monkey d. ace

i needed a reason to trash blackbeard in the form of a meme

  • media creator: this character is asexual :)
  • ace people: oh wow! that's really neat! i'm really glad to see representation, both good and bad characters, in media!
  • you demons: yea except that character isn't ace they're gay coded bc they've acted flamboyantly and turned down people of the other binary gender before so please don't steal our characters. and if they're not gay they're straight bc they've never shown interest in dating anyone!! don't make things up it's just sad :))
One Piece mysteries

Wtf are the Florian Triangle monsters ?

Who are Luffy’s mom, Zoro’s parents

The devil fruits, where do they come from etc ?

Dragon’s, Kuma’s and Crocodiles and so many others’ past

The ancient kingdom and  ancient weapons, why are they hidden by the Gouvernement ? What happened durind the void century ?

What’s up with Kaido ? What’s his secret behind his invincibility ?

Vegapunk, he has been mentionned for so long and we know so little about him

What will be CP0′s role in the plot ?

What did Law do and what is the Rocky Port incident ?

Who is Makino’s baby’s father ? Is it Shanks ?

Who was the man drinking with Crocus ?

Please Oda, can we have a little more infos about the will of D ? ? And the voice of all things ?

Is there a meaning behind Dragon’s tattoo / scar ?

Also…  What’s the One Piece ?!  When will we get to see Raftel ?