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Una espiral llamada cophine

De las relaciones que existen en Orphan Black, cophine es probablemente la más compleja e intensa de todas, por el grado de amor y devoción que Delphine profesa hacia Cosima. ¿Hay un desbalance de fuerzas?, por supuesto, desde el momento en que la Dra. Cormier entra a la vida de Cosima como su monitora, y por eso en un principio no creía mucho en Delphine, pero sus acciones me convencieron de que era sincera, no solo porque ama a Cosima, sino porque busca proteger a todo el clone club, aunque casi le cueste la vida.

1x10 fue un capítulo importante para mí desde el punto de vista fan porque me hizo reconocer que estaba frente a un ship totalmente distinto a lo que había visto antes: Delphine y Cosima quizá son opuestas, pero intelectualmente (y emocionalmente) están hechas la una para la otra. Lo mejor de todo esto es que funciona a favor de la historia y no algo que se agrega para cumplir una cuota de fanservice. Como todo el mundo, estaba muy emocionada por ver 5x05 con ese flashback que llenaría la pequeña laguna entre las escenas cophine de 1x10 y 2x01, pero tratándose de OB, intenté no tener tantas expectativas al respecto (los efectos del desastre de S3), pero quedé gratamente sorprendida por el planteamiento de todo el capítulo.

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I haven’t actually written a meta in a while(I think mostly since there wasn’t a whole lot going on and I didn’t have much to say), but I had a conversation the other day with a friend who pointed some things out that seemed to link up with other things I had noticed. And so, a theory on what’s going on was born.

( By the way, please excuse the huge amount of pictures used. There’s a lot of ground to cover. )

Let’s start with Theory One: How a regular titan is born.

Though it was a theory for a while, it’s finally confirmed that all titans used to be humans. And with one of the recent chapters, we have an idea how. All thanks to Eren. During the experiments, he became smaller and more fused with the titan– possibly from exposure and misuse of the power, considering how he only had 30 minute breaks.

This could be very important and show us just how titans are made: either they’re turned from human to titan–as seen by what Ape Titan did to Connie’s village–or they’re a titan shifter who abused their powers and accidentally became fused with their titan body. So not only is it possible for an average titan such as Ymir’s to become a shifter, it’s also possible for a shifter to become an average titan.

Hopefully more questions will be answered this arc.

Theory Two: The People in Power.

Erwin and Pixis alike hoped that they would gain the help of some government officials rather than go straight to overthrowing the King. However, it turns out that they were greedy and did things simply for their own gain. That isn’t what’s important– Their looks and how they’re presented is what is important. 

The way they’re viewed in the panel where Erwin talks about ‘even if the threat isn’t titans…,’ they have a striking similarity to titan mouths. Adding on, one of the men at the table looks remarkably like the Ape Titan. And better yet, the man who held Armin and Jean hostage looked like a titan with how he drooled and smiled at Armin. This could be symbolism for showing how people can be just as cruel as the titans, but it could also be hinting something game-changing:

The current 'bad-guys’ the main characters are up against now are still titans. That this entire time, titans have been deciding how things inside the Walls are run, and that possibly, they’re trying to keep people quiet about the history of the titans so no one figures it out as they work on ultimately turning everyone else into titans as an ultimate goal. 

This could relate to the mission BRA had– and even might make the things Annie says about her father, and the fact they enforce the fact they are Warriors, not Soldiers, incredibly important. It might just be that they are the rebels, fighting against the crown. After all, if they were simply just siding with the titans, it would be odd that they never seemed to show any remorse for killing them.

Theory Three: The Importance of the Reiss Family.

As of the last chapter, we know that the Reiss are the true royal family, and that the current king is only a figurehead. This makes the fan-named “Geographia” far more important: especially her powers, and the book that she showed Historia as a child. While the book could simply be the story of the Baba Yaga, it could also all be a hint at the powers of the Reiss family and how they may be able to manipulate the titans at will– which could be exactly how the walls were made in the first place.

This also puts importance on why exactly they came to kill Historia and her mother, and ties in with the argument that perhaps BRA are rebels against the throne: given that they asked Historia’s mother 'if she felt nervous’ now that Wall Maria was broken, perhaps they thought she was a rebel in some way as well.

Whatever it is, the new information that we may get in the next chapters regarding the Reiss family and particularly Geographia will be incredibly important, as if it wasn’t entirely obvious.


  • Titan Shifters can become fused into their bodies and become regular titans by means of overuse of their powers.

  • The royal family have powers that can do things like control titans(and humans themselves).

  • The other people with power are actual titan shifters. One of these people may be the Ape Titan/Monkey Trouble.

  • BRA might not be the enemy, but actually rebels against the government inside the walls.