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Things the MCR albums remind me of

Bullets: Dead roses, torn wedding gowns, foggy mornings, shouting when you’re angry, angst, dimly lit rooms, black and greasy hair, dreadlocks, porcelain dolls, sketch pads, sketching pencils

Revenge: Red and black, red flowers of any kind, coffins, ciggarettes, old churches, black widow spiders, black ballet slippers, red eyeshadow, black glitter, torn skinny jeans, clear nights, full moons, graveyards, horror movies, demons

Black Parade: Hospital rooms, heart monitors, IV drips, pale skin, being cold to the touch, black and white striped arm warmers, nightmares, ghosts, being sick, wanting to give up, but continuing to press on, wheelchairs, blood transfusions, lethargy, medicine

Danger Days: Bright and vivid color, living in the moment, muscle cars, large cities, any 50s diner, hot days and cold nights, laying next to someone you love, giving your all in relationships, leather jackets, steel toe boots, neon lights, energy drinks.

Famethyst Imagines
  • Imagine there being a Jasper who really loves babies. Like, goes for every shift in the nursery, sings them songs, comes up with little nicknames for them, has to be forcibly dragged away when it’s time to rotate shifts. (Because I’m not entirely sure the Zoomans could take care of babies themselves)
  • Imagine that while some computer comes up with various ideal matches for the Zoomans, it’s ultimately the Amethysts who decide who ends up with who. They have a system in place: whoever’s in the monitoring room at the time gets to pick, end of discussion, NO COMPLAINING.
  • Imagine that after the Crystal Gem escape incident, whenever Holly starts getting too terrible, one of them will state “Will that be all?” followed by another clapping twice.
  • Alternatively, imagine Holly getting shoved in a lot of closets.
  • And the “magic word” to get out is a multi-verse song the Quartzes came up with. It keeps getting longer, and includes a little dance.
  • Imagine the Famethyst needing to go to Earth for some reason and taking THE ENTIRE ZOO WITH THEM.
  • Imagine Amethyst taking them to the Big Donut and ordering a dozen for each. Sadie’s response is “One, it’ll take us a few days to make that make that many, two, we’re going to need advance payment, cash, and three, I THOUGHT YOU DESTROYED THAT CLONING WAND THING WHAT THE HECK”
  • They are very quickly banned from Funland.
  • Mr. Smiley needs to order about a hundred new chairs for the overnight additions to Purple Puma’s fanclub.

flashgotthis  asked:

Five Times + couch

The first time, Wally’s snoring loudly, draped over the couch in the monitor room. And then, Bruce does a double take - there hadn’t been in a couch in the monitor room previously. The speedster probably brought it in. Rolling his eyes, Bruce takes a seat across from Wally, turning on the monitor. Wally sniffs and mumbles something, and Bruce doesn’t wake him up - it’s not like he needed Wally to actually do anything. At least the damn kid was still for once.

The second time, it’s Bruce that has fallen asleep, being gently shaken awake. He blinks to green eyes, peering at him in concern. Great, Wally. Wally tells him to take the couch, and Bruce - to his surprise - listens. Sleepless nights have him tired enough to actually find himself on the couch, and the last thing he thinks, before falls asleep, is that the couch sort of smells like Wally. 

The third time, Bruce is looking through reports, seated on the couch because - well, it was more comfortable than those chairs, and there was no reason not to. Wally zips up next to him, plopping onto the cushions next to him and looking over his arm at the papers. Bruce wrinkles his nose in annoyance, but doesn’t pull away. Wally shifts closer, starts rambling about something or another, and it’s enough for Bruce to get to his feet and head back to the desk. 

The fourth time, Wally’s suit is torn and the kid is exhausted. His own suit could do with some repairs, and the rest of the league is scattered across the tower, tending to their injuries. Bruce is wrapping his arm, and Wally is - or, was - watching him. A glance at the speedster now, told Bruce that the other had fallen asleep, lips parted and head angled, leaning towards him. Eventually, Wally’s head falls on his shoulder, and Bruce doesn’t move away, resting back against the couch and closing his eyes.  

The fifth time, Wally is upset, eyes wild and filled with a mix of concern, of frustration. Bruce is telling Wally he’s okay, he’s fine, but Wally doesn’t stop fussing, and Bruce is being pushed down onto the couch, with Wally in his lap. The speedster’s hands are everywhere, patting him down, and it’s only then that Bruce catches the tears mirroring in those green eyes. Wally’s breaths are quick, panicked and Bruce gently grasps the speedster’s wrist, trying to get him to stay still. And pulls him, into his chest. Tells him he’s okay. Tells him, they’re okay. And they stay like that, on the damn couch, and even when Wally’s trembling finally stills, Bruce doesn’t let him go. 


pairing: Hoseok x reader
word count: 1231
genre: bit of fluff, angst
summary: Hoseok would almost always provide you with comfort in your darkest times
warnings: death, nightmares, slight gore, alcohol mention
a/n: inspired by this prompt but don’t read the prompt first b/c spoilers. also, y’all should take note of when i insert a line and when i don’t. just saying.

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story of my life

Chapter 16

I can’t believe we’re at 16 chapters! Thanks to @melissas173 for her suggestions and to @niallandharrymakemestrong for her constant support.  You would not believe how much I badger these women!  Okay, here we go.

Harry was awakened by the touch of a hand on his arm, the rhythmic beeping of the monitors in Kacey’s room having lulled him to sleep.  Laura was standing in front of him, tears in her eyes.  He stood up and pulled her into a hug as she cried quietly.
“How could someone do this to her?” she whispered in between sobs.
“I don’t know.  I don’t understand either,” he replied quietly, his face stony with anger.
Laura cried for a few minutes more, then straightened up and wiped her eyes.  She looked down at her best friend and touched her cheek.  Taking a deep breath, she looked at Kacey and began to talk.

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Learning to Dance - Kaldur x Reader

Prompt: I realize you have a lot of requests already but, since you’re taking characters other than batfam, can I ask for 125 “Let me teach you how to dance.” With Kaldur'ahm please? Kaldur x Reader (requested by anon)

“Alright team you all know your positions. Disperse and act natural.” Nightwing said authoritatively over the psychic link. He was off in a control room somewhere monitoring the ballroom while the rest of you were getting ready to position yourselves strategically around the party. Clear on the goal of the mission tonight you all filtered out into the crowd, scanning for any hint of trouble.

Act natural, Nightwing said. You couldn’t help but to scoff at the thought. Hell half of the team wasn’t even human! But yet you all seemed to manage to blend into the party pretty well, as well as a bunch of teenage vigilantes could anyway.

You gracefully weave your way through the crowd and make yourself appear to be like an average partygoer. Your eyes caught Kaldur hovering by the corner of the room by himself. Lord help him, he was trying to look conspicuous but he looked like he could use some help blending in. You grabbed an additional drink from a passing waiter and glided across the floor to the out of place Atlantean. Wordlessly you handed him the drink. He took it hesitantly but didn’t drink from it.

You should stay in your position” He thought.

Yes well, our fearless leader also said to blend in. You’re sticking out like a sore thumb, Kaldur. I thought I would be put to better use making sure you don’t blow our cover.” You thought lightly bumping your shoulder against him.

Team we need eyes out on the dance floor.” Nightwing chimed in.

Aqualad and I are on it, chief.” You responded and hooked your arm in Kaldur’s to start leading him to the dance floor where couples were twirling and swaying to the soft music of the ensemble. You stopped when you felt Kaldur’s hesitation.

“What’s wrong?” You asked.

“I don’t know how to dance, [Y/N].” He said in his signature serious tone.

“Then let me teach you how to dance, Kaldur. Please?” You pleaded giving him puppy dog eyes. He secretly melted under your gaze and allowed you to pull him the rest of the way onto the dance floor.

You led him through the crowd and stopped when you reached an opening in the floor. You took both of his hands in yours and moved to place on of his hands on the curve of your waist while still holding the other one.

“Like this?” He asked unsure as he clasped your hand and held it in position.

“Yes.” You nodded draping your free hand over his shoulder now that his hands were in the correct position. “Now when I move, move with me. Imagine our bodies are connected and breaking the connection would be fatal for the both of us.” You instructed.

“Are you ready?” You asked. He nodded curtly, staring intently at your feet. You prepped your step and slowly started to move and turn the two of you around the room. He awkwardly followed your steps and stumbled a few times but after a while he seemed to catch the hang of it.

All the while, your eyes searched for any sign of foul play. Eventually Kaldur’s eyes rose from your moving feet to search the crowd as well. When neither of you found anything lurking in the crowd your gazes turned back to each other. You blushed under his intent gaze as he carefully studied your features.

“You look beautiful tonight, [Y/N].” He complimented as the two of you slowly twirled around the ballroom.

“Thank you.” Your blush deepened. “You look very handsome yourself. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a suit before.” You commented looking him up and down. His tux really did suit him even if he looked like he would rather be wearing anything else.

“I am flattered but this clothing is very uncomfortable.” He said reaching up briefly to try and separate the constricting cloth from his neck.

“Hopefully we won’t be stuck mingling for much longer.” You offered. The fear of danger seemed to be passing and all without even seeing any real action. You were sure Nightwing was going to call the mission off soon but oddly enough you didn’t want it to end. You just wanted to stay in Kaldur’s arms for the rest of the night, mission or not.

“I do not mind. I think I like dancing, especially if you are my partner.” He confessed with a small smile playing at his lips.

“I have to admit, you are a quick learner.” You said.

“I had a good teacher.” He complimented.

He raised the thirty years of experience, so let me just talk briefly about that. You know, back in the 1970s I worked for the Children’s Defense Fund and I was taking on discrimination against African American kids in schools. He was getting sued by the Justice Department for racial discrimination in his apartment buildings. In the 1980s, I was working to reform the schools in Arkansas. He was borrowing $14 million from his father to start his businesses. In the 1990s, I went to Beijing and I said ‘Women’s rights are human rights.’ He insulted a former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, called her an 'eating machine.’ And on the day when I was in the Situation Room, monitoring the raid that brought Osama bin Laden to justice, he was hosting the Celebrity Apprentice. So I’m happy to compare my thirty years of experience.

Hillary Clinton

Trump’s response:

“Well, I think I did a much better job.”