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[Femslash February]: Aquarium

how about a short little AU just to shake things up a bit?

Day 12: Aquarium (Alyanette + AU)

Words: 1797

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She could see her through the aquarium in her office. 

Apparently, all the interns had to take the desk for a couple of hours everyday, never mind how impressive their portfolios were. Marinette could accept that. Today a designing internship. Tomorrow a scholarship to ESMOD. Day after that, her very own label. She could suck up taking desk calls, staring at spreadsheets, sending emails, and following the heels of her idols for the summer. 

Besides. The view wasn’t half bad.

She checked the directory outside two mornings ago and found out that the office across from theirs was an online magazine. If she peeked around all the Rosy Barbs and Angelfish meandering around the long aquarium tank stretching along the wall right across from Marinette’s desk, she occasionally saw people bustling by with manuscripts and cover proofs. But that wasn’t even the best part. 

By far the most interesting about the office was the beautiful girl who worked the front desk. 

They looked to be about the same age, so Marinette assumed she was also an intern. She spent her days staying at her desk – probably sending emails and working on projects – and only leaving to run off to meetings or go to lunch. Marinette honestly didn’t mean to stare, but sometimes there was nothing to do at her desk other than wait for the phone to ring. Her eyes would drift up and see that gorgeous girl, hair piled up charmingly on the top of her head, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose every few minutes, and yawning in front of her computer screen while she multitasked on her cellphone. 

Marinette really wanted to ask her out to lunch, but she could never catch her outside the office. She sometimes meandered around the elevator during her lunch hour in the hopes that the girl would come out at the same time so that she could strike up a conversation, but their schedules never melded. Marinette tried to do the same at the end of the work day, but one of them was always staying late and finishing projects. All she had was her view through the aquarium tank. 

One of the models who worked for the label, Adrien, was about the only person who stopped by her desk everyday to have lunch with her and ask her about her day. It didn’t take him long to pick up on Marinette’s little hobby. He stopped by her desk one morning and poked her in the cheek when he caught her staring through the tank again. “You know, you could just make an excuse to go over there and talk to her.”

Marinette snorted. “And say what? ‘Hi, I’m Marinette, I think you’re cute and I’ve been creepily staring at you for the past two weeks. Wanna get coffee?’”

“What’s wrong with that?”

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I ended up going to the hospital just to get things checked. It took a while for my pressures to decrease, but by the time we left (3 hours later), they were normal. They ran labs and said my results were “perfect,” so just to follow up with my OB by the end of the week and monitor my blood pressure at home in case.

I feel better that I went. Better to be safe than sorry. They also gave me meds to get rid of my headache so hopefully that’ll let me sleep tonight. Fingers crossed.

They had a monitor on Little Girl and she was so active, the nurses were laughing. She kept kicking the monitor and moving past it so it would interrupt her heartbeat. The head nurse had to keep coming back because she would find Little Girl and start tracking her, only to leave the room and have babe move and not hear her anymore…so the doctors kept sending the nurse back in to reposition the monitor 😂.

I’m just glad she’s okay. And me. I’m glad I’m okay too.

moonlightfelix  asked:

i love to think about fe n sean bein parents. like they have a baby monitor n their lil girl starts crying @ 4 am and seans like "fe, please get her" n fes like "wait for who she calls" because she calls fe "dada" n sean "papa" so when she squeals a "dada" seans like "hah, your turn" and fe groans but gets up n holds his lil baby n sings her a lullaby while kissin her on the head until she's asleep n sean decides he'll go watch fe until he comes back so when fe turns around hes all blushy aw

wow my hearT i love this so much

-if she doesnt call for one of them and is just upset they’ll play rock paper scissors like the adults they are

Okay kiddies, time to get schooled on something, namely mental illness.

I’ve seen multiple people in the Skam fandom complaining about Isak and how he is “just as controlling as Sonja”.

Let me break this down for you for a moment:

Maybe Sonja was what could be considered controlling, maybe she called Even all the time to check up on him, maybe she monitored his drinking. This girl had been with this boy for FOUR YEARS. Probably seen him through so many ups and downs and had been there for him the entire time. She knew him inside and out. Can you blame this girl for wanting to make sure Even is all right and not doing anything reckless? How many frightening manic episodes do you think this girl had seen him through? How many hospitalizations? Maybe she didn’t always go about things in the best way, but honestly, people need to realize the seriousness of bipolar disorder.

And then there’s all these complaints about Isak:


I’ve seen it all. Even in tags on my gifsets.

Listen here, my friends:

When you have bipolar disorder, it causes your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions to be much more intense than the average person.

When you are happy, you are extremely happy. It’s like nothing can bring you down. You talk, talk, talk people’s ears off. Sometimes you feel so elated, you do things you’d never normally do like spend money you don’t have and other irresponsible behaviors. But the highs are so great, you’re not concerned about anything. You can feel so extroverted during these bouts of mania that you may make tons of new friends. It’s like a heightened version of yourself. There’s also that problem of not being able to sleep or only sleeping a few hours, but still feeling great.

For some people, mania can also include extreme irritability. This is a problem because they can lash out and it can lead to ruined relationships or cause problems at work, etc.

None of this lasts, of course.

The crash can hit you hard, it can be unbearable. When the depression sets in, you can feel dead inside, hopeless. Even if you’re physically spending time with another person, even if it’s someone you care about or love, that dead feeling can stay with you. You may cry for extended amounts of time with no end in sight and not even know what the hell is happening or why. You don’t want to get out of bed. You’re tired all the time and you just want to sleep.

Then there’s the mixed state. A mixed state is when you’re manic and sped up, but depressive at the same time. This is exceedingly dangerous because it can cause that person to become suicidal and they then have a significant risk of trying to end their life.

That being said, let’s get back on topic, Isak:

Isak has witnessed Even’s mania firsthand. He may have been confused at first, but what Sonja told him (although being a bitch otherwise in 3x08) was true. It’s harmful for someone with bipolar disorder (or any kind of illness, for that matter) to do drugs or drink excessively because there’s a high likelihood that it will cause the person to cycle into a manic or mixed state.

Sonja was definitely more knowledgable about the disorder than Isak was and he knew this. Who could blame him for consulting her when Even cycled into depression? Who could blame him for not wanting Even to smoke after what they had gone through when Even was manic? How could anyone misinterpret the fact that Isak told Even smoking weed isn’t good for him because he wants Even SAFE?

It literally has zero to do with control—although I’m sure in Even’s mind, that’s what it may seem like at times considering his disorder is not his fault and he obviously just wants to be able to do what most everyone else around their age group does—and everything to do with Isak wanting Even to be grounded in this world and not go off into that place where he can’t reach him or where he could do something to get himself hurt or hurt himself.

So, I won’t go into my experiences and make this a personal post at all, but some people need to wake up or educate themselves because I can’t stand reading these ridiculous opinions about Isak being out of line for wanting to protect his boyfriend.

Thank you for your time.