monkey and the bug


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  • Wonwoo, my little book nerd okay let’s get this started
  • being the nerd he is he’ll def give a lot of book recs and will love to get some in return
  • just sharing a hobby would be so nice for him
  • and if you don’t like books well hell send you some anime/drama/movie requests
  • he loves sharing his joy just remember that
  • he also seems like the kind of person to call you by any name in the book but yours
  • and the longer you ignore them the worse they become
  • ‘jagiya, babe, sweety, fluff, buttercup, petunia, butterfly, muffin, sugar lips, bed bug, monkey tush, boogGER…YO BUtterFAce’
  • or something like that yeah
  • playful insults if you’re comfortable with that
  • would be pretty chill about PDA not like loves it but like doesn’t care that much if ppl see or not
  • his hobby is telling bad jokes so I hope you can take them or maybe tell some yourself because boy you’re gonna get a lot of them
  • he loves it when you tell him some puns or even bad pickup lines
  • and his smile lights up the room this little fluffball
  • why do i always make it seem like it’s smut making out isn’t that sexual I mean but I guess for lil carats who wanna skip this part i begin and end it with bold sin messages
  • okay so we know he’s kind of a slow guy and he’s exactly the same when making out
  • slow but passionate make outs
  • like standing up while making out? forget that you’re laying down or sitting down
  • if he’s feeling a bit ‘active’ he’ll lay on top of you leaning on his elbows to not totally crush you
  • even tho he weighs nothing he wants you to be comf
  • also a big fan of using tongue and making it all sloppy
  • hope you like it cus he does
  • jfk how would i know
  • where was I? ah yes SO
  • he loves making sweater paws and shit just aegyo without trying and stuff
  • and if he wants something he will use aegyo like remember the baby voice
  • if he wants to to get him a hamburger at mcdonalds he will get it
  • i think neither of you would be really dominant because he loves being the protective bf and also loves being pampered by you
  • 🎶 Woozi switch it up 🎶
  • okay so also if it’s your anniversary or something don’t expect like chocolate or flowers because Wonwoo wants to be special 
  • he’s the guy that makes a necklace himself or like some kind of friendship bracelet because he thinks it’s beyond funny how ugly it looks
  • and he wants you to wear it and will guilt you into it because ‘he made it with love specially for you!! how do you mean it doesn’t fit your outfit? LOVE MATCHES WITH EVERYTHING’
  • secretly laughing at you because ‘look what an ugly necklace they’re wearing’
  • next anniversary you give him this ugly self made shirt which says ‘This guy loves Y/n’ and you try guilting him into it like he did and he’s like ‘Y/n I’m an idol I have to look presentable’
  • he can’t take his own lame jokes
  • he’ll wear it eventually to like an important event but with a blazer on top of it so nobody notices the shirt
  • he jokes with you all the time honestly half of your relationship is horrible jokes
  • and puns let’s not forget the puns
  • he also gets jealous easily but he’ll try not to show it
  • he’ll put on his deadly gaze and think in his head like ‘don’t touch them get your hand of their shoulder get out KEEP YOUR FILTHY HANDS OF Y/N’
  • and when you ask him if he’s okay he’ll be like ‘woh hi sorry I was just daydreaming a bit what happened?’ like boi we saw you eyeing at at that dude it wasn’t just ‘staring into the nothing’
  • he will always want you to be comfortable even tho he might sometimes try to take you out of your comfort zone if that makes sense?
  • like he’ll want you to test the waters but never force you into having to do something
  • but might try to convince you sometimes cus it’s not always as bad as it seems
  • sometimes it is and he’ll apologise and he’ll owe you one 
  • like a ‘free massage’ coupon or ‘call me even if I’m recording or practicing’ coupon
  • also if he ever sleeps over or you sleep at the dorm if that even happens rip you cus his morning voice
  • just treat this bun right thanks


Others in the Boyfriend!Series:
  • Mantis: Remember that time you dared me to lick that swingset?
  • Crane: No, I said, "Mantis, don't lick the swingset," and you said, "Don't tell me what to do, Crane." And then you licked the swingset.

SAM, WITH ONE LAST (MAYBE) , ULTIMATE REVAMP! And also the nicest ref sheet i’ve ever made…….

@silvermender n i were talkin n they made the suggestion I integrate a bit of my peridot’s design into my wisps! AND BOY WAS IT THE BEST IDEA I EVER SEEN….look at this teeny tiny menace to society….

SO,Wisps are now glowing bug monkeys!! that tend to make lots of awful hissing and chittering sounds. They can scream loud monkey screams and loud bug screams. The worst things to ever happen to human ears, probably..

One day Phil Coulson walks out. Wearing a giraffe onesie. 

And May is like ??? 

Coulson just has this extremely proud dumb dad face. “Just wait." 

Out walks his tiny small children. Jemma’s in a bunny onesie. Fitz is a tiny little monkey. Skye is a lady bug. 

May still has a lot of questions…


Today I saw the first episode thanks to @blue-hatter <3

I loved the first episode and when I was seeing it I thought that chat noir looked kinda like Sabo so this idea born in my little head xD 

I need to do more about the 30 days drawing your otp challenge xD I have been doing another drawings like the one I upload in pixiv and this one x) I need 2 followers more to have 300 ~ I’m happy because of that <3 

About the show… the only thing I don’t like are the colors xD It’s kinda strange I know, but I always see these details because not for nothing I’m studying animation. I saw the anime version and I actually liked more that chat noir version but in general I loved the show <3 

It’s not often that someone on set confuses Misha’s pages for anyone else’s. Jensen and Jared may have specific ways of folding theirs; but those can be easily switched around if someone isn’t used to how the two do things. Misha however, well his pages are covered—corner to corner, first word to last, front and back … just covered with doodles.

They could be anything.
A penis.
A monkey in a people-suit riding an oversized lady bug.
More penises.
A very sweet caricature of his kids (never on the same page as the lewd stuff, of course.)

But anyone who saw Misha between takes or eating his lunch—basically anytime he was running his lines, a pen would also be in hand and he would be absent mindedly doodling away.

Jared more than anyone got a kick out of stealing the man’s papers so he could thoroughly inspect every swirling line, laughing hysterically at some of the phallic-detail, and teasing mercilessly at some of the sweeter images. He would then carry his co-star’s art to Jensen, who would chuckle right along with his tall, goofy friend—making his own jokes and poking fun. But soon, his adult-side would kick in and he knew work had to get done at some point; so he would insist on ending the good times and returning the pages to Misha. Reluctantly, Jared always agrees and Jensen would always walk away—papers in hand and intention in his step.

During one, particularly hectic week of filming, Misha had sought out Jensen to run some lines for their next scene together—it was a lot of dialogue and more physicality accompanying it than usual for the two of them; so the man wanted to have it practiced. As he pulled open the door to Jensen’s trailer and walked in, he found his friend, sitting in his recliner, already going over the scene. In a few moments, they were both fully in character—Cas telling Dean not to go through his plan—Dean insisting that Cas is too paranoid, and repeat. They had already ran through the part twice when Jensen got up to go to the bathroom, so—with his momentary solitude, Misha did what he always does and looked for a pen. He looked around the couch he was sitting on, finally reaching over and pulling open a side table drawer—letting go just as fast as the contents inside pulled at the edges of his memory. Familiar, inked sketches of trees stared back at him. Another, carefully cut out image of a bird on a wire peeked shyly from underneath the stack. One more, of just an eye—the inner circles, etched with green, seemed offset and lovingly tucked away in the corner. A few dozen images in all—and all, Misha’s.

Jensen returned, already with reddened cheeks as he noticed what his friend had found. Questioning eyes looked back at him, wondering around his features and searching for a reason why the man would actually keep such things, none the less—trim them from the larger sheets and collect them all in a drawer.

Jensen finally sighed, sitting back down in his chair and looking across to Misha’s kind but curious face. “I like them, man” he said with a tiny laugh. “I knew you would just throw them away once you were done, and some of the pictures—“ he blushes softly and Misha does the same. “They just make me happy.”

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RWBY AU where instead of a Semblance, everyone has a magical animal companion that is the manifestation of their personality.


1. Qrow and Winter have a crow and dove respectively. They squawk and fight whenever they see each other. So do the birds.

2. Roman’s is a cat that follows him around and making smug smiles at everyone he talks to, just to make him that more annoying.

3. Jaune has a rabbit that is a coward. Pyrrha has a majestic, powerful wolf that mauls anything that makes it cry.

4. Ren has a sloth, while Nora has a monkey that is constantly grooming Ren’s and eating bugs out of its hair.

5. Penny has a Tomagotchi.