monk of rage

Sorry, I really don’t do non-canon titles because there’s no way for me to really know what they do. Not to mention, the 14 titles we do know seem to cover most plausible personality types. In this case, I think there are two possible canon classes that you could use instead.

To my knowledge there are two common types of monks. Those who study in an art, say Kung Fu or whatever, and are most of the time peaceful and don’t do much, but can use those skills in necessary. There are also religious monks; those who study religion and stay in their temples on towns and collect money and what not.

The first type would be similar to a Mage. Mages seem to be generally inactive but very powerful when they wish to be. They also develop no certain powers of their own but learn the ways of other classes in their aspect. Seems fairly similar to me.

The second type would be a Muse. From what I understand muses observe the game, yet never directly interact with it. They are so passive that they may never really play themselves. Instead they learn all they can about the game and tell others so they can better play. Sort of like how a religious monk would tell pupils of the ways of the world and how to live well in it, but never do much living in the outside worlds themselves.

A Muse of Rage would specialize in the ways of both Rage and the game, and a Mage of Rage would understand how each class uses Rage and how to use it themselves. They would also understand the force that drove Rage. I hope this helped.

Monk of Rage for my really cute friend Ash!!  Unfortunately there is no official monk design for Homestuck, but I kept seeing this sorta design floating around and I was like hot diggity this is cute yes friend here you go.  Let me know if you want anything changed!! :3

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