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i rest my case

via Henry Diltz’s facebook page;

“Here is a favorite picture of my dear pal Micky Dolenz. It looks like it’s from a past lifetime, but it’s really from a Monkees episode called "Hillbilly Honeymoon” in 1967. It was always fun when they filmed outdoors in the old Western movie town on the Columbia Ranch in Burbank.“


Why NP Loves Micky Dolenz (And You Should, Too):

  • He’s an amazing singer and has become a great drummer over the years
  • He’s (by far) the most down-to-earth Monkee
  • He’s generous
  • He’s professional
  • He makes ridiculous, random comments that are often both off-color and hilarious.
  • His nickname for Peter is “The Torkmeister”
  • His passionate bromance with Nez that has lasted nearly 50 years.
  • His best friendliness with Davy and second dad-ness to Davy’s daughters.
  • The fact that he was the “glue” that held the Monkees together because he’s the only one that got along with everyone.
  • Under the rock n’ roll exterior he’s still a big nerd who carries around copies of Scientific American.
  • He’s single-handedly responsible for keeping the fedora industry in business, come on.
  • He’s just a good, chill guy and makes you feel at ease whenever you’re around him.

A very Happy 72nd Birthday to Micky Dolenz today, and here’s to many more happy birthdays to come!