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Well, hey all you Sugar Flying Monkeys! You hear the latest! Your Queen of all you sugars, has hit bottom again! That’s right! Those big engagement announcements you all believe to be true! DEBUNKED! Yep! By Kensington Palace! Hang you heads in shame for all you that came to Tumblr telling us we were crazy! Shame on you! She has made you all look like fools for believing her! Switch sides and save yourself! Before you say …they didn’t DEBUNK Africa story…keep this in mind! WE DEBUNKED it, so no need for gossip cop!

So, no Africa trip, no engagement! Tells me that all these wild stories out there that Meg-It keeps spinning are lies! Think carefully about what I’m saying! She is being called out! She is busy regrouping, wondering how the hell she is going to get out of this mess she created… the way….more is coming!

You have a bright sun shiney day! I know we at TUMBLR, the nonsugars will be!!!!!

Let me Hear your Battlecry 1/5

Decided I’m gonna post this in Parts like I did with LSS.

The Moby Dick has surfaced and Sengoku’s teeth are clenched hard. This was not part of the plan, the Yonko wasn’t supposed to be capable of that. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

“You haven’t harmed my precious son, have you, Sen-”

However, Whitebeard is interrupted, rather rudely at that, by the sudden surfacing of more ships. 

From the startled look on the Yonko’s face, he clearly hadn’t been expecting it either.

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Learning Ape Language
  • Junkrat: Hey Winston! I hear you monkeys have your own language?
  • Winston: I’m a gorilla, and yes, we have a very complex set of conjugations, it’s really very interesting.
  • Junkrat: Ooh, ooh, oohoohah, then mate.
  • Submitted by dr-bloodwing
Butterfly Wings


Lance was not happy.
Allura had woken them up two hours earlier then normal to tell them that two of them had a mission.
Once the terror of being woken up by a loud blaring alarm passed, everyone settled in as the Princess explained she was sending Keith and Lance to a jungle like planet and needed the others awake as to help monitor the mission.

Twenty minutes later the two were flying down in red to the planets surface, with Lance pouting the whole time.
“I don’t see why we couldn’t of done this later.”
Keith rolled his eyes not even bothering to look back at the blue paladin.
“Because there’s only a small window where the storm clouds are safe to pass through.”
Lance blinked in surprise. If there were storm clouds then would there be rain?
Lance suddenly found his legs bouncing up and down as nervous energy eradicated any lingering tiredness in his system.
The landed on a sandy outcrop just on the edge of a large jungle.
The plan was to go in and find this supposed miracle plant that could be used to heal a person almost as well as the pods.
After more then one close call Allura had decided it would be best for the Paladins to be equipped with something for out in the field.
Lance practically ran out of Red, taking his helmet off just so he could breath in the familiar scent of ozone that only came before a storm.
“What’s got you so excited all of a sudden?” Keith asked joining him on the sand.
“Smells like home.” Lance grinned while Keith watched him.
He didn’t really understand what Lance was talking about, but he looked too happy to question it.
“Ok… come on we have work to do.”
Lance gave him a mocking salute “sir yes sir.” He smirked back at Keith as he walked into the forest.
Walking through the thick foliage was difficult on the two of them.
The fact that the air was stiflingly hot too didn’t help.
They barley made it a mile before they were both drenched in sweat and out of breath.
When Keith had stumbled for the third time into Lance, he had enough.
“Let’s take a break.” Keith decided.
“What’s the matter got shot? Can’t handle a little walk?” Lance tried to sound cocky, but the fact he was practically gasping for breath afterwards suggested he needed a break just as much as Keith.
“Humour me.” Keith shrugged as he sat down on a large purple moss covered tree branch.
After a moment Lance joined him, the two heavily breathing and sitting in comfortable silence.
Then the rain started.
It came on so hard and suddenly that it was like someone above them had turned on a faucet.
Keith had groaned thinking about how much harder their mission was going to be with the poor visibility. When he looked over at Lance to complain he found the words die in his mouth.
Lance was staring straight up with the biggest smile of his face.
His hair was plastered to his head and Keith decided to pretend that the tears running down his cheeks were just rain drops.
For a single moment, the world seemed quite as Lance watched the rain and Keith watched Lance with equal fascination.
Then the branch The were sitting on woke up.

The two were suddenly flung from their seats hitting the floor roughly.
Keith hit a tree having the air knocked from his lungs.
He couldn’t figure out what had happened until he saw what resembled a giant green gorilla with a long thick tail and razor sharp claws standing over him.
He grabbed his bayard and quickly turning it into its sword for right as the creature swiped at him.
Keith managed to roll out of the way, avoiding being sliced in half like the tree directly behind him.
The creature tried to grab him but a cut to the hand made it back off, but not for long.
It swung its giant tail like a battening ram, moving much faster then anything that size should be able to.
Keith couldn’t help but wonder why Lance wasn’t helping him.
He dodged under the tail and got his answer.
Lance was sitting on the ground looking confused.
There was blood running down his face from a head wound.
Keith cursed under his breath, he looked pretty out of it.
The second he spent distracted was all the time the creature needed, grabbing Keith with one of its giant hand, pinning his arms by his side.
“Lance!” Keith yelled struggling helplessly as the creature brought him closer to his face.
Keith closed his eyes sure he was about to become a giant monkeys dinner, when he hears the familiar sound of Lance’s gun being fired.
Keith was suddenly dropped and the creature was holding its eye in pain.
It blindly swipes at Lance hitting it’s mark and sending him flying.
Keith didn’t waste his chance.
He drove his sword through its neck and jumped off as it fell to the ground dead.
“Lance?” Keith asked looking in the direction the blue paladin lay.
He crept over to him gasping at the sight.
A single deep claw mark was slashed across Lance’s torso stretching from his right shoulder down to his left hip.
Keith dropped his sword and surged forwards to the lump paladin.
“Lance? Buddy come on I need you to wake up. I need you to look at me, insult me, anything!”
Keith yelled shaking him.
“Allura? Shiro?”
He only got static from his helmet.
Keith felt the panic begin to rise in his chest.
There was so much blood and Lance just wasn’t moving.
“Lance please… I need you.” Keith sniffed as he felt tears prick his eyes.
“Mullet?… you…ok?”
Keith would of thrown his arms around him if he weren’t hurt so badly.
“You jerk! I thought you were dead.”
Lance smiled, but the pain was still obvious on his face. “Can’t leave you… who else… would keep… you…alive?”
“Shut up.” Keith laughed wiping his eyes.
“How bad is it?”
Keith held his breath, he had hoped Lance wouldn’t ask.
“It’s not good.”
“Really cause this feels fantastic.”
Keith rolled his eyes but felt a small spark of hope at the banter.
“I can’t get through to the castle… I don’t know what to do Lance.”
The fear on Keith voice made Lance’s eyes widen.
“H-hey it’s ok… it’s ok. Your annoyingly smart… right… so use.. that brain of yours… and-”
Keith’s head snapped up “the flowers!”
Lance smiled “there you go.”
Keith stood scanning the area, he couldn’t see far thanks to the rain and couldn’t see a single flower that matched Allura’s description.
“Go.” Lance said so quickly Keith almost missed him.
“I said… go… I can’t keep up… with you… find the… flower… come back.”
Keith felt a flash of anger “I’m not going to just leave you here!”
“You don’t have… much of a choice!” Lance yelled but started coughing, blood sprayed from his mouth.
Keith couldn’t do anything while he coughed but soon as he finished wiped the blood from his face along with a strange brown substance.
Keith looked at it for a moment before he noticed the pale patches just visible on Lance’s skin.
He decided now wasn’t the time to ask.
Lance was running out of time.
“Don’t you dare die before I come back.” Keith warned kissing Lance on the forehead before he took off running.
Every second Keith spent looking was another second closer to Lance bleeding out.
His chest was heaving and he could barely breath as he ran, but Keith didn’t slow down for a second.
His foot caught a tree root and sent him tumbling down a hill.
His ankle was throbbing with pain.
If he couldn’t stand how could he save Lance?
Just as suddenly the rain had started it stopped.
Without the thick curtain of rain Keith could see he fell into what looked like a meadow filled with various coloured flowers.
Then Keith saw it.
A patch of small blue flowers that almost seemed to glow.
He crawled towards it and nearly cried with joy.
He had found it.
He grabbed a handful, putting one in his mouth and chewed.
The effects weren’t instant, but the pain was dulled enough for Keith to stand and limp back to Lance.
Getting back took longer then it had before.
His ankle hurt but Keith kept pushing until he spotted blue armour stained with red.
He ran ignoring the protests from his body.
Keith dropped to his knees in a pool of blood that stained the ground beneath Lance.
His skin was a sickly grey colour and his breathing was slow and laboured.
His eyes were open but Keith doubted he actually knew what was going on around him.
Keith got to work, he took his water from his belt and ground up a few of the flowers before adding them in.
As gently as possible, Keith tilted Lance’s head up and slowing brought the flask to his lips.
For a moment nothing happened.
Then Lance began to drink.
By time he had finished the bleeding had slowed down and the pained crease in his forehead had eased slightly.
“Hang on Buddy I’m gonna get you home.”
If Red hadn’t come to meet them, Keith really wasn’t sure how he was going to get Lance back short of carrying him.
Soon as Red burst through the castle hangar doors Keith had come running out of the Lions mouth struggling with Lance in his arms and screaming for help.
Shiro was there in an instant, not even asking what happened he took Lance from Keith and ran towards the infirmary trailing blood behind him.
Hunk and Pidge began bombarding Keith with questions but Keith couldn’t hear them.
All he could do was stare after Lance.
Two weeks Lance was in the pod.
The creature had managed to clip his lung.
According to Allura, if Keith hadn’t of gotten him the flower when he had, Lance would of died.
Keith barley ate or slept.
He never left Lance’s side once.
He was surprised to see that his skin was covered in the pale patches, but it seemed like the others weren’t.
Keith figured they must already know, or just didn’t care.
It was late when the pod finally opened and Lance fell into Keith’s waiting arms.
“Lance! You feeling ok?”
Lance rubbed his eyes tiredly “yeah… I’m good just kinda tired.” He shrugged.
Keith smiled helping walk over to one of the beds.
Lance sat on the edge and patted the space next to him.
Keith didn’t hesitate to join him.
“Thanks… you know for saving me.”
Keith laughed “you did save me first, can’t have you one up me.”
Lance smiled as he rested his head on Keith shoulder.
Keith tenses for a moment before relaxing and wrapping him arm around Lance’s waste.
“Thanks for the kiss too.”
Keith blushed “anytime.”
“I’ll hold you to that.” Lance smirked up at him making Keith’s heart skip a beat.
“Lance… about your skin.”
Lance but his lip “yeah? It’s erm just Vitiligo… do you think it’s ugly?”
Keith shook his head “no I think your beautiful? that it’s beautiful… like butterfly wings.”
Lance smiled “yeah o think so too. I think I’ll stop covering it up.”
Keith smiled pulling Lance closer to him “I’d like that.”

“The Oro Jackson sailing true, Our Captain Bold and Free!
Grand Line ‘hold our fearsome ship, The man whos Will is D.!
A Fighting Lot our mangy crew, we fear no Davy Jones~
Our Captain is The Pirate King, his voice would shake your bones!
Silvers at the helm steadfast, Rosa at her Keel
Their blood they’d spill to keep us free; the pride it makes us feel!
For him we’d die a thousand deaths, out on this endless sea
Our Captain’s name is Roger, and his loyal crew are we!

Our flag known well throughout the seas, and soon your’s too, my son
You’ll fight the waves your Mother fought, until your Will is done.

And I will sail beside you still, no matter the course you choose
because you are my Pirate King, and you will never loose


I thought I couldn’t be more attracted to Kate, but then I was watching the alternate scenes and she started ad-libbing a run of biologically accurate information on voles. (Technically there are two vole species that occur in New York, but they wouldn’t be in an urban setting, no, and I’m not sure I’ve heard ‘super-multiplier’ itself in an ecological context, but it’s definitely applicable and appropriate.)

Maybe she was able to pull this out of her head, maybe she knew this line was coming and did some quick research beforehand, either way, there’s video of her speaking my scientific language and I love it.

Everybody Loves A Boy In A Skirt

Originally posted by echoing-oblivion

A/N: Is this a weird thing to write ??? idk but its been in my brain and tbh every single boy should wear a skirt like always so

You sat on the small couch in the backyard, fiddling with the camera in your lap. You were waiting for Ethan, Mark, and Tyler to show up with their costumes for the sketch you were filming. Amy tapped away on her phone while Kathryn did a few last minute checks with props and mics.

You jumped when the door next to you burst open and Ethan walked out, fists placed proudly against his hips and schoolgirl outfit hanging loosely off him.

“Cute.” you snort as he beams at you.

“I know.” He smirks as Mark and Tyler walk out behind him. Amy whistles and the boys laugh. You tug the hem of Tyler’s skirt when he stands next to you and smile at him. “You guys should wear skirts more often.”

Tyler gives a small smile, ruffling your hair before stepping away help Kat. A few minutes later you’ve got everything set up and ready to film and you throw yourself into working.


Ethan stumbled through the yard to where you were sitting. He pulled the sides of his skirt out and curtsied for you. You laugh, hiding your face behind your hand.

“Spin for me, darling!” You say in an exaggerated posh accent. Ethan laughs and twirls a few times, his skirt flowing around him. He stumbles, dizzy, almost tripping over his own feet to get to the couch. You grunt as he flops onto your lap.

“I’m not a chair, Eth.” You tease.

He just grins, leaning his back against your chest. “I know, you’re much more comfortable.” He wraps his arms around you, hanging off your frame like a monkey. You hear Mark fake a gag as Kathryn giggles at the two of you.

“You look nice in a skirt.” You say quietly, rubbing the cheap material of the costume between your fingers.

Ethan laughs, batting your hand away. “Is this a sex thing?” He asks cheekily.

“It can be.” You poke his cheek jokingly.

“GET A ROOM, JESUS!” Mark yells, shielding his eyes.

“It’s like watching you parents flirt.” Tyler grimaces. “It’s gross.”

You grab a pillow off the couch and chuck it in their general direction behind you, not actually expecting it to hit them but hoping it will get your point across. When you hear it connect with something before Mark shouts in surprise, you burst out laughing, looking back to see him holding the pillow against his chest looking bewildered. Ethan’s laughter shakes him on your lap and you rest your head on the back of his shoulder.

“Come on, you guys. We’ve still got filming to do.” Amy’s voice is responsible but cheery with laughter. 

You tap Ethan’s hip with your finger, a signal for him to stand up. He slips off your lap and turns to help you stand, intertwining your fingers and not letting go once you’re upright. You smile softly and lean against him as the two of you trail behind the group through the house and to the car.

Let me Hear your Battlecry Part 3

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Well well well, it would appear the little Strawhat menace has managed to become marginally interesting.

Cocking his head to a side, Doflamingo saunters into the brat’s path, tongue flicking out to lick at the corner of his lips.

Maybe this will be worth leaving the island for after all.

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Imagine Luffy, Zoro, Law, Usopp, & Franky meeting the ninja from “Naruto”
  • Luffy would admire Naruto’s “freak/monster” nature and would ask him to join the crew
  • Luffy would probably ask Naruto if he ate the “Clone-Clone” fruit
  • Zoro and Law would be most interested in the concept of Chakra and how it works
  • Usopp would be insanely jealous of Neji and Hinata’s Byakugan
  • Franky is super (no pun intended) impressed with Lee’s Taijutsu and his manly nindo to never back down from a challenge
  • Law and Shikamaru would bond over their calm, calculating approach to situations
  • They’re also both grumps that would probably complain about their hyperactive, impulsive allies (Luffy & Naruto, respectively) to each other like they’re disgruntled parents (cue eye roll in unison)
  • Shikamaru’s shadow possession jutsu would remind the Straw Hats of Moriah and Luffy would probably ask Shikamaru if he knew the former Warlord
  • Zoro would want to learn more about Sasuke’s Shurikenjutsu