Monkees Awards:  Day Two.  Favorite Song Sung By Mike

Honestly, I wanted to make this post a 5-way tie, as there are soooooo many fantastic songs sung/written by Mike for The Monkees.  I decided to go with Love Is Only Sleeping.  Not only is it a driving, well-written song by Mann & Weill, Mike absolutely sings the stuffing out of it.  Seriously, his voice sounds incredible on it.  It’s range-y, riff-y, rocking, and just flat-out awesome.

At this point I have an encyclopedic memory of Monkees photos; which ones are new, which ones I’ve seen 8 million times already, which ones were scanned by me, which were scanned by my friends…I need to get a real hobby.

So for those of you who don’t have me added on Facebook or follow me on Instagram: I GOT SEA MONKEYS. Unlike everyone else, I never had these as a child. I didn’t even know they existed until I saw them in the toy section at Wal-Mart over the weekend. I birthed them yesterday and now I am a mother to approximately 75 Sea Monkeys, or as I like to call them, Sea Monkees. After taking suggestions from Facebook, the names are as follows: John, Paul, George, Mike, Peter, Micky, Davy, and the rest are all named Ringo.

Monkees Awards: Day 2

Favourite Song Sung by Mike

Oh my lordddd Mike had such an incredible voice and sung so many great songs that this is so so so tricky!!!

I’m going to judge these ‘Favourite Song Sung by [insert Monkee]’ by which songs the boys sound best singing. I think that helps narrow it down and makes the process a little easier. 

For Mike though (as will be the case with Micky), it’s still mighty difficult because he had such an incredible voice with such a great range and UGH.

I’m torn between three to be honest. First up is Love Is Only Sleeping because WOW. Mike really had a powerful voice, and those high notes…DAMN. And I think the song itself is flawless, and until like 60 seconds ago that was going to be my choice for this but…I changed my mind!

The next potential choice was Nine Times Blue because, again, it’s just an incredible song and very different from Love is Only Sleeping. It’s more gentle and you can hear Mike’s Texas twang which is sexy and is so pleasing to the ears! But with Nine Times Blue, I prefer the live version performed on the Johnny Cash Show to the recorded version. The way Mike sung that song live was literally flawless and the first time I heard it it literally took my breath away. 

In the end though, my choice is Carlisle Wheeling.

Honestly, it was only when I listened to this again just a moment ago that I thought “fuck, this has to be my choice.” I literally adore this song. I love the lyrics, the melody, the vibe… but most of all I love Mike’s vocal. It’s pretty simple. It doesn’t have the power behind it like Love is Only Sleeping, but it has something else that I can’t put my finger on. He just sounds phenomenal, and I think it shows off Mike’s vocal-talents just as well as LIOS even though he doesn’t display his great range in this song. I just love this track, and I love Mike’s voice, so Carlisle Wheeling is my selection for this one!