monkey d. luffy chibi art


And finally got the fourth batch of Chibis done for the Candy Man event!

This batch is the Straw Hat (some of them) and allies batch c: 

First off is Nami for @borntofindtheonepiece (I had fun with this one! :D)

Second is Robin for @machixging, @kaizoku-okubey (won’t let me tag for some reason Dx), and anon! (She seemed to be the popular one by demand xD)

Third is Luffy for @luffyasksandanswers (Had to doodle him enjoying his meat! ^^)

Fourth is Jinbe for @shingravirei (His pose was fun to do! ^^)

Firth is Shanks for @ask-jana-chan (That smirk hehe xD)

Sixth is Corazon for @askcorazon (I love you! ^^ And your artwork is beautiful!)

Seventh is Nekomamushi for @ask-cat-viper (Way too much fun with this one! And me being me, I love cats xD)

And last is Sabo for @ask-chiefsabo (Gonna kick some ass xD)  

All of these were tons of fun to do :D Thanks for requesting guys and I hope you all like them! 

Aaaand here’s a picture I actually put more than 30 minutes into. Fanart of ask-theheartfusion’s Laffy (law and luffy fusion).

I looked at Law and Luffy’s personality and imagined what their personalities would be most like… and Oikawa immediately popped into my head.

@lawlullipop. I finished!! I hope you like it!! Had a good time drawing this. It was a lot of fun coming up with the outfits and stuff!! Enjoy!!

Also thanks for being an good friend and for also reblogging and tagging my art. I love scrolling though and reading your tags! They always make me smile. Thank you!! (。>﹏<。)♡