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Last Train to Clarksville - The Monkees 


Yohancé & the Ekangeni Crystal (2016) // Midas Monkee

Yohance tells the story of a Master Thief on the hunt of a mysterious artifact. Little does he know that he’s stumbled into an ancient intergalactic conflict.

“…an African space opera that’s unique within its own universe and its own style, its own story.”

by Paul Louise-Julie

You can get it now here

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Ho ho ho, Classic Rock Fandom! Christmas is coming and so is The Secret Rocker Santa project! I started this project back in 2013 and it was a prosperous start. Almost 500 classic rock fans have joined, made new friends and shared good emotions together. Last year the project was even more successful, so I feel motivated to keep this tradition going and I hope that you’ll help me to make it big this year too.  

※☆:゚*★ ※:゚* ※☆:゚*★ ☆:゚*★☆:゚*★ ※☆:゚* ※☆:゚*★ ※☆:゚*★ ※:゚*★ ※☆:゚* ※☆:゚*

Are you in love with the Beatles? Or you are a Led Zeppelin fan? Can’t live without listening to Queen? David Bowie is your icon? It doesn’t matter which Classic Rock bands or singers you are into. If you are looking forward to making new friends who are in love with classic rock or just want to make someone happy, sign up and make it happen, this is your chance!

What is Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is a tumblr-wide “match-maker” where you will anonymously compliment/befriend a tumblr user who is randomly assigned to you and in turn, you will be assigned to someone else.

How it works:

  • From now until November 25th, message me saying you want to participate in Secret Rocker Santa. (you can’t do it anonymously)
  • I need to know your age and favourite bands/singers (Your list can contain 5 or less favourites). However, if your bands/singers are not very popular in this fandom, it’s possible that your pair might not share the same interests.
  • If you are older than 20 years old, you may be paired with someone with different interests or age, since most of the people who sign up are 13-22 years old.
  • Your blog doesn’t have to be classic-rock-related, you just need to be a fan. 
  • During the last days of November (the 25th through the 30th) I will be randomly assigning people to their Secret Rocker Santas. You will receive a message from me telling you their information, but it would be extremely helpful if you could message me first to find out who is your pair, that would help me to reduce the tumblr messaging limit problem. You might get a message from my second account daenerys-drogon-targaryen, so don’t be surprised, you can trust the information.
  • You will start messaging your pair ANONYMOUSLY on the 1st of December and continue until Christmas (December 25th), which is when you will reveal yourself and (hopefully) have made a new friend.
  • You can send your pair whatever you want (as long as you do not reveal your identity), your job is to make your pair feel happier! (Some ideas: lyrics, pictures, facts, play games, chat and of course do things that are not only associated with Classic rock).
  • Be careful - make sure you are messaging your pair anonymously.
  • Some people might get more than one santa or will be assigned to more than one person, since many unexpected things can happen and I want to make sure that everybody will have a pair. So if you are not able to be a secret santa for two people let me know. (You can also let me know if you’d like to be a santa for two or more people)
  • Please tag messages that you receive from your secret santa and related posts as #SRS, so your santa will be able to find your answers easier. (If you don’t know how to do it - message me)


  • If you’re not committed to messaging your Santa at least few times a week - DO NOT SIGN UP. I want everyone to have a good santa.
  • If your Santa has not contacted you in over a week, message me and I will gently remind them or find you another one.
  • DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE. Mean people will not be tollerated.
  • Answer all of your santa’s messages and do not ignore them.
  • Let me now if your santa is being rude.
  • Let me know if you think that I’ve made any mistakes.
  • If you are not already following your pair’s blog, you probably shouldn’t do it right away, because they might understand that you are their santa.
  • It’s useful to have an easy-to-find “about me” page so that your Santa will have something to talk to you about.
  • Please try to keep a note of who you’re assigned to! You’ll also get a personal number which you will have to remember. There will be a record of it but I do not want to remind you every day.
  • It might take few days for me to answer all of your messages, don’t be surprised, stay patient.
  • IF YOU CHANGE YOUR URL DURING THE PROJECT PLEASE LET ME KNOW. If you don’t let me know about your new url, you will no longer be a part of the project.
  • If I find any blogs with closed askboxs they will no longer be a part of this project as well. 
  • Also let me know if you are having any difficulties and you can’t participate in this project any longer or need to take a break. 
  • Pleaso do not be mad at me if I make any mistakes, because this project requires plenty of time, emotions and work. I try my best to make everything go smoothly, but I am just a regular tumblr user.  
  • You don’t have to follow me, but keep an eye on the updates. 

*<(* ̄▽)ノ由Don’t be afraid to sign up! ヽ(^o^ )^_^ )ノ

If you have any questions or want to ask for advice, do not hesitate to message me!

o<(*‘ー’)o<※☆:゚*★ I aslo want to thank nowheremoon for making this awesome banner. Worth a FOLLOW!  ★:゚*☆※


Best Moments from Lin’s Drunk History
  • He starts out so #Lit like??? “Do you wanna get drunk?” “YES YES”
  • “More into the Monkees than the Beatles, I think that’s really cool of you Lin. Cut.” “Bullshit!”
  • Looks like he could burst into tears or song at any moment 
  • The person playing Hamilton is so freaking cute like 🔥
  • “A hellish, Dickensian childhood”
  • I didn’t know Hamilton ship was on fire!?!
  • “Your ass will never be the same” *giggles*
  • “I was just fucking this lady” Lin stop
  • “I could give her money or I could fuck her” “dick 101″
  • “You interrupted me, I have to start again”
  • Questlove and his girlfriend got together over Drunk history and that’s so adorable
  • “As long as I got a job you got a job” Lin @Chris 😭😭
    • Lin loves Chris so much and I cry every time 
  • “I wanna order Dominos” 
  • bruhbruhbruhbruhbruhbruh
  • pressed like juice???
  • Ham and Burr’s last night together was so pure
  • How does he still play piano while drunk????
  • said the word fuck 26 times
    • so that’s 26 fucks in about 20 minutes and if you do the math that is 1.3 fucks per minute
    • So on average, Lin say’s Fuck at least once if not twice per minute in everyday life
    • you’re welcome
  • In the end when Lin and Derek are cuddling and eating fries, god bless👏🏾🙌🏽