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Guys I just realized something

You know how cap loses his shield in CW and it’s all symbolic of him giving up that title and responsibility and becoming Steve Rogers (his own person) again?

You know the (lovely) parallel between the star on Steve’s shield and that on Bucky’s arm (democracy/communism)?

Bucky loses the arm during the final CW fight too. He loses his star, his own burden and symbol of being chained to an idea he never asked for. Steve was used as the government’s dancing monkey for years, and Bucky used the metal arm to create chaos for even longer.

Their respective stars, and therefore burdens and pasts, are each lifted from them in a different way, which can also be connected to their meaning. Steve made the choice (with the serum and then dropping the shield). Bucky didn’t (with the draft and then obviously Hydra, and then losing his arm), and it was excruciating for him.

That fight was basically the end of them as figureheads for greater powers and the beginning of them focusing and prioritizing themselves - physically, mentally, and morally. It’s an incredible idea to unravel and it really reveals the depth of these characters, as well as how similarities can be drawn between past and present/each other.

  • Steve: i hate the stupid outfit, i am a glorified puppet, i am a dancing monkey, and i am wearing tights, couldn't even give me a nice cotton/nylon blend for pants
  • Bucky: hey, steve babe, ur umm, ur gonna be keeping that outfit right?
  • Steve: i have always loved the outfit, i wouldn't want any other outfit, i'll wear the tights all the time, i don't even need other clothes
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Friend humans! I have not posted art in a week! I’m sorry! I was way sick. Have two arts!

Second one is heavily inspired by this art by the wonderful and talented @shevoj1207. Are they dancing at their wedding? MAYBE?? >.> DID I PUT LAW IN BRIDAL WHITE? MAYBE

Thanks to the very patient kaizokuhime, who for some reason I can’t @ properly either, and Trey over in the OTW, for helping me nurse these sketches along!

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