, charming and confident.
  • Rooster: Excellent planners,trustworthy,like to be heard, not shy,hardworking, loyal, patient, good hearted.
  • Dog: Need to be loved,great listeners but can be worriers,Always finish tasks,independent, productive and loyal.
  • Pig: Calm natured and great leaders, honest, patient and understanding, very charitable, think of others before themselves,well-mannered, caring and sensible

Time for a crossover redraw ! Lupin and Jigen in place of Daffy Duck and Porky Pig ! Inspired by @mrmeseekslookatmee.

Art by me, Shin Red Dear

Original art by Chuck Jones & Warner Bros.

Lupin III is property of Monkey Punch & TMS

imagine how the world would be, so very fine, skam, isak/even.

isak finds a little drawing pinned on the back of his bedroom door. it’s a penguin, about the size of his thumb, with a little speech bubble saying, ice, ice, baby. he finds a lion in the hallway asking him, can you feel the love tonight? and a daschund in a top hat on the fridge. who let the dogs out?

eskild finds isak squinting at it as he stumbles into the kitchen, and snorts. “there’s a bird in the bathroom.”

“what’s it say?”

“got wings, but you can’t fly away from me.”

isak smiles. “nas.”

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The signs as Bakemono no Ko characters

Ren: Taurus, Virgo

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Kaede: Pisces

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Kumatetsu: Capricorn, Gemini

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Iouzan: Cancer

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Ichirouhiko: Aries

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Jiroumaru: Leo

Tatara: Sagittarius, Libra (The monkey) ↓

Hyakushuubou: Aquarius (The pig) ↓

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Soushi: Scorpio

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animals in luxembourgish

🐶 - dog- Hond
🐱 - cat - Katz
🐭 - mouse - Maus
🐹 - hamster - Hamster
🐰 - bunny - Kanéngchen
🦊 - fox - Fuuss
🐻 - bear - Bier
🐯 - tiger - Tiger
🦁 - lion - Léiw
🐮 - cow - Kou
🐷 - pig - Schwäin
🐸 - frog - Fräsch
🐒 - monkey - Af
🐔 - chicken - Hong
🐧 - penguin - Pinguin
🐥 - chick - Jippelchen
🐺 - wolf - Wollef
🐗 - wild boar - Wëllschwäin
🐴 - horse - Päerd
🐢 - tortoise - Schildkröt
🐍 - snake - Schlaang
🦎 - lizard - Eidechs

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Pro-animal testers: "It's okay we don't test on cats and dogs! We only experiment on animals that you don't care about like mice, birds, fish... so it's ethically justified!"

Animal testing absolutely does involve cats and dogs though, they just don’t tend to put those animals on their websites. Beagles are especially common due to their docile and friendly nature. Dogs and cats aren’t as commonly used as rodents are, but many do still die in labs. In 2011 alone the EU reported that 17,896 dogs, 3,713 cats, 358,213 rabbits, 6,686 horses, 6,095 monkeys, 675,065 birds, 77,280 pigs, 28,892 sheep, 30,914 cattle, over 1,000,000 fish and over 8,500,000 rodents were killed.