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“I Don’t Know How to Tie a Tie,” Watercolor and Inks.

I’m not thrilled with how this finally turned out, but it’s ok. 

I’m a huge One Piece fan, and I had been hoping to get something done with watercolors for some time. So I thought I would do something simple. It took a few tries, but I did reach a breakthrough with it. Mainly in use of the paints and knowing how to handle a different sort of watercolor paper.

I dunno if I’d consider this portfolio worthy or not, but it’s something that worked out alright. I can probably do better.

Thus observing the sons of Dhritarashtra
lined up in battle formation,
The Pandava [Arjuna],
his chariot displaying the banner of the monkey,
lifted his bow as weapons began to clash.

Bhagavad Gita 1:20

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Imagine that the Avengers don't like Rhodey. Maybe they're mad about Iron Man 2, maybe they think he enables Tony to much, whatever. Cue Tony in the bizarre position of having to defend Rhodey for once in his life.

Steve had made them all swear they were going to be civil.  Clint had made the promise pretty damn reluctantly, but he had promised, and he was doing his best, but the fact remained that he did not like Colonel James Rhodes, and there was a reason SHIELD never tried sending him on undercover missions.

It wasn’t that Rhodes was just inherently unlikable.  He was actually pretty easy-going and charismatic, and in another life, Clint actually thought they’d get along pretty well.

But this wasn’t a different life, this was a life where Clint knew Tony Stark.  Therefore, he could not stand Colonel James Rhodes.

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I remember when I first read the children’s version of this book. I was in preschool and our teacher would let us take home a book I can’t remember why but I do remember I was able to pick mine first and immediately I picked it. Mostly because I always loved princesses and believed I was one too. I was too young to really understand it but I loved it. It was my favorite I would make my mom read it to me every night over and over again.

I wish I knew what happened to it but as I grew older I forgot what it was even called. Fast forward several years later - I was older and in a very bad place in my life that I ended up in the hospital. I tried ending my life because I just wanted to be happy. When I was in the hospital I had to have someone stay in the room with me and rotate between people. Some we’re very boring , or mean. Not all we’re that way but one stuck out the most. Her name was Janice and she was the youngest out of every one of them. She treated me like a person not just a patient. I started eating again and drawing because she brought me a sketch pad and some colored pencils bc she knew how much I liked drawing but stopped for a long time. I can’t remember what day but we went to the room where the sick kids would color and play with play dough, the books and movies and stuff we’re there too. When I looked through the bookself oddly enough I found it. I had never read the real book and I was so excited to finally read it. I found out I was being transported to a different hospital in the middle of the night and I was going to be alone there. I was scared and sad because I was never going to be able to finish it. She wasn’t supposed to, but she let me keep it and brought me this sock monkey with a bow on it’s head too. Wasn’t supposed to give me that either. She also gave me her number to contact her when I did get out, unfortunately when I was at the other hospital I lost it.

I read the entire thing when I was gone. And again when I got out and was home for good. And now after years, I found it again at a thrift shop a couple days ago.

I don’t like to believe in things, but I believe that this book finds it way to be when I need it the most and no one can ever tell me that books are just paper and ink. It’s much more than that to me and if you don’t know what the book is about I suggest you look into it because it makes me want to believe in happy endings

The Pink Slime Gal and the Pink Bouncywild


As Pinkie the Slime Gal slides around in Hypno Baron’s Castle, she sees a strange pink monkey with a golden bow on its head in her residence, and she approaches it.

“Shantae? Is that a new look for your monkey form?” She asked from behind as Pinkie yanked her tail to get attention.

Request: Dancing Queen

Request: Can you write an imagine where Sam, Dean, and the reader have to go to a grand ball because they are hinting something there and the reader is sorta uncomfortable in the corner CUZ she is socially awkward (duh) and they all have to sorta blend in and the reader was forced to wear a dress even though she doesn’t like it and Dean sees her in the corner and invites her to dance and then Sam sees them and runs to them saying they have to stop because someone just got snatched by what they’re hunting

Word Count: 1,373

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<3

“Hey, kids, guess what?” Dean announces grandly, waving a piece of paper around as soon as the motel room door is closed.

Sam looks up from the laptop, raising an eyebrow, “What?”

“We’re going to a party.”

“Oh, no.” You groan, rolling over. You’d been lying on the bed, book held in two hands over your head. The book falls to the mattress with a sotfened thud, and you stare at Dean expectantly. “What kind of party?”

He clears his throat dramatically, “The McMilligan family extend their invitation to their yearly celebration!” Okay, that doesn’t sound too awful. “This year, the dress code is ballroom attire! Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to our ballroom dance!”

“You have got to be kidding me.” The chirpy nature of the invitation coupled with the idea of a ballroom dance, of all things, fills you with dread. “Why the hell are we going there?”

Dean grins, “Dan McMilligan is possessed. Or, so we think,” He explains, sitting at the table across from Sam, “If he’s abducting these girls, he’s gonna do it tonight.”

Tonight?” You shoot into a sitting position, almost falling off the bed, “What do you mean, tonight?”

“The party’s tonight.” Dean says, shrugging, “What’s the issue?”

“Jeez, Dean. I don’t know. It’s only a ballroom dance.” You roll your eyes, “Do I have to go? I have nothing to wear and there isn’t much time and-”

“You’re going, Y/N. We need you on this one.” Sam interrupts, and Dean nods.

“Yeah, sorry, Y/N. Looks like you’re going shopping.” He says. You groan.

“Do I have to?”

“Yes!” The guys chorus, and Dean produces a credit card, “Knock yourself out.”

“I hate you both.” You mutter, swinging your legs off the bed and accepting the card, which reads ‘Donna Johnson’. You sigh, run a hand through your hair, and make for the door, “See you in a bit.”

“Don’t rush yourself!” Dean calls, “Find something pretty.”

You respond with a less-than-pretty gesture, and the guys collapse into laughter.


Two hours later, you’re in the bathroom, putting a pair of silver dangly earrings on. You can’t help the whirling in your stomach.

It’s not that you’re scared, because you’re not. It’s just that parties and social situations have never, ever been your forte. It’s why every time you knock on a victim’s door in an FBI getup, you’re crapping yourself, and why interacting with pretty much everyone but the guys gets you nervous. It’s not your area of expertise. You always feel like you’re going to do or say the wrong thing, like every conversation is awkward and forced…

You flick a curled tendril of hair out of your face, before stepping back to admire the finished product. You have to admit, the dress you found is utterly stunning. Full length, dark red. Its sweetheart neckline doesn’t end there, as jewelled lattices cover your shoulders in twinkling gems.

The bodice is fitted, but not flaunting, highlighting your waistline, and a belt of gems around the top of your hips marks the start of a skirt, which flows down to the floor. A set of silvery bangles jingles around one wrist, and earrings brush against your cheeks. Your nails are painted a matching red, and your lips are crimson. Hair falls down your back in curls.

You smile slightly, stooping to pick the silvery shoes from the floor. They’re higher than you’d normally go for, but you figured if you’re getting dragged off to a party, you’re gonna look damn good doing it.

“Y/N? You almost done?”

“Just a half second!” You hold onto the sink as you put the shoes on. Your first steps are slightly wobbly, but by the time you’ve scooped up your bag and made it to the bathroom door, you’ve steady on your feet.

As soon as the door opens, the guys’ heads turn. You smile slightly, stepping into the room.

“You guys ready to go?” You ask casually. Dean nods.

“Are you wearing heels?” Sam asks, and you nod.


“No. Not at all. You’re still not as tall as I am.” He teases, and you laugh.

“Obivously not. Hell, I’m not as tall as Dean in these.”

“That’s because you’re short.” Dean adds, and you nod.

“No need to rub it in. Let’s get moving.”


It was just as you expected. A hundred strangers in fancy clothes, milling about. The guys circle the floor, while you stand by the side, just watching. Waiting. You drink your way through three chutes of champagne, watching people twirling to the music.

“Want to dance?” You hear a voice from beside you and jump slightly. You relax when you realise it’s only Dean beside you.

“Nah, I’m good.”

“Y/N, you’ve been stood here all night. Doing nothing.” He rolls his eyes, “Look, you look… you look amazing and you need to chill. Yeah, we’re looking out but we’re having a little bit of fun, too. Jet loose, have fun. God knows we don’t do this very often.”

“I’m not 'just standing here’.” You say indignantly, “I’m looking out.”

“Well, I’m making you dance. Come on.” Dean takes your hand and tugs it expectantly, staring at you with a hopeful look on his face. You can’t help but smile.

“Okay, one dance.” You relent. He grins like a kid at Christmas and pulls you along, and you nearly stumble, “Dean! Heels, remember?”

He groans, “Hurry up!” He whines, wrapping an arm around your waist and nearly picking you up. You laugh, and by the time you reach the crowd of dancing people, your cheeks are flushed and you’re smiling like an idiot.

“See? This isn’t so bad.” Dean smiles, looping his arms around your waist. You clasp your hands behind his neck and you sway gently in time to the melodic music that streams through the room, from a live band playing in the centre.

“I suppose it would be worse.” You offer a smile, and Dean pulls you slightly closer.

“You love it.”

“Whatever.” You shrug, trying to seem indifferent, but you fail as you crack a smile.

“Sure, sweetheart.” He spins you slightly, and you laugh, your head tossing back. He can’t help but smile – your laughter just lights up the room better than any fancy chandelier ever could to him, and he can’t take his eyes away from you.

“You look amazing.” He whispers, “This colour looks amazing on you.”

You blush slightly and look down, “Thanks.” You mumble, “You look good too.”

He rolls his eyes, “It’s just the old monkey suit.”

“Yeah, but bow ties are totally your thing.” You raise an eyebrow, and Dean grins.

“I thought you might like it.”

“You thought right.”

He suddenly twirls you around, which is not at all what the other couples are doing – they’re just swaying gently, unassuming. As soon as you spin, though, they’re all looking at you – a fee chuckle, with murmurs of 'young love’, and a handful glare at you both. You blush.

“You need to not do that.”

“Why not?”

“We’ve got to stay as inconspicuous as possible, remember?”

Dean shrugs, “We are inconspicuous.”

“Not doing that, we’re not.”

“You enjoyed it.”

“No I didn’t.” You lie, and both of you end up laughing quietly. You’ve ended up so close to him that you’re all but pressed together, and you can’t help but smile at the thought.

You find yourselves in a comfortable silence, swaying to the music. I guess this is what 'having a moment’ is like, you think to yourself. It’s so nice, you completely forget about the hunt and everything else but you and Dean and the music, until-

“Dean! Y/N! I’ve been looking everywhere from you!” Sam grabs your arm, pulling you from your reverie, “Someone’s been taken, come on!”

You sigh and nod, breaking apart and following Sam – but not before Dean shoots you a look that clearly states, 'this isn’t over’.

Black Tie Etiquette

Proper dress codes for formal events

If you just received an invite for a black tie event, get ready to break out your inner Bond, James Bond. Standard formal attire for men is a tuxedo, a timeless suit that all men look great in. Options are you can either rent one or invest - we suggest saving up because they’re classic, can last for at least ten years and you can definitely notice the difference in quality. To learn the black tie rules and dress code requirements, read on.

The Rules: Black Tie Defined

1. On an invite, “Black Tie Required” or “Black Tie Only” means the same thing.

2. The host expects men to wear tuxedos and the event will be formal.

3. Please wear the appropriate dress code or send your regrets. You don’t want to be inappropriately underdressed. 

4. See gentlemen’s dress code standards below. 

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