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After spending waaay too long perusing the Rogue One Visual Guide at my local chain bookstore, I can can confirm the following important information:

Bodhi does indeed have an undercut - this pleases me greatly :) 

The infographic also pointed out that his goggles are for making in-flight repairs rather than piloting. Which might seem insignificant, but like, just imagine Bodhi under the helm console, up to his elbows in malfunctioning guidance systems while K2 attempts to keep them from falling out of the sky. He’s slipping around about despite K2′s efforts, kitbox rattling where it’s clamped between his knees, sooty grease in his eyes and the steering lag already feels at the limit of what they can compensate for… Doesn’t help that the storm is pelting them with ten kinds of hell and they’ve got a bay full of rebel fighters. But Bodhi’s hands are steady when they need to be - despite what some people may think - and now it’s just a case of scraping out the charred resistors and then he’s got a new module ready in his pocket.

“Steering accuracy down to 43% Mr. Rook.” K2-SO states from somewhere above him, too focused on not crashing to slip in a cutting remark.

“Almost there K…” Bodhi smears conducting grease on the new relay module before praying to his mother’s gods and inserting the damned thing. 1, 2… he grins when the module vibrates as it should, then plugs in the fuses and clamps the whole thing home double quick before it can change its mind. 

“61% accuracy. Now rising to 78%…” Bodhi exhales in relief, shoves his goggles up and allows himself a moment to inhale the scent of firing relays before he hauls himself out from under the helm. 

2:27AM here on 8tracks

1. Holy PVRIS
2. Take Shelter Years & Years
3. Drowning Banks
4. Knee Socks Arctic Monkeys
5. Degausser Brand New
6. Head.Cars.Bending The 1975
7. Jet Pack Blues Fall Out Boy
8. Empty Gold Halsey
9. Wait (Kygo Remix) M83
10. Lost in my Bedroom Sky Ferreira
11. Motley Crew Thompston
12. Car Radio Twenty One Pilots

something random to point out

Sanji probably never get praised when he was growing up. Especially Zeff kept doing that to spite him so he will leave Baratie. (and end up with him improving his cooking and becoming a good cook but he probably never realized that he might even already surpassed Zeff’s skills because no one acknowledges this)

look at how damn happy he is to hear someone says his food is delicious

look at how happy he got

look at how happy like a smol child he is when his food got mentioned

expecting to get some praise but then

look at how crushed he is

to think it’s constantly happening esp with zeff and judging how long they’ve been together with and now that we know all about the Vinsmoke family too and from what the sounds of it I doubt Sanji ever gets praised there either

okay now let me just drop this screenshot from the last chap here.

your welcome for the feels trip.