monkey creek

Dreamy creek @ Milford Sound  by AtomicZen

Taken @ Monkey Creek, Milford Sound, New Zealand on December 2011.

Note1: Lee Big Stopper (10 Stops reduction) and CPL were used in this shot.

Note2: The camera was set on a tripod about 4-5 inches above water level. Most difficult part in taking this shot was cleaning my CPL filter from small splashing water drops. Hence, 2-3 small dry clothes are usually kept in my bag. They are very useful.

Note3: In post processing, I normally employ a lot of curve, level, and Nik software - Color Efex Pro 3.0. In this plugin set, some of them are very helpful, especially (1) tonal contrast, (2) Brilliance/Warmth, (3) Skylight filter**, (4) Polarisation, and (5) Pro contrast. Just play around with this plugins and, may be, you will get an amazing result : )

Note4**: When applying Skylight filter in Nik software, you should aware of Magenta colour cast in the photo. This filter enhance red, yellow, and orange in the shot, but it also adds some magenta. Hence, after applying, we need to delete or mask or desaturate the magenta colour in the photo.