monkey and the bug

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(Praise the handsome and glorious thing that is Cell. Praise the adorkable thing that is him hitting on his student on Xenoverse. And praise you because you did a Semi-Perfect drawing that makes him almost cute♥)

PRAISE ALL THE CELLS! (Annnd there perfect cell goes and steals all the spotlight. BUT STILL)  I love this godamn bug, in every form. Were all practically married to him in xenoverse and we should all praise the entire existence of this glorious game AKA GODAMN DATE SIMULATOR. 

Overal, thank you so much dear :’D I am so glad aaaa! ❤️️

Harry and Arlo.

just a lil something.. single dad Harry is just too adorbs!!

Harry and Arlo.

“No monkey, please don’t do that.”

Harry placed Arlo in her den. He was tired, he was thirsty and a little peckish but Arlo’s needs came first, his current issues were not so important.

“Dada, naa na?

“I know you want a na na, bug, but daddy really needs for a wee.” Harry spoke so gently to Arlo, although he knew that didn’t understand half the things he muffled on about. But Harry still carried on.

“I’ll be 5 seconds.” He told her and rushed to the toilet. Jogging back, Harry soon found a den with an open gate and no Arlo inside. His eyes darted around the room.

She’s so tiny, she could be anywhere, she’s always beating me at hide and seek.

Harry sighed softly and tried to think rationally, where would his 13 month old daughter be?

“Arlo, monkey.. bug..” he started, leaving a pause in each nickname Arlo has. 

“It’s not funny to be hiding from Daddy.” Harry said his voice a little stretched but nowhere near abrupt. 

He walked around the living room filled with every toy you could think of. Harry looked under the sofas, in the toy boxes. “Monkey.” Harry said every now and then. “Bug, please, daddy really doesn’t like this game anymore.” Harry tried to calm down, but he hated the fact that his precious baby girl, was out of his sight.

Ten minutes.

Harry couldn’t hear anything, alarm bells ringing in his head, giving him a slight nauseous feeling and possible migraine, he needed to sit down.

“Arlo, daddy doesn’t want to play anymore, he’s feeling kinda icky and needs a big cuddle from his love bug.”

The little patter of footsteps and muffles of laughter became louder and louder, turning his head to the door of his bedroom he saw her, running towards him chewing those chubby little fingers that he loves to hold whenever he can.

“Da da.”

Her long golden-y brown locks bouncing slightly in the air. Her piercing blue eyes looking him dead on.

 Arlo was hers. Harry knew it, and so did she.

“Yeah well, things are a little ‘tough right now, s’tryna find the uh, perfect outfit for Arlo’s birthday, and s’yeah I know… - s’this just means the albums gonna be on a… ‘spose the word is ‘pause’ for ‘the uh, uh time being.” Harry said into the phone, he was warming up Arlo’s milk in the microwave. He looked back to his laptop screen and continued to scroll through various items, occasionally looking at his emails.

The other end shrieks down the phone, Harry moves it away from his ear. “S’well if ya gon’ s’talk to me like ‘at, I’m s’not gonna listen, s’look… It’s ‘meh daughter’s birthday, and I’m taking time off, to be with her, simple as that, s’this just uh s’not as uh im- important anymore, she is, Arlo is.” Harry put down the phone and just sighed.

He bent down and picked the toddler that was sitting at his feet, up, and kissed her. 

“S’just you and me, bug.” 

AoEx Casts’ Trip to the Zoo w/ Their S/O! 

(No one requested this but I went to the zoo yesterday ya’ll and yeah XD ^^’ )

Rin Okumura! 

  • practically jumping/bouncing around with excitement!
  • the sharks scare him x’c 
  • but he loves the panthers and the tigers!! 
  • coos to Kuro that Kuro’s better than any panther ever could be tho 
  • (cause Kuro got jelly that Rin was so excited to see a panther XD ) 
  • is just completely in awe of everything 
  • really wants to eat at the zoo cafe

Yukio Okumura! 

  • enjoys strolling around the park with his S/O
  • doesn’t rush around to see anything and always reads the informational signs and stuff 
  • hums quietly to himself and that’s when you know he’s completely relaxed 
  • was honestly surprised at how big the anteater was??? 
  • he had no idea they were so big 
  • also likes to tell you any cool tidbits of facts the knows about whatever animal
  • like: “Did you know that a mantis shrimp can punch with the force of a 22 caliber bullet?” 

Ryuji ‘Bon’ Suguro! 

  • honestly came for the monkeys
  • (they’re his favorite animal to be qh) 
  • he was so excited and happy when he finally got the see the monkeys 
  • he’d acted all tough and silent, holding your hand the whole way
  • but now
  • he’s so relaxed and he’s laughing and pointing and is so excited 
  • you point at the male monkey and is like: “That’s you babe.” 
  • and he laughs and points at the mama monkey: “Yeah? Well that’s you.” 
  • You: “Ew - the one eating the bugs?” 
  • Bon: “Yup. That one.” 
  • You: “Is that our baby monkey?” 
  • Bon: “Yes! That’s our baby monkey!” 
  • ya’ll stand there for a while watching the baby monkey run around and swing about and climb up everything 
  • it was honestly really cute and exciting

Shima Renzou! 

  • is not really interested in the zoo?
  • but since you wanted to goooo
  • there ya’ll are 
  • he laughed and joked about with you and ya’ll got to see a lot of things 
  • and eventually 
  • ya’ll got to the bird house 
  • and he never wanted to leave?
  • it was so nice? 
  • he loves the flamingos?
  • they’re his family
  • *strikes a pose with one leg up like a flamingo so you’ll take a picture of him standing near the flamingos* 
  • probs prints it out later and puts it on the wall 
  • (along with multiple cute pictures he’d snapped of you throughout the day)
  • (one of which is you eating ice cream and trying to get out of the shot - but he was too fast! (its his favorite one cause your blushing and smiling and he thinks its soo cute)) 

Konekomaru Miwa! 

  • “They’re just big cats Y/N!” 
  • you know how he feels about cats 
  • so ya’ll eventually venture to the lions den 
  • and he lights up as soon as he hears the lions 
  • and he takes off running to the edge of the fence and leans on it 
  • (please don’t fall in the zoo pits) 
  • he’s in AWE 
  • he loves them so much 
  • he takes pictures of them on his phone 
  • and he records one of the lions roaring 
  • its so cute to see him be so carefree and happy 

Kinzou Shima! 

  • this asshole
  • got in a fight
  • with a boar
  • it had been sleeping peacefully in the closed section of the petting zoo
  • it was closed off for a reason 
  • (the boar is very ornery) 
  • and Kinzou wanted to pet it soooo bad 
  • so he’s leaning over the gate and he’s reaching and he’s huffing and puffing and groaning and straining to try and touch this sleeping animal 
  • and he grabs the poor thing by the tusk and he didn’t mean to pull? 
  • but he pulled
  • and it woke up startled and pissed off to some blondie almost practically in its pen? 
  • so it just kinda…
  • charges
  • and the pen was just wood sooo
  • it smashed out of there and chased Kinzou all the way back to the door 
  • (he apologizes quietly to you later on for ruining your time at the zoo, its obvious he feels bad about it) 

Juuzo Shima! 

  • was happy to take you to the zoo
  • even if he feels like he’s too grown to be going to such a place 
  • wasn’t in a rush to go see everything 
  • held your hand/put his arm around your shoulder for most of the time 
  • chuckled quietly as he watched you get excited for the animals and whatnot 
  • he thought it was the sweetest thing 
  • the peacocks scared him 
  • they were allowed to roam freely and the followed ya’ll around for a bit just…screaming 
  • it gave him nervous laughter 
  • (which was honestly kinda funny) 
  • ((also he was blushing cause everyone was looking at the screaming peacocks - which means they saw that the peacocks were screaming at ya’ll - which means all eyes on ya’ll which embarrassed him))
  • he really wanted to hold a baby kangaroo
  • really badly (but then the peacocks scared ya’ll away from there XD )

Shura Kirigakure! 

  • isn’t used to going to such a…family oriented place
  • but she shrugged it off nonetheless and kept going 
  • ya’ll went through the aquarium section first 
  • and when ya’ll were exiting someone offered to take ya’lls pictures in front of a green screen 
  • so of course ya’ll do 
  • she holds the tickets for the pictures all day 
  • whether she’s holding them in her hand or in her mouth depends on the situation 
  • but she really wanted the pictures of ya’ll 
  • for reasons she’s not even sure of herself 
  • or just not willing to admit 
  • but after ya’ll look at everything and go everywhere 
  • she finds the photo pick up place 
  • and she laughs so hard at ya’lls pictures (in a happy/good way!) 
  • she pays for them and smiles looking at them when ya’ll are heading home 

Shiemi Moriyama! 

  • is shocked and surprised and so happy but also so nervous??
  • she’s never been to the zoo before..
  • needs a little reassuring that the animals are happy and well taken care of here 
  • but once she’s over that - she starts smiling more 
  • relaxing 
  • she’s laughing and just genuinely enjoying being there with you 
  • she really loves the reptile house 
  • she loves all the snakes and the turtles and the lizards and iguanas 
  • Shiemi: “Y/N~ I made a friend!”
  • You: “Is it a snake friend?”
  • Shiemi: “Yeah~! It’s a rattlesnake - come look! Quick!” 
  • *she leans to one side and the snake follows her and then she leans to the other side and it follows her that way too* 
  • she’s laughing and she’s so happy and its obvious that she really likes this snake 
  • (wants to take the snake home but honestly she knows better so she sadly exits the reptile house with you when you insist that there’s more to see) 

Izumo Kamiki! 

  • its not like she WANTED to go to the zoo or anything
  • (she did and she was really excited the whole time even though she tried to act like she was unimpressed) 
  • honestly she really had to hold herself back whenever she saw something small and cute
  • like guinea pigs or bunnies or fruit bats 
  • she also really liked watching the wolves/foxes/coyotes 
  • she propped her elbows up on the railing and watched them for a while
  • she was completely lost watching them
  • completely dazed 
  • she thanked you later for taking her there while blushing and shoving a gift bag at you from the gift shop 
  • (she bought you a sweater with the zoo logo on it) 


  • really likes learning about the zoo and all the creatures in it
  • HAS to look to everything 
  • never puts his map down 
  • even when he’s looking at the animals to see what they’re doing 
  • REALLY LOVES the touch tank!! 
  • he high fived a stingray?? 
  • it was so cool?? 
  • he’s really excited about it (even if you can’t tell) 
  • he tells his brother all about it later 

Mephisto Pheles!

  • he feels like he’s leading a class field trip 
  • (even tho its just the two of you) 
  • ((Its his natural state of mind now))
  • he amusedly watches the animals go about their day in confinement 
  • and he amused-ly watches you get excited over many things 
  • and it makes him happy 
  • the red panda was his favorite thing that ya’ll saw 
  • it was sleeping tho 
  • so he couldn’t wake it up 
  • but it was good 
  • he got you a stuffed animal red panda from the gift shop

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Ooooh just wait till Anti finds our what Mad did to Ollie

Anti arrives at Ego Inc. looking for Ollie a few hours later, but the little yellow bot is nowhere in sight. “Ollie?” Anti glitches into the Googles’ lab and finds the other three. Green and Red seem to be picking through Google’s systems like monkeys looking for bugs in each other’s fur.

“What’s wrong? Where’s the yellow one?” Anti tucks the little gift for Oliver behind is back so the others won’t see it.

Red’s eyes flash. “This is your fault! This is all your fault!” He throws his instrument aside and goes after Anti, pinning him to a wall.

The glitch disappears and reappears behind him. “What did I do? Where is he?”

Google sits up, pulling off the wires attached to him and sighing. “Mad took him. Apparently when he was repairing Oliver’s core, he managed to slip in some different coding, something that would make Oliver angrier and meaner. And then he came and took him.”

Anti glitches slightly, a knife appearing in the hand where Ollie’s gift once was. “Why aren’t you going after him?”

Google winces. “Mad had to repair me, too. It’s… a long story. He said that none of his programming would work on me, but if we go after Ollie and he manages to use even some of it against us…”

Anti bares his teeth. “Where is he?”

Green pulls up Ollie’s tracking device on a map of L.A. and points to the little yellow dot. “He’s there, wherever that is.”

Anti walks up to the map and stares at it, memorizing it quickly. His eyes go pitch black, and he turns back to the other androids. “I͎͈͔̦'̱l̠̠̤̘̳̟l̺͙̠ ͉̤͉͈h̼͇̭̞͉a̰ͅn̺̺̳̩̟̤d͔̱͓̞͡l̷̩̳̫̘̱̫͔e̗̲ͅ ̼͖̜̩th̭̳͚͢i̧̘̺ş͔.̷̳̻ “

And he disappears.


Remember Billy Joel?

I neglected telling you guys, but he turned into a tiny tiny handsome young man!
The wing that sticks out like a shark fin is one of his hindwings that did not hook up to the forewing properly, however he could still fly. I love his yellow eyebrows and fluffy pants! I hope he made many soft fuzzy babies and had a good time!!!

Cartoon with Tons of GT!

 Okay, so, I was just reminiscing on some of my old obsessions, ya know like ya do. And one of the shows I was obsessed with around 3 to 4 years ago, was a little show called Wild Kratts.

 I just really need to talk about this show, okay?

 Most of you have probably heard of Zoboomafoo, well this cartoon is by the same people. Martin and Chris Kratt. The animation is really well done and the concept itself is really interesting! They have these special suits that allow them to transform into animals and a pretty interesting team of friends. 

 But that isn’t exactly why I wanted to talk about the show.

 Early on, the inventor of the group, Aviva, introduced a brand new invention. A miniaturizer. And yes, they use it quite often.

 There are so many Gt scenes in this show, it was no wonder I liked it so much. Like seriously, they would shrink for anything. Mostly they shrunk to explore a habitat or to look at larger animals more closely. The show itself can be a little cheesy, but it is still a kids show.

 You can find a lot of the episodes on YouTube, so I’m gonna go ahead and link to some of my favorite Gt episodes. 

 The Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy (These names am I right? lol): The episode where the miniaturizer is first introduced. They are about the size of a worm for the entire episode.

 Platypus Cafe: The bros shrink down to visit a platypus and her eggs and Chris gets captured by the chef villain of the show. Chris is a few inches tall for most of the episode.

 Mom of a Croc: The bros shrink down in order to stay in a crocodile nest and watch the babies hatch. They are a few inches tall for most of the episode.

 Flight of the Pollinators: Chris shrinks down to find out more about how bees pollinate. Chris is the size of a pollen grain for the whole episode. 

 Gecko Effect: The team shrinks down to learn more about geckos, only to be captured by the main villain. Team is a few inches tall for a part of the episode.

 Termites Vs Tongues: Aviva and Koki accidentally shrink down and are taken by termites. The bros split up to try and find them. Chris, Aviva and Koki are the size of termites for most of the episode.

 Caracal Minton: The bros search for Aviva’s birdie when a Caracal steals it away. They shrink down for part of the episode and almost get eaten by caracal kittens.

 Bugs or Monkeys (This one is on dailymotion): Martin shrinks down to go on a bug adventure, but Chris wants to hang with the monkeys. He forces Martin along, but Martin ends up getting kidnapped by a monkey. Martin is a few inches tall for most of the episode.

When she comes out of the bedroom from a nap to you lounging on the couch catching up on YouTube videos of Full Frontal with Samantha B and says “I missed you,” and then proceeds to crawl in your lap and snuggle down…

She makes me heart melt every day in the best possible way. @polyhedralprincess thank you for letting me be yours.


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  • Wonwoo, my little book nerd okay let’s get this started
  • being the nerd he is he’ll def give a lot of book recs and will love to get some in return
  • just sharing a hobby would be so nice for him
  • and if you don’t like books well hell send you some anime/drama/movie requests
  • he loves sharing his joy just remember that
  • he also seems like the kind of person to call you by any name in the book but yours
  • and the longer you ignore them the worse they become
  • ‘jagiya, babe, sweety, fluff, buttercup, petunia, butterfly, muffin, sugar lips, bed bug, monkey tush, boogGER…YO BUtterFAce’
  • or something like that yeah
  • playful insults if you’re comfortable with that
  • would be pretty chill about PDA not like loves it but like doesn’t care that much if ppl see or not
  • his hobby is telling bad jokes so I hope you can take them or maybe tell some yourself because boy you’re gonna get a lot of them
  • he loves it when you tell him some puns or even bad pickup lines
  • and his smile lights up the room this little fluffball
  • why do i always make it seem like it’s smut making out isn’t that sexual I mean but I guess for lil carats who wanna skip this part i begin and end it with bold sin messages
  • okay so we know he’s kind of a slow guy and he’s exactly the same when making out
  • slow but passionate make outs
  • like standing up while making out? forget that you’re laying down or sitting down
  • if he’s feeling a bit ‘active’ he’ll lay on top of you leaning on his elbows to not totally crush you
  • even tho he weighs nothing he wants you to be comf
  • also a big fan of using tongue and making it all sloppy
  • hope you like it cus he does
  • jfk how would i know
  • where was I? ah yes SO
  • he loves making sweater paws and shit just aegyo without trying and stuff
  • and if he wants something he will use aegyo like remember the baby voice
  • if he wants to to get him a hamburger at mcdonalds he will get it
  • i think neither of you would be really dominant because he loves being the protective bf and also loves being pampered by you
  • 🎶 Woozi switch it up 🎶
  • okay so also if it’s your anniversary or something don’t expect like chocolate or flowers because Wonwoo wants to be special 
  • he’s the guy that makes a necklace himself or like some kind of friendship bracelet because he thinks it’s beyond funny how ugly it looks
  • and he wants you to wear it and will guilt you into it because ‘he made it with love specially for you!! how do you mean it doesn’t fit your outfit? LOVE MATCHES WITH EVERYTHING’
  • secretly laughing at you because ‘look what an ugly necklace they’re wearing’
  • next anniversary you give him this ugly self made shirt which says ‘This guy loves Y/n’ and you try guilting him into it like he did and he’s like ‘Y/n I’m an idol I have to look presentable’
  • he can’t take his own lame jokes
  • he’ll wear it eventually to like an important event but with a blazer on top of it so nobody notices the shirt
  • he jokes with you all the time honestly half of your relationship is horrible jokes
  • and puns let’s not forget the puns
  • he also gets jealous easily but he’ll try not to show it
  • he’ll put on his deadly gaze and think in his head like ‘don’t touch them get your hand of their shoulder get out KEEP YOUR FILTHY HANDS OF Y/N’
  • and when you ask him if he’s okay he’ll be like ‘woh hi sorry I was just daydreaming a bit what happened?’ like boi we saw you eyeing at at that dude it wasn’t just ‘staring into the nothing’
  • he will always want you to be comfortable even tho he might sometimes try to take you out of your comfort zone if that makes sense?
  • like he’ll want you to test the waters but never force you into having to do something
  • but might try to convince you sometimes cus it’s not always as bad as it seems
  • sometimes it is and he’ll apologise and he’ll owe you one 
  • like a ‘free massage’ coupon or ‘call me even if I’m recording or practicing’ coupon
  • also if he ever sleeps over or you sleep at the dorm if that even happens rip you cus his morning voice
  • just treat this bun right thanks


Others in the Boyfriend!Series:

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Grease monkey! Tyler Hc! I cannot get that image out of my head oml, I will give you anything! (btw, I got the idea from a tumblr post a while back, and it's been bugging me ever since)

Ahhhhhh omg grease monkey Tyler, i need it

- He has one of those jumpsuit things when he’s at work
- But when he’s at home working on his baby (shhh he’d totally be one of those guys if he was a gearhead) he wears muscle tanks and jeans that are all covered in grease and worn through in some places
- He has his dream, muscle car (his baby) and then he has his driving around car
- There’s always a hand towel hanging out of his back pocket
- He smells like motor oil and soap
- He’s got oil smudged all over his face
- It’s probably in his hair too tbh
- Very messy boi
- Loves talking cars with people
- Lots of Ford v Chevy arguments (Idk if he has an irl preference but I’d bet he’s a ford guy due to the history of Ford cause he’s a NERD)
- Also Lamborghinis v Ferraris 
- He’s super smart and loves putting cars together and taking them apart
- It’s like a huge puzzle for him and he loves it
- Probably did drag racing when he was younger 
- V strong from hauling tires around and other heavy things
- (also he probably makes out with you on the hood of his car, or in the back seat of his car)

Just Let Go Part 1

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Summary: The core five have just met you, the new bad-ass of Riverdale. However, when you first meet them it doesn’t go as smooth as some predicted until you met Archie Andrews. Will you level with the core four or lose Archie in the process?

Warnings: Anger, smoking (DONT DO IT KIDS YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO LIVE FOR), slight cursing.

A/N: Hi everyone! It’s been quite some time, I know. I’m sorry and to be honest, I was procrastinating to write this, and I don’t want to lie to you guys. However, I’m back on track baby! I love Riverdale and to be honest, it’s quite enjoyable writing as Jughead. Before we begin, I have the schedule of when I’ll be posting. It will be anytime Wednesday and Friday. I am starting school in a week so it might have to change, but for now, it’s all good. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy more to come soon! Don’t forget tags and requests are open!

Jughead Pov

Here in our unearthly town named Riverdale, life before Jason Blossoms death was very… trite. Then following the death of football star Jason Blossom, everything in Riverdale turned to shit. However, in every cloud there is a silver lining, so to speak. For Archie Andrews, my closest, and dearest friend, she would be his silver lining. It was like every day in Riverdale, lackluster and inconsequential. Like my father always said, “Everyone in this goddam town, is like a monkey. Doing the same damn thing every day, pickin’ bugs out of their hair, shittin’, and eatin’. Every day.”. This was true, until a very unique female, walked into “Pops”. 

She wore a red and black flannel and black skinny jeans with rips at the knees. From what I could distinguish, she wasn’t like every run of the mill suburban girl that Riverdale bred. This girl was contradistinctive from any female I had witnessed or been acquainted with. She meandered with such confidence it was uncanny to any I have seen. At the time, Archie, Betty, and I were sitting in the once plush, but now deteriorating booth. I was sitting next to Betty while Archie was across from us. Then soon after the girl marched into “Pops” with a look of petulance. Her E/C orbs glared once she turned her head to Betty and me’s direction. She had cursed under her breath and journeyed up to the counter. Pop walked to the counter, with a bounce in his step.

“Hey there!” He exclaimed.

“Hi. I’m here to pick up my food.” She spoke, venom in her voice.

“Sure thing Honey. Whats the name you put the order as?”


“Well okay then, I’ll be out soon.” Pop walked away into the kitchen. With the girl we had all assumed to be Y/N, she rested against the counter, with her arms folded. I could tell that she had no interest conversing with anyone. However, Betty- at the time we were in the first stages of becoming intimate- being the over exuberant, gregarious person, I’ve grown to adore, was predetermined to introduce herself to the new girl. Betty had stood up and dusted her pink, peter pan collared shirt.

“Betty, what are you doing?” I had questioned, raising my eyebrow. I knew that if Betty went up to this new girl, she’d be chewed up and spit out, it was almost guaranteed.

“Juggie, is it wrong wanting to introduce myself to someone new?”

“Bets, you know she’s going to piss on you.” I explained, straightening my crown hat.

“What does that mean Jughead-? Never mind, it doesn’t matter, I’m just going to go over there.” Archie by now turned around, to see the damage Betty would have to take. Betty walked up to Y/N. Y/N, turned to the side and looked at Betty, she rolled her eyes, piqued.

“Hi, I’m Betty Cooper! I can assume that you’re new so I just want to say hello. I couldn’t help but overhear that your name is Y/N,” Y/N was silent, she didn’t speak a word, “I’ll take that as a yes. Well anyways, I was hoping maybe you’d want to meet my friends?” Betty inquired, tilting her head. Then Y/N looked at Betty up and down, however not in a flirtatious way, but in a more judgmental way. 

I was puzzled, why was this girl, whom we never met, so impertinent towards us? Pops then walked up to them and placed the take-out food on the counter. Y/N turned around, handed Pops the cash and started to walk out of the diner. Despite fully exiting the diner, she turned on her heel, looked at Betty, scoffed, and shook her head. After that, she exited, the bells chiming in happiness for her descent. Betty turned around and slumped back to our booth.

“She is something.” Archie pointed out, shrugging his shoulders. Betty then looked at him.

“Maybe there’s a reason why she acts like that.” Betty tried to reason.

“Or Bets, she’s just naturally like that.” I turned my head. I could tell Betty felt distressed. I tried to comfort her, emphasis on the tried. I awkwardly wrapped my arms around Betty and gave her a thin-lipped smile as she looked at me.Then I turned my head to the window and saw Y/N take a drag of her cigarette. She was leaning against her boss 429 black Mustang. Her eyes shifted to mine, and she stomped the cigarette on the ground. Y/N then entered the car, slammed the drivers’ door, and zoomed away from the diner. I then faced Betty and Archie and took a bite of my burger. That was the first encounter with sweet little Y/N.

The next one was just as bitter as the first. It was the following week. Just an ordinary October day in Riverdale high. You have your jocks, taking steroids in the locker rooms, your geeks, playing Minecraft or dungeons and dragons, your sweethearts, greeting everyone, trying to make the world a “better place”, your populars, sneaking alcohol in a water bottle, and your outcasts, sitting around, observing the world around them, but not participating in it. Betty, Archie, Veronica, Kevin, and I were standing in the hallway. Betty, Kevin and I were standing against the lockers.

Then she walked in. All heads turned to her, the high school of Riverdale stopped in time when Y/N waltzed into the halls. Y/N at the time wore a black Metallica shirt, ripped jeans, black Dr. Martens, and wrapped around her upper body was a leather jacket. Y/N sashayed towards us. When she proceeded next to us, Betty greeted Y/N. Much to Betty’s dismay, Y/N kept walking forward. Betty frowned and looked to the ground. Veronica, however, wasn’t keen on Y/N blatantly ignoring Bets.

“Hey, you!” Veronica called out to Y/N. My face had a look of confusion as well as the rest of them. Y/N turned around, her gaze on Veronica, then she turned back around and started to walk away.

“Hell no, if she thinks she can just walk away she has another thing coming.” Veronica spatted.

“Just stop Ronnie, it doesn’t matter.” Betty spoke shyly.

“Well, it does to me.” Then with that Veronica stomped to Y/N and grabbed her arm, forcing Y/N to turn around.

“Who do you think you are? Listen, new girl, if you ever do that to any of my friends, you will regret it.” Veronica seethed spitting out venom. Y/N laughed, almost menacingly, it was unusual, and quite frankly scary.

“You seem like the type of person to boss people around, so let me tell you something. If you ever lay a finger on me again, I promise you, that finger won’t be there anymore.” Then Y/N shoved her arm out of Veronica’s grasp and walked away.

Everyone stared in awe, no one had challenged, much less threaten The Veronica Lodge. Veronica looked at our classmates.

“All of you turn around! This is none of your business!” She screeched to our peers.

It was the same day when all of us encountered Y/N again. It was lunch and we all sat around our usual lunch table outside. I was quiet while everyone else was chattering. I moved my head around and saw that Y/N was against her car, smoking another cigarette, she looked up at me, then looked ahead at the sky, pursed her lips, and blew out the smoke.

“Juggie what are you looking at?” Betty inquired, then she turned in the direction in which I was looking at. Then she turned back to me.

“Hey, maybe you should talk to her?” She spoke lightly caressing my arm.

“I don’t know if I want to talk to the Kraken.” I replied, laughing slightly. Betty returned the laugh.

“She seems a lot like you, it couldn’t hurt.”

“Are you sure?” I smirked, and Betty lightly shoved me, that implied for me to get up. I had put my hands up, surrendering, and walked away from the table. Kevin and Veronica asked something to Betty from a distance as I walked to Y/N.

She looked at me, taking a long inhale, and blew the smoke out.

“Now you too? Are your friends obsessed with me?” She interrogated.

“For some reason, Bets is really set on us trying to ‘befriend’ you. She’s wasting her breath.”

Y/N genuinely laughed, it sounded foreign but nice.

“I’ll drink to that. So what is she? Your girlfriend?” Y/N questioned taking another puff.

“Maybe, we’re still in that development phase.” She nodded her head, and dropped her cigarette, jamming it to the ground.

“Aren’t you FP’s son?” My eyes widened, how could she have possibly known that?

“Uh yeah, why are you asking?” I inquired raising my brow.

“‘Cause I go to the Whyte Wyrm often and heard your name spilling through FP’s drunken mouth more than a few times. He tells me how much he respects you and wishes he could be a better father.” My mouth at the time gaped in shock. I never saw my father, he had yet, at the time, told me what Y/N just did, even more, he expressed those feeling to a stranger more or less.

“I’m confused. Are you a serpent or do you just hang around there?”

“Soon I’ll become a serpent.” Y/N answered.

“That’s why you don’t have the jacket.” I spoke to myself. She nodded her head.

“You don’t seem like a bad person so what’s the act?” I interviewed. Then like a switch, Y/N went cold, her eyes shot daggers at me.

“Why don’t you just go to your posse?” She disputed and looked the other way. Meaning she was done talking to me. I then walked back to the table.

“So how was the wicked witch of the west?” Kevin asked chuckling. I sat on the cold seat and fixed my crown hat.

“Apparently she knows my dad, and she’s going to join the south side serpents.” I told them.

“Now it all makes sense.” Veronica spoke out, I glared at her.

“I’m just saying!” Veronica declared.

“She’s not as ruthless as she lets out to be, I think. I’m just saying, it wasn’t the most unpleasant conversation I’ve ever had.” I remarked.

“I told you!” Betty exclaimed hugging me.

“She’s probably luring you into a trap so she could strike us.” Veronica debated.

“Maybe she has a barrier that has to be let down.” Archie voiced.

“Archiekins, once you’ve talked to her, come to me, and then you can tell me how she is.” Veronica answered.

Archie smirked, “Maybe I will.”

Archie’s POV

I stood in front of “Pops”, hands in my letterman jacket. I walked up the stairs, my foot bounced with each step against the slippery concrete. I pushed the door forward, Pops greeted me with a smile. I nod my head and searched through the aisle for Jughead, he was nowhere to be found.

Then I saw her, Y/N, and my interest my piqued. I think I’ll take Veronica up on that offer. Y/N was reading a book, I couldn’t distinguish it from the distance I was standing. I walked towards her, hands became clammy after every step. When I reached her, I stood right in her line of sight, she slowly dropped her book and looked up at me. I took my hands out from my jacket and wiped them against my jeans.

“Hey there-“

“Now pretty boy is deciding to talk to me huh? Must be my lucky day. Woo.” She spoke sarcastically, and I stifled a laugh.

“So, uh, what book are you reading?” I asked, scratching the back of my head.

“Aww is token boy a little nervous talking to the big bad wolf?,” She pouted, “But if you must know, it’s the ‘Grapes of Wrath’, written by John Steinbeck.”


“Do you not know what this book’s about?” I shyly shook my head.

“Figures.” She spoke underneath her breath.

“I’d like to know! Maybe I could sit with you and tell me about it?” I questioned, eyes bright. She started to laugh, and I tilted my head in confusion.

“I see what you’re trying to do, and I’m not falling for that cute boy act. Plus, you’re not my type.” Now I was more confused than before. Then I understood what she meant. I started to blush like crazy.

“No! I don’t mean it like that. I genuinely want to know what the book is about.” I replied.

“Shouldn’t you be off with your friends or is this a game to see who the new girl can talk to first?” She seethed, clearly angry. My face looked down, despair written on it. I turned around starting to walk away.

“Wait,” She spoke defeated, and I turned back, “If you honestly want to know what it’s about, you can sit.” I smiled brightly and walked up to the booth, and slid in across from her.

“Okay, first I should tell you about Tom Joad, the protagonist of the book…”
“This book sounds amazing!” I gushed, and she laughed and took a bite out of a fry.

“Who knew that pretty boy would be into a book like this?” Y/N asked, shaking her head.

“Can I borrow the book? I really want to read it.”

“Isn’t there a library you could get it from? Plus you’d be helping the library industry, God knows they need it.”

“I understand…”

“Ugh, fine,” My head popped up, eyes widened.

“After, I finish the book again.”

“Thank you so much!” I thanked her, and for a couple of seconds, we sat there in silence.

“So, I, um, see that you smoke a lot. Why do you smoke? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Well, I know the repercussions of smoking, I’m not an idiot. However, I guess I do it because I feel free, I don’t have any troubles in the world. I know, why not do yoga? Or run? I guess, I just have been doing it for so long, it’s like second nature.”

“I don’t know how to reply to that…”

“It’s fine, you don’t have to. I can understand that it’s different from most kids smoking things like weed.”

“I don’t smoke weed.”

“Of course you don’t.”

“I mean I obviously have the option to, but I don’t and I’m perfectly fine with that.” I defended myself.

“He don’t get so uptight. If anything,” Y/N moved in her seat uncomfortably, “I think it’s cool you don’t have to smoke just to feel alive. You have yourself and people that make you feel that way. I respect that.” I smiled at her, and for the first time, I saw her. She was broken, like a beautiful porcelain China doll crashing on the ground, and all I wanted to was glue her back together.