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I thought I couldn’t be more attracted to Kate, but then I was watching the alternate scenes and she started ad-libbing a run of biologically accurate information on voles. (Technically there are two vole species that occur in New York, but they wouldn’t be in an urban setting, no, and I’m not sure I’ve heard ‘super-multiplier’ itself in an ecological context, but it’s definitely applicable and appropriate.)

Maybe she was able to pull this out of her head, maybe she knew this line was coming and did some quick research beforehand, either way, there’s video of her speaking my scientific language and I love it.

“The Oro Jackson sailing true, Our Captain Bold and Free!
Grand Line ‘hold our fearsome ship, The man whos Will is D.!
A Fighting Lot our mangy crew, we fear no Davy Jones~
Our Captain is The Pirate King, his voice would shake your bones!
Silvers at the helm steadfast, Rosa at her Keel
Their blood they’d spill to keep us free; the pride it makes us feel!
For him we’d die a thousand deaths, out on this endless sea
Our Captain’s name is Roger, and his loyal crew are we!

Our flag known well throughout the seas, and soon your’s too, my son
You’ll fight the waves your Mother fought, until your Will is done.

And I will sail beside you still, no matter the course you choose
because you are my Pirate King, and you will never loose

Everybody Loves A Boy In A Skirt

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A/N: Is this a weird thing to write ??? idk but its been in my brain and tbh every single boy should wear a skirt like always so

You sat on the small couch in the backyard, fiddling with the camera in your lap. You were waiting for Ethan, Mark, and Tyler to show up with their costumes for the sketch you were filming. Amy tapped away on her phone while Kathryn did a few last minute checks with props and mics.

You jumped when the door next to you burst open and Ethan walked out, fists placed proudly against his hips and schoolgirl outfit hanging loosely off him.

“Cute.” you snort as he beams at you.

“I know.” He smirks as Mark and Tyler walk out behind him. Amy whistles and the boys laugh. You tug the hem of Tyler’s skirt when he stands next to you and smile at him. “You guys should wear skirts more often.”

Tyler gives a small smile, ruffling your hair before stepping away help Kat. A few minutes later you’ve got everything set up and ready to film and you throw yourself into working.


Ethan stumbled through the yard to where you were sitting. He pulled the sides of his skirt out and curtsied for you. You laugh, hiding your face behind your hand.

“Spin for me, darling!” You say in an exaggerated posh accent. Ethan laughs and twirls a few times, his skirt flowing around him. He stumbles, dizzy, almost tripping over his own feet to get to the couch. You grunt as he flops onto your lap.

“I’m not a chair, Eth.” You tease.

He just grins, leaning his back against your chest. “I know, you’re much more comfortable.” He wraps his arms around you, hanging off your frame like a monkey. You hear Mark fake a gag as Kathryn giggles at the two of you.

“You look nice in a skirt.” You say quietly, rubbing the cheap material of the costume between your fingers.

Ethan laughs, batting your hand away. “Is this a sex thing?” He asks cheekily.

“It can be.” You poke his cheek jokingly.

“GET A ROOM, JESUS!” Mark yells, shielding his eyes.

“It’s like watching you parents flirt.” Tyler grimaces. “It’s gross.”

You grab a pillow off the couch and chuck it in their general direction behind you, not actually expecting it to hit them but hoping it will get your point across. When you hear it connect with something before Mark shouts in surprise, you burst out laughing, looking back to see him holding the pillow against his chest looking bewildered. Ethan’s laughter shakes him on your lap and you rest your head on the back of his shoulder.

“Come on, you guys. We’ve still got filming to do.” Amy’s voice is responsible but cheery with laughter. 

You tap Ethan’s hip with your finger, a signal for him to stand up. He slips off your lap and turns to help you stand, intertwining your fingers and not letting go once you’re upright. You smile softly and lean against him as the two of you trail behind the group through the house and to the car.

Imagine Luffy, Zoro, Law, Usopp, & Franky meeting the ninja from “Naruto”
  • Luffy would admire Naruto’s “freak/monster” nature and would ask him to join the crew
  • Luffy would probably ask Naruto if he ate the “Clone-Clone” fruit
  • Zoro and Law would be most interested in the concept of Chakra and how it works
  • Usopp would be insanely jealous of Neji and Hinata’s Byakugan
  • Franky is super (no pun intended) impressed with Lee’s Taijutsu and his manly nindo to never back down from a challenge
  • Law and Shikamaru would bond over their calm, calculating approach to situations
  • They’re also both grumps that would probably complain about their hyperactive, impulsive allies (Luffy & Naruto, respectively) to each other like they’re disgruntled parents (cue eye roll in unison)
  • Shikamaru’s shadow possession jutsu would remind the Straw Hats of Moriah and Luffy would probably ask Shikamaru if he knew the former Warlord
  • Zoro would want to learn more about Sasuke’s Shurikenjutsu