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Okay kiddies, time to get schooled on something, namely mental illness.

I’ve seen multiple people in the Skam fandom complaining about Isak and how he is “just as controlling as Sonja”.

Let me break this down for you for a moment:

Maybe Sonja was what could be considered controlling, maybe she called Even all the time to check up on him, maybe she monitored his drinking. This girl had been with this boy for FOUR YEARS. Probably seen him through so many ups and downs and had been there for him the entire time. She knew him inside and out. Can you blame this girl for wanting to make sure Even is all right and not doing anything reckless? How many frightening manic episodes do you think this girl had seen him through? How many hospitalizations? Maybe she didn’t always go about things in the best way, but honestly, people need to realize the seriousness of bipolar disorder.

And then there’s all these complaints about Isak:


I’ve seen it all. Even in tags on my gifsets.

Listen here, my friends:

When you have bipolar disorder, it causes your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions to be much more intense than the average person.

When you are happy, you are extremely happy. It’s like nothing can bring you down. You talk, talk, talk people’s ears off. Sometimes you feel so elated, you do things you’d never normally do like spend money you don’t have and other irresponsible behaviors. But the highs are so great, you’re not concerned about anything. You can feel so extroverted during these bouts of mania that you may make tons of new friends. It’s like a heightened version of yourself. There’s also that problem of not being able to sleep or only sleeping a few hours, but still feeling great.

For some people, mania can also include extreme irritability. This is a problem because they can lash out and it can lead to ruined relationships or cause problems at work, etc.

None of this lasts, of course.

The crash can hit you hard, it can be unbearable. When the depression sets in, you can feel dead inside, hopeless. Even if you’re physically spending time with another person, even if it’s someone you care about or love, that dead feeling can stay with you. You may cry for extended amounts of time with no end in sight and not even know what the hell is happening or why. You don’t want to get out of bed. You’re tired all the time and you just want to sleep.

Then there’s the mixed state. A mixed state is when you’re manic and sped up, but depressive at the same time. This is exceedingly dangerous because it can cause that person to become suicidal and they then have a significant risk of trying to end their life.

That being said, let’s get back on topic, Isak:

Isak has witnessed Even’s mania firsthand. He may have been confused at first, but what Sonja told him (although being a bitch otherwise in 3x08) was true. It’s harmful for someone with bipolar disorder (or any kind of illness, for that matter) to do drugs or drink excessively because there’s a high likelihood that it will cause the person to cycle into a manic or mixed state.

Sonja was definitely more knowledgable about the disorder than Isak was and he knew this. Who could blame him for consulting her when Even cycled into depression? Who could blame him for not wanting Even to smoke after what they had gone through when Even was manic? How could anyone misinterpret the fact that Isak told Even smoking weed isn’t good for him because he wants Even SAFE?

It literally has zero to do with control—although I’m sure in Even’s mind, that’s what it may seem like at times considering his disorder is not his fault and he obviously just wants to be able to do what most everyone else around their age group does—and everything to do with Isak wanting Even to be grounded in this world and not go off into that place where he can’t reach him or where he could do something to get himself hurt or hurt himself.

So, I won’t go into my experiences and make this a personal post at all, but some people need to wake up or educate themselves because I can’t stand reading these ridiculous opinions about Isak being out of line for wanting to protect his boyfriend.

Thank you for your time.


Hello again! Today was a work day, a short shift and then I chilled on the couch till my workout. I’m going out tonight to see friends. It should be a good time, I don’t really see this friend group a lot so it will be nice to catch up.
I’m happy I was able to do some painting last night, it’s really coming along and I’m excited to get it finished! It’s going to be a gift for my very new nephew! I’m looking forward to meeting him! 😍 I miss him already.

I chose Team Valor because I saw Candela and immediately wanted to draw her. I want to see other people’s interpretation of the team leaders!

edit- now that the official art is out it’s time to redraw her as the way she actually looks and not guess from silhouette.

a n y w a y so thrilled that the internet is populated by people who will make me campaign posters for when i decide to run for president on the “Hope, Change, & Snacks” platform

but just think about delphine’s “i miss you”

like wow i can be wrong ofc i can be

but to me it was so intense tbh

she was looking at the pictures later on so it is entirely possible that she’d only gotten them after the confession OR maybe she was well aware of the situation for at least few days by then (which is more likely considering the fact that she had people to take the pictures and report to her in the first place - cue sarah’s absence and a legit reason for delphine’s return although i honestly doubt she would’ve wasted time looking for excuses if something came up with cosima’s personal safety etc.)

now i believe having cosima followed/observed could possibly come from a higher source of power but rather delphine herself because let’s be real she’s the leda nanny right now. cosima had no actual, legit, functioning monitor and the girl is on the brink of death pls?

okay so think about this

we can assume that delphine knows of shaysima and she knew it when she questioned cosima at the elevator and she knew it when she said those words to cosima (when cosima was just about to leave - another thing you can first think of is that after work people go home and/or to the people the love so i suppose at that point delphine was well aware that her confession would be followed by cosima leaving and going to shay)

so, was it tactical? “i miss you”

trying to be civil? “i miss you”



only maybe

she’s being the incredibly human person she is. like, she’s so strong, she’s so complex, she’s so flawed and she’s so human.

and the person she gave up on (FOR SAID PERSON’S OWN GROWTH AND BENEFIT) was the person who made her happiness… happen. 

and she’s moving on and delphine is probably well aware that it’s for the best and she’d rather have cosima happy above all even if it’s not with her but in that moment she’s so fragile and defeated and she’s doing more harm than good but she says it

because she doesn’t want to let go. because she doesn’t feel like it’s fair? maybe. because it’s NOT fair that her life has such conflicting areas that it’s either giving up her heart or her power to keep her heart safe, that’s a cruel choice to ask to be made.

but she’s not completely fucking stupid, either. i mean, personally i’d be so annoyed for all the sacrifices i’m making without anyone noticing those efforts?

and cosima thinks she’s just this insensitive heartless bitch “the new rachel” etc. and so i think, in that sense, it could be delphine’s way to show that she’s still “the puppy” who will follow the explorer. like… she kept silent enough, she took the beating for her questionable actions but now that cosima’s actually finding a rebound she’s like SHIT NO

because cosima HAS to know, because it’s not FAIR for delphine to let go of her LOVE without at least having the right to show SOME emotions. cosima’s about to let go of her completely and take the jump and it’s like delphine’s reaching out another hand trying to pull her back

“i miss you” more like “please don’t give up on this” 

i just have a lot of feelings and tbh cosima can rub against shay all she wants bc i’ll gladly date delphine cormier ok thank i’ll take 53245346