“Folks always ask me why me face is so dirty mosta th’ time… Well, when yer out fightin’ in th’ desert every day, or fightin’ in an arena, ye’ tend ta get a little bit scruffy fer yer troubles. Not that I’ve ‘ad any problems cause of it, mind! Only thing I wish is that these Corpse Brigade fellas’d stop tryna smash me best asset, I’d probably clean it more otherwise!”

(photo credit Pepper :3 ty so much)

Monk Week: Martial Art Attack Generator

A special attack generator for the monk in your D&D party! Roll 1d100 on each table and put them together to create your monk’s secret technique!

edit: I missed the opportunity to put “Owlbear” instead of “Bear” in Table B. For best results, use Owlbear instead.


I have such a strong love of old timey werewolf stories. They often have a lot of shame associated with them, which is why they also involve religion. Even The Wolfman had a scene where Talbot can’t bring himself to enter a church because he feels too dirty.

My fascination with monks mainly comes from the drama of men who are expected to live a pious life but usually have a really hard time doing so, so they lend themselves very well to this sort of werewolf story.