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Stairs from Scott Jones’ house. Inventor of voicemail, gracenote, chach.

His house was featured on an episode of MTV’s Teen Cribs. I can’t find a link to the episode but from what I remember his house also had

  • A waterfall shower that ran something absurd like 300 gal/min (recycled water of course)
  • An idea room that was completely covered in whiteboards (ceiling included)
  • A work room that contained a radio shack worth of electronic components as well as an 8 monitor computer work station with built in exercise bike.
  • A 50 foot aquarium
  • Secret bookcase passages between his kids rooms (psst pull the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book)
  • Big lion statues guarding the entrance to his house
  • A movie theater
  • LCD security camera displays everywhere.
  • A ipad size remote (before there were ipads) that controlled everything in his house.

The Secret Diary of Marcus Kane Aged 40-Something

Volume I The Ark Diaries

January 1st 2148

Sinclair dragged me out to a New Year’s Eve party on Mecha Station last night. I knew I would regret going and so it proved. I drank too much whisky, way too much, and I can barely remember a thing before waking up in Earth Monitoring Station slumped over the console with my face pressed against the screen and my saliva smeared somewhere over the east coast of the former United States of America. My head is thumping louder than that awful rap music Sinclair likes to listen to and my mouth is so rough I could smooth the edges off a steel cable with my tongue. What a way to start 2148! Also, I think I had to kiss Abby Griffin in a game of spin the oxygen canister and the worst thing about that is I can’t remember what it was like.

I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions normally but I think this new year requires a new start. So, here’s my list.

1.  No more whisky. Ever. Even if Thelonious cracks open that 100-year-old scotch he thinks no one knows about.

2.  Try to get on better with Abby. Yes, she’s pompous and annoying and always thinks she’s right even when she so clearly isn’t but she has a good brain. She thinks differently and that could be useful.

3.  Don’t kiss Abby again. Especially not in front of Jake. Or anybody. Even if it’s a game.

4.  Try and get a date with Callie Cartwig. She told Sinclair she likes a man in black, so there’s an opportunity there. Be bold.

5.  Be more lenient with the young people. They’re idiots, but they know not what they do half the time. Cut them some slack as the kids say.

6.  Update the diary every day. It relieves the tension and helps clean the slate ready for a new start the following day.

March 3rd 2148

It’s been a while. This is a quick update because I’m heading out for a date with Callie. Not that one can really “go out” on the Ark, just swap one grey-walled room for another, but still, it’s better than the monastic life I’ve led for the past few months (okay years, but let’s not dwell on that). The Ark cinema is showing a 2001 retrospective this month so we’re going to watch Y Tu Mama Tambien. I am slightly disappointed because I wanted to watch Black Hawk Down but Cece was talking about seeing Bridget Jones’ Diary! I’d rather pull my fingernails out with my teeth than watch Bridget Jones so I hope we’ve reached an adequate compromise. Time will tell.


The film was good. Very sexy in places. I managed to persuade Cece to come back for a nightcap and discuss the insights into society and relationships the film exposes. It may have been set 147 years ago but life in the Ark hasn’t changed much in the last century or so. The film is still relevant. She’s in the living area pouring a whisky. I’ll update again later.

Much later


April 1st 2148

Today is April Fool’s Day in some cultures and I’m afraid to say Abby Griffin got the better of me. My defences were down because Cece and I are still in the shag-every-moment-you-can phase of our relationship and I’m tired all the time. Abby knows this because she and Cece are best friends and women talk about the most intimate things. I’ve banned Cece from telling Abby the details of our sex life but I’m pretty sure the good doctor will have wheedled some information out of her. Why can’t women be more like men? Sinclair found out the other day and he said “you and Cece, eh?” I nodded. He nodded. That was the end of that. No further words needed.

The day started out like any other. We had a Council meeting and my proposal to increase the number of guards in Lockup was being debated. I knew I had Cole, Kaplan and Muir on my side because I’d spent a considerable amount of time persuading them earlier this week. Cole is a sly old bastard. Cost me two packets of hair gel to get him on board. He won’t even use them because he’s balder than a turkey at Thanksgiving; he’ll just sell them back to Nygel for an inflated price. He says it’s not a bribe, just the cost of doing business but I know it is and it makes me feel dirty afterwards. If I don’t give him what he wants he’ll vote against me every time just out of spite. Come to think of it, maybe he’s jealous of my hair and that’s why he always asks for the gel? Anyway.

The proposal had been read and Jaha asked if there were any questions before putting it to the vote. One small hand shot up and I don’t have to tell you to whom it belonged.

“I do have a question, actually, Thelonious,” Abby said.

She turned those fiery brown eyes on me and I knew I was in for trouble.

“Councillor Kane. Your proposal is vague on where these extra guards will come from. I assume you haven’t been training a secret army up there on Prison Station?”

I gave her my most patronising smirk because it drives her nuts to be looked down on.

“Come now, Abby. I’m sure if I were doing such a thing you’d be the first to know about it. You’re always so well-informed.”

She narrowed her eyes but wasn’t to be deflected.

“You state you need five more guards to cover your proposed extension to the prison. If you’re not training new guards, then the only way to get them is to remove them from duties elsewhere. Is that your proposal?”

Trust Abby to get to the core of the matter. That mind of hers is like a steel trap. If she didn’t have such a soft spot for delinquents and trouble-makers she’d have taken over the Ark by now.

“Of course the guards will have to come from elsewhere on the Ark. I didn’t think that needed spelling out.”

Jaha butted in at this stage. “Now hang on, Kane. Perhaps we are being too hasty. I can’t think of any area of the Ark that can spare the guards. Where ARE they going to come from?”

“He’s going to take them from your security detail, Thelonious.” Abby sat back in her chair, arms folded across her chest and smiled at me in a way that was smug and triumphant. It was so annoying it was all I could do to hold myself still and not leap across the table and strangle her. Not that I’d ever physically hurt her but she always provokes such a strong reaction in me. I don’t know what it is about her, she just rubs me up the wrong way (she’ll certainly never rub me up the right way!).

“Some of the guards will have to come from your security, Thelonious, yes. Two perhaps, maybe three. I myself will give up one of my guards and I thought perhaps Doctor Griffin could spare one from the medical wing?” I hadn’t proposed to lose one of my guards or one from Medical but the idea came to me on the spot and seemed like a good one at the time. That was a mistake.

“How kind of you to offer one of your own guards, Kane,” Abby said in a voice dripping with so much sarcasm I worried she would cause a flood. “However, it seems to me that losing two or three guards would leave the Chancellor extremely vulnerable.” She looked straight at me, challenge in her eyes and her voice. “There are plots against the Chancellor every day, and who knows how many traitors in our midst.”

I swear she looks at me and it’s like I’m made of glass, only it’s that special glass you get in shower cubicles that distorts the view. Abby thinks she sees me, but she doesn’t. You can’t tell her that, though, because she’s never wrong and if she sees it, then it must be true. Frankly most of the time I don’t care what she thinks, except when it interferes with my plans, or when she accuses me of crimes of which I am not guilty.

“The Chancellor’s safety is my number one priority, Abby, as you well know. The fact is we need to increase the number of cells available in the Sky Box. So many of the young people are out of control. I have been over the figures and this is the only way to make that happen.”

“I have to question that you have the Chancellor’s best interests at heart because this proposal of yours seems to indicate the opposite. Without adequate security, it would be difficult to fight against a coup, for example.”

“Abby’s right, Kane,” said Jaha before I could counter her outrageous accusation. “We can’t risk it. A coup against the Chancellor and the Council would bring chaos to the Ark. I don’t think I can support your proposal unless you can find another way to increase security.”

“We can train more guards but that will take time, which we don’t have.” I knew I’d lost the argument. I wasn’t fully prepared because I’d written the report in haste at three in the morning after a particularly arduous session in bed with Cece and I was so damned tired all the time I couldn’t think straight.

I slumped in my chair, the fight having gone out of me, almost. “I’ll look at the report again, but I would like it on record that Doctor Griffin’s thinly veiled accusation that I am plotting against this Council is untrue and I resent it.”

“I apologise to Councillor Kane if that was the impression I gave. I’m sure the Chancellor’s safety is all he thinks about.” She stared at me and I stared back. I wanted to smile to be honest because that was the snidest apology she’d ever given and I admired the chutzpah of it. I wasn’t going to give her that satisfaction, though. Jaha withdrew the proposal from the vote and ended the meeting. I left before Abby had a chance to collar me and gloat.

So, that is how Abby got the better of me today. Cece is coming over later and I’m going to have to tell her we need to slow it down. I need my wits about me and this near-constant sex is putting me off my game. She’s not going to like it and neither do I but we have to be strong. I need a whisky.


Once again NASA has been caught shutting down a live transmission from the International Space Station (ISS) to hide evidence of aliens & UFOs in space. This time it appears NASA cut the live feed after a large four-armed UFO appeared in the video.

The incident adds to mounting evidence that despite denials, the agency maintains a rigid policy of non-disclosure of evidence of extraterrestrial life and intelligence. The latest UFO sighting was reported by Ufologist Streetcap1 on Thursday, October 20, The live video shows a strange craft loitering in the distance apparently monitoring the International Space Station. The strange craft has multiple arms extending from its main body.

The video shows sunlight reflecting from the body and arms of the UFO, causing it to glisten in deep space. The glistening of the mysterious object due to reflection of sunlight proves it was a real, solid, metallic object flying or hovering in space in the vicinity of the ISS. But as the UFO begins to glisten brightly in the sun, NASA interrupts transmission with its infamous blue screen.


Want to check out an active mid-ocean ridge? The University of Washington has a series of geophysical monitoring stations on the Juan de Fuca ridge off the Pacific Northwest US Coastline. In 2015 they were able to track a series of eruptions due to the presence of earthquakes and other seismic signals. Here you can travel along the ocean floor as they pick up the equipment on that ridge - lots of pillow basalts erupted underwater and a bunch of organisms living off the energy supplied by these eruptions.

finnharries: Yesterday we took a helicopter up to the Greenland ice sheet. It’s hard to describe the scale of it. It’s almost six times the size of Great Britain. It goes on miles in every direction you look. We spent four hours visiting different monitoring stations with Dr Alun Hubbard to understand how the ice sheet is changing. Both the scientists we were with and @timtothewild agreed to join me in a world jump. 📷 by @jackharries #worldjump

None of you saw this

A missing scene from 1x10 “Talismans,” based on PG, 1663 words, Happy/Toby.

“I just need a second, okay? I’ll be fine,” Happy ground out, but Toby could hear the pain in her voice through the aggravation. This was not the first time they’d had to pause over the last hour.

Happy braced herself against a rock, lifting her injured leg off the ground a bit to relieve the pressure. She had steadily been moving more slowly and stumbling more frequently as they hiked the mile or so from the monitoring station back to the rendezvous point. Toby knew that her ankle was causing her acute pain, likely increased by the added impact of the negative incline as they descended from the satellite. The bandaging that he’d applied at the crazy Bosnian’s dwelling was not exactly a match for rigorous hiking, but Happy refused to acknowledge her discomfort aside from the occasional grunt when it was jarred in a particularly painful way.

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anonymous asked:

why did you think it's Becca in the pod/how does it relate to Lexa's tattoo? alsooo why did you bring attention to the glowy earpiece (lol)?? i'm so sorry if these are really stupid!!

So, this is what i think Lexa’s back tattoo is depicting….it is depicting Earth Monitoring Station blowing Polaris out of the sky and Rebecca escaping on a space capsule to Polis City. Polis City is a survivable area that has survived the bombs; it is liveable. This tower might actually be part of the AI project that Rebecca was working on – a ‘homebase’ while Polaris Station was the ‘outerspace base’. I believe that the space between the to ‘jutting out’ lines on the black circle are the lands surrounding Polis Tower that is survivable. I believe that the Earth is a dark circle because, due to the nuclear bombs, the ground is constantly ‘dark’ due to the nuclear bombs and clouds. The constant clouds never fully let sunlight reach the surface of the earth – it is dark and dreary, hence the black circle.

Jaha came down on a missile that was on Earth Monitoring Station; therefore, I believe that this was the only station that housed nuclear missiles. I believe that a nuclear missile was launched from Earth Monitoring Station that blew Polaris out of the sky. I believe that Rebecca escaped on the space capsule that you see heading towards earth (the capsule that you see in Polis Tower that has the ‘ar’ scorched off due to reentry – creating the Polis name). The tattoo shows debris that came from the station being blown up. I do have a feeling that blowing Polaris out of the sky was on purpose, while the stations might have been ‘docking together to form the was shot out of the sky. The purpose was to make it seem like the second AI in space was destroyed with Polaris Station. BUT! it wasn’t…it came down in the capsule that I believe Rebecca is in. The debris from Polaris Station ‘hid’ the capsule as it made it’s way to earth. The scanners from Earth Monitoring Station would just think the capsule was debris…but it’s not.  

Additionally, I believe that Rebecca then became the First Commander and the Commanders are connected somehow to this second AI – this is how Lexa sees her visions. Their Nightblood is like the chips that ALIE uses to connect humans to City of Light. But, unlike the chips, these people are born with the Nightblood so there are no ‘side effects’ because their bodies naturally produce the ‘connector’…it is a part of them. I believe that the Nightblood comes from human test trials that ‘embedded’ the ‘code’ to create Nightblood into human DNA – some type of serum was created. BUT! it is a recessive ‘gene’ and will only show up in a small percentage of the population. So, when a Nightblood is found, they are taken to Polis because it is so rare. I believe that this is a spiritual belief that was created by Rebecca. It was created so that Nighbloods (the only people that can enter the Polaris City of Light) are not killed and cast out like other ‘mutated’ grounders. They are not ‘stains on the bloodline’ but are rather the ‘Commanders of the Blood’  – they are seen as ‘holy’ and are protected. This Nightblood allows the Commander legacy (to protect the AI’s core commands that was to make life better) live on and to not be forgotten.  But, what are the differences in the two AI’s in how they plan to make ‘life better’?

  • VERSION 1: Get ride of: Pain, hate, envy (ALIE’s City of Light)
  • VERSION 2: Strive to be: wise, compassionate, strong (Pillars of the Commanders)

These are the differences between the two AIs: ALIE’s version was to get rid of things that would then make like better, and version 2 is to help create ‘positive’ things to make life better.  Additionally, I believe that the infinity sign is a company logo for the AI project that Rebecca was working on. I think that she also made this symbol ‘sacred’ so that ALL thing related to her AI project (even ALIE herself) would be found and brought to Polis. This way, if ALIE was found, she would be brought to Polis to be destroyed. 

There is more to Lexa’s tattoo that we cannot see – it is under her nightgown. As to why the infinity logo on her neck has 4 dots….i’m not sure if this is due to the ‘scorched’ part of the infinity sign on the space capsule:

…or it it is depicting that the Polaris City of Light is incomplete and needs to be completed. ALIE: “It will likely be a dormant program…that or an unfinished one.  If you can gain me access to the main frame I can search for it and download any residual code”. Now, if my Griffin Theory is right…Clarke might have the rest of the code inside her own DNA. OR  maybe when they say that the Arkers have been  ‘genetically engineered’… they might ALL have the code inside of them. (I’m pulling for Clarke be to the one with the code inside of her though). OR the other option is that the ‘broken’ infinity sign shows how Lexa can’t be affected by ALIE due to her Nightblood and her ability to connect to the Polaris City of Light. I also believe that only one person at a time can enter the Polaris City of Light – the Commander.  This is why a Commander must die for another one to be called. The Nightblood running through their body has to ‘die’ and disconnect from this Polaris City of Light in order for another Nightblood to ‘connect’.

As for the head piece thing…idk…i just saw it and was like “LOOKIE THERE!!! badasss bluetooth! with a blue light!”


Tltp_1008: On a Jr Sapporo train station monitor I glimpsed Amatsuki-kun! Looking forward to your live!

@_amatsuki_: わ!なんじゃこりゃ!凄い!

Amatsuki: Wah! What’s with that? Amazing!

@_amatsuki_; めっちゃ決めポーズしてる写真やん…お恥ずかしい(´≝ ‿ ≝`)

Amatsuki: Can’t believe I chose that pose for the picture… so embarrassing (´≝ ‿ ≝`)

@rw19991108: 待ち受けにしてます…ww

rw19991108: Changed my standby screen…ww

@_amatsuki_:(´≝ ‿ ≝`)あ、ありがとう(´≝ ‿ ≝`)

Amatsuki:  (´≝ ‿ ≝`) T-thanks (´≝ ‿ ≝`)

@haradamiyuki: おおお。。

Haradamiyuki: Oh…

@_amatsuki_: ぬおお。。。_:(´ཀ`」 ∠)

Amatsuki: Nuoo… _:(´ཀ`」 ∠)

@08sprcl_trkyh24: 天月くんここにもいました!

08sprcl_trkyh24 : Amatsuki-kun you were here too! 

@_amatsuki_: オイイイ顔出し動画になっとるやないかいwww

Amatsuki: Oiii I don’t want my face popping up www

In an absolutely monstrous week at pop radio, three songs received adds from over 100 Mediabase-monitored stations.

Two songs received more than the then-record 156 first-week Mediabase adds garnered by Jason Derulo’s “Want to Want Me” in March 2015.

One song, ultimately, sets the new record.

Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” is that song. The fifth “1989” single garnered a whopping 178 pop radio adds in conjunction with this week’s official impact. The monstrous total is the greatest ever recorded at the pop format.

—  Headline Planet

The World of The 100
         The Different Factions of The 100

Group Name:  The Delinquents (also known as: Sky People (by the Grounders))
Home-Base:  The Dropship (formerly of the Ark, prisoners in Mt. Weather)
Leaders: Bellamy Blake & Clarke Griffin

Sent to Earth as test subjects, this group of young, former criminals built a life and a home on the ground where they landed and have been fighting to defend it since nearly the moment they came to Earth.

Members: 63 Names Listed Below

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Overwatch Heroes (8/21): Mei

“Our world is worth fighting for.”

Though many blamed the planet’s escalating, unexplained climate phenomena on the advent of new technologies, the rapidly growing omnic population, and drastically increased consumption of resources, the true cause remained unknown. To find a solution, Overwatch established a series of eco-Watchpoints at remote, critical locations worldwide.

Mei-Ling Zhou was a member of this multiyear initiative. She was assigned to the program’s monitoring station at Watchpoint: Antarctica when disaster struck: a sudden, catastrophic polar storm battered the installation and cut it off from the outside world, leaving the facility damaged and the scientists stranded. As their supplies dwindled, they entered cryostasis in a last-ditch effort to survive until a rescue attempt could be made. But that rescue never came. It was years later when the team’s cryogenics chamber was finally discovered. Mei, still in hibernation, was the only survivor.


Taylor Swift’s “New Romantics” unsurprisingly lands atop the Hot AC radio add board.

Evidently not all bored and so tired of Taylor Swift’s “1989” album, a substantial number of hot adult contemporary programmers added the latest single in conjunction with this week’s official impact.

Picked up by 26 Mediabase-monitored stations, Swift’s “New Romantics” ranks as the week’s most added song.

“New Romantics” is the seventh single from Swift’s Grammy-winning album.

The Harper government has also singularly targeted independent science and scientists, laying off about 2,000 scientists and researchers from the government and shutting down dozens of research projects, facilities and institutes conducting basic scientific research. It pulled all government funding from the Experimental Lakes Area, the world’s leading freshwater research centre, and gutted the internationally renowned ozone monitoring network of stations that tracked the ozone layer in the Arctic.
—  Maude Barlow - Broken Covenant

Country radio programmers are continuing to show their support for Little Big Town’s Better Man.

Picked up by another 42 Mediabase-monitored country stations this week, Better Man ranks as country radio’s most added song for a third straight week.

Better Man has had a colossal week. Following the revelation that Taylor Swift wrote the song, the release of the music video and a performance at the CMA Awards, Better Man rocketed to #1 on the US iTunes sales chart.

—  Headline Planet on Better Man being country music’s most added song of the week for a second week
Drive Me Crazy, Part II

Part I. (And a PSA that my Ao3 collection of drabbles, Earth Monitoring Station, got a little too long so I made a new one, The Dropship.)

“Try these on,” Clarke ordered, handing him a stack of shirts.  “And before you whine about how much they cost, I’m buying.”  She shoved him into a fitting room and shut the door.  “And I’ll go find some jeans.”

Bellamy had just managed to shed his ratty t shirt when she threw open the door again.  She froze, her eyes glued to his currently-bare chest, and Bellamy swallowed a grin.  “Um, yeah, anyway.  These jeans too.  Pick a couple and I’ll go find one or two nice shirts.”  Her ears were pink as she turned to go, but by the time she came back (and knocked) she seemed to have recovered.

“What do I need a nice shirt for?  We’re just going to be sitting at a coffee shop,” he protested.

“It needs to look real.  So mostly we’ll sit at Grounders and pretend to study together, but we should probably go out on a few real dates too.”

“Right.  And how are we supposed to know each other?”

Clarke sent him a withering look.  “We lived on the same block growing up and we were best friends until your mom got sick and you moved.  We reconnected here.  It’s the truth, so it’s extra believable.”

Bellamy rubbed the back of his neck.  “I’m sorry about that, by the way.”

“For what, moving?”

“For…for the fight.”


“The last time I saw you.  We fought.”

“We fought all the time.”

“Yeah, but…I left.  Without saying I’m sorry, or goodbye.”

“My mom told me when I got home that day that you were moving,” she said with a sad smile.  “And I was too pissed at you to say goodbye, so I didn’t come over.  I always felt bad about that.”

“If you felt so bad, why did it take a year for you to apologize?” he teased.

Clarke laughed.  “At first, I didn’t recognize you.  And then when I did, I thought you might not recognize me, and…I mean, it was forever ago.  We were kids.”

“You were my best friend,” he said quietly.

Something soft crossed her face but then she grinned.  “And when I get you your girlfriend back, you’re gonna love me.”