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My tips for learning hangul!

안녕하세요 여러분!
Hello everyone!

Let’s talk about the most crucial step towards learning the Korean language, which is learning how to read and write hangul! I know it seems scary and impossible at first glance. But did you know that the Korean alphabet was created with the purpose of being easy to learn? 

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anonymous asked:

Did u see all that jikook lip licking on the recent V live? XD #TheThristIsReal

ok but legitimately every fcking time jungkook or jimin licks their lips the other follows suit if they notice……. is this some kind of.. mating ritual

jimin: [licks his lips seductively while gazing into the mirror]

jungkook: [catches his gaze and his expression darkens as he licks his lips too]

It’s In The Eyes

Hiding that you’re in love with your best friend can be difficult at the best of times, add in the fact that every time you’re together the internet makes endless gifs of your “heart eyes” and it can be impossible.

Word Count: 3k

Warnings: None! (Well, like one swear word)

A/N: Honestly this was just an excuse to reference their constant love eyes at each other because it’s literally cute af

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wonnwoo  asked:

YO V MAKE A RAP FROM MINGYU TO WONWOO extra points if you also make a Wonwoo one for Mingyu 👀

wassup rina 👀

mingyu to wonwoo

yeah here i am cooking
being oh so good-looking ;)
to my right there’s won with a gun
oh shit i better run

wonwoo to mingyu

you can run, you can hide too
but theres no escape, nothing you can do
i will always find you
and i make my promises come true

*BONUS* josh

ayo im josh the mc
you gotta see
the rap between mingyu and wonwoo-sshi

NCT 127 Reacting to You Reading Fanfiction About Them

Genre: fl u f f f 

I hope you all enjoy my first reaction on this blog and look forward to many more to come!

“Y/N, could I use your laptop for a quick second? Mine ran out of battery and I’m still waiting for it to restart.” your boyfriend asked you as he’d closed his mini computer shut, seeing nothing but a black, dead screen presenting a dull battery symbol that mocked him ruthlessly.

Although you had very important files on your laptop, that still hadn’t differed from the fact that you weren’t using it at the moment and your boyfriend needed to. That, and you decided you were able to trust him with your precious monitor.

“Sure,” you answered, barely sparing him a glance as you continued tapping away at your phone. A small, audible “thanks” exited his mouth as he pulled up the laptop sitting on a small coffee table with other items for productivity spread out.

It would’ve been the obvious choice that your boyfriend would’ve simply opened a new tab to execute whatever he’d been planning to, but the picture of him flashing at the screen had quickly gotten his attention. Surely, you forgot that you hadn’t yet exited out of the website that held a new world with other kpop fans such as yourself.

Shifting his glance from the laptop to you, he tried to decipher what it had been that grabbed his focus. It couldn’t have been updates of him and his group from a recent fansign, nor was it an article with a clickbait title in large bold text. However, there were a lot of words.

Fluff? He managed to read. The hell is that?

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You know what I fucking love about Discworld?

The fact that Terry Pratchett doesn’t stop at metaphors for representation. A lot of fantasy writers or series think they can pull that shit, like, ‘oh, the discrimination against (fantasy race) is an important social allegory, but let’s not have any actual POC in the books.’


Terry Pratchett writes about ethnic tensions between dwarves and trolls, yeah, but he doesn’t stop there, because hey, let’s talk about real racism. He writes about dwarves discovering themselves outside of a monogender world, but he doesn’t stop there, because hey, let’s have some real queers! He writes about vampires giving up blood and living by the pledge of temperance, but he doesn’t stop there, because hey, let’s have an actual alcoholic who manages to overcome his addiction and then kick a- prod buttock in every direction known to mankind and then some. 


Requested by @comenowpretty : You were assigned to act as some kind of “babysitter” for Bucky on missions, just in case he would ever fall back into his old habits. Once that actually happened, you somehow forgot all you were trained for and were simply scared that the man in front of you would end your life right there and then.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: near death situation

A/N: LOOK LOVE, I FINALLY MANAGED TO WRITE IT!!! I hope this is what you were hoping for and to be honest, once my inspiration for this request hit me, I couldn’t stop myself lol.


You approached Natasha while you were still on the jet, quickly glancing to your left, just to see if anyone was listening.

“Don’t you think it’s time that I stop babysitting him?”

She was busy with something on the monitor, but still answered you, even if a little absentminded.

“It’s just a precaution.”

“I have other things to do, Nat. I can’t always jump when you say jump, just to make sure Bucky doesn’t randomly shoot civilians!”, you didn’t yell, but you were slowly getting angry at your friend. It felt like she was using you and you hated being used.

You liked Bucky, really did, but Nat called you at least once a month for stuff like this and you were getting tired of it. You’d rather support Bucky at home, just talking about his past and hug him when he was getting sad, even if he wouldn’t return the hug.

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anonymous asked:

If you could have any emotion coursing through your spirit at all times what would it be?

this is a difficult question to think about. i can not say for sure what i’d pick. under different circumstances, i would like to be happy again. i can not fool myself into a state of false contentment in my current position, though. other than that, i have no ideas, which leaves me at a loss for a legitimate answer.


replied to your



Things ETD has just said to me: I founda porn…

He’s a 4channer?! B-b-but how does he survive, being a decent person and all

Kind of like how we survive tumblr without turning into doxxing assholes who go after people over ship wars.

He’s had all his shots, and he goes outside regularly to experience reality beyond the 20 by 16 inches of his monitor. /salt

But to answer you seriously, apparently not all the boards are filled with monsters and some of them are actually quite forward thinking.

Pictures of You

I’m not going to be online tomorrow, so here is my Day 2 contribution for MERWeek.  Picture of You.

Title: It’s a Lonely Galaxy Shepard
Ship/Pairing: Garrus/Shepard, Shakarian

The electronic beeping of the vitals monitor was the only sound in the otherwise silent room.  The bustle of activity outside of the hospital never breached the walls of the ICU room.  The strong scent of antiseptic and IV fluids was a sharp hit on his senses.  Nothing kept his eyes from the figure on the bed. She was almost unrecognizable with the tubes, IV lines, and wires taped to her body.  Only the shock of red hair against the white pillow gave any clue to her identity away.  Her chest rose and fell with the forced air pumped in by the tubes.  The continuous beep of the heart monitor was a comforting sound, it told him she was still there, his Shepard was still alive in there somewhere.  Garrus knew the doctors told him that her body had suffered horrific damage, one doctor had likened it to a torture victim.  The memory tore at his soul as he sat by her bedside.  She’d had to endure so much and now it was his turn to bear the burden.

               Garrus knew he should be grateful she was alive, and he was grateful but the doubt still plagued his mind.  That moment of seeing the rubble clear, seeing her lying there on the ground, he still remembered the panic and helplessness that ripped through him.  James and Kaidan had held him back as the medics rushed Shepard away, his throat had been raw from screaming her name.  He’d fought against them, men he considered friends, and had broken James’s nose as he tried to get free to go after Shepard.  It had been Kaidan that had taken him to the hospital so he could be with her once the doctors had stabilized her.  James had waved away his apology later, stating he’d have been in the same state of mind himself.  Several of the crew had been by to see Shepard since she’d been granted clearance for visitors.  Throughout it all, he’d stayed at her side.  Liara had tried to persuade him to take a break but he had refused to move from the room.  James had gotten in the habit of bringing him some food to eat when he’d stop by, he’d even gotten dextro food but it all tasted like cardboard to Garrus.

               His hand reached out to grasp hers, her fingers cold to the touch.  The ache in his throat spread to his chest as grief descended on his shoulders again. He lowered his head so his forehead was touching her fingers.  He hoped to have some sign she was coming back, but the steady beep of the monitor was his answer.  With his free hand, he took out the silly photo Shepard had convinced him to take just before the mission to destroy the Illusive Man’s base.  The memory swept through him and he closed his eyes to picture it.


               Come on Garrus!  These things were extremely popular back in the 21st century!  When all we had were portable communication devices, they called them selfies.  Quit being a grump.  She’d nudged him with her shoulder with a bright smile on her face.  The weight of the mission never showing on her face when she was with him.  They were in her quarters, on the rumpled sheets of her bed, just after enjoying a lengthy shower to ease the aches of battle.  Shepard wore her N7 shirt and little else, with her red hair down, curling around her shoulders, dripping on his skin and the sheets.  Her blue eyes twinkled with mischief as she tried to convince him to take a selfie.  He’s groused a bit about having to do it, he hated his picture being taken.  He’d been in his pants, remaining shirtless after the shower, and hadn’t wanted that immortalized in a picture.  Shepard had pressed a kiss to his mandible and asked him to please take a picture, she’d make it worth his while.  Garrus had shivered at the wicked nature of her promise and given in to her request grudgingly.  Shepard had settled against his chest, pulling her knees against her chest, while having Garrus hold his omni-tool above their heads.  She adjusted his arm until the angle was just right and he took the picture.  Her smile was diamond bright as she leaned against him.  She’d given him a quick kiss to say thanks, but he’d prevented her from pulling away.  They’d sunk into each other until Joker had given the announcement about approach.


               His shoulders shook from the suppressed sobs in his chest.  Tears seeped from his eyes as his throat burned from the anguish rolling over him like a wave.  The thought of never seeing her smile again, he couldn’t bear it.  

               “Come on Shepard.  You need to make it.  It’d be a pretty lonely galaxy without you in it.”  His voice was broken from the misery in his heart.

Pride & Hunger

This was requested by anon! I hope you all enjoy this! <3

Word count: 198

Warnings: none

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

It was just you and Pride in the office.  Percy and LaSalle were out on a lead and you were waiting for them to get back.  You were so busy looking for other leads that you had forgotten to eat earlier.  Your stomach growled, causing Pride to look up from his desk.

“Was that your stomach [Y/N],” Pride asked in disbelief.

“That or you have a monster in the office,” you joked, laughing softly as you returned to your desktop.

“Have ya eaten at all today,” the agent wondered.  “Ah don’t think it’s supposed to be that loud.”  When you hid your face behind your monitor and neglected to answer his question, he took that as an answer.  He stood up from his desk and walked up to yours.  “C’mon [Y/N], let’s get some food in ya.”  Pride pulled you out of your chair and into the kitchen.

“Pride I’m fine,” you insisted.  “Everyone’s stomach grumbles.”

“Not like that they don’t,” Pride muttered.  He pointed to one of the chairs at the table.  “Sit.  Ah’m gonna make us somethin’ta eat.  Besides ah could use some food myself.”

You were grateful for Pride and his excellent cooking.

Tag List: @of-badges-and-guns@mija-novella@trashforwinchesters@ivvitm1109@emilyymichelle@lapsissolaregina@girl-next-door-writes@flufy07@gabriels-trix@becauseflife@anamademedoit@moose-on-the-l00se@theridiculouspanda@captain-amelia-bradley@holding-on-to-francis @massivelyunsteadyposter@haeminhee@21-wolves@rayleyanns@silverwingedfox@myplaceofthingsilove@mogaruke@evy-lyn@mycuddlycorner


So lazy he won’t even open his eyes to see who was petting him he just smelled about until he realized it was me!

A Week Early Part 2

Prompt: I was wondering if you would do a Part. 2 to “A Week Early?” When they take the baby home, but instead of the reader freaking out about the baby, its Sherlock.

A/N: So sorry this took so long, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Xoxo

Part One HERE

Part Two

“Careful on the stairs,” Sherlock says,, his hand pressed to the small of your back. You smile.
“I’m fine,” you say, with a laugh, realizing that this had become your mantra over the past few days. “We are fine.” You clutch the bundle of blankets that is your son to your chest and nuzzle his soft, dark curls as you traverse the remainder of the staircase. Safely up top, Sherlock darts around you and unlocks the door, dropping your bags off to the side and dashing to the thermostat.
“Is it too cold in here, do you think?” He says, adjusting the temperature.
“It’s fine,” you sigh, using that nasty four letter word once again.
“Here, darling, have a seat,” he says, turning back to you and guidinging you to the couch. You curl up in the corner and gently unwrap your sweet little bundle. He looks like a mini-Sherlock. Clear blue-green eyes, all cheekbones and floppy curls.
“Hi buddy, we are home,” you coo gently. Baby William fidgets a little, his tiny fists waving around. “This is 221B Baker Street, and when you get older, Daddy and Uncle John will tell you some amazing stories…”
“Knock, Knock,” Mrs. Hudson’s regal voice sang from the doorway. “I came to meet your newest Holmes Boy!”
“No,” Sherlock said, crossing the room and moving to shut the door. “You’ve been sick. I can see, your nose is red from where you’ve been blowing it and your mouth is dry, presumably from some sort of daytime cold medicine.”
“Sherlock!” You exclaim, mortified. You scramble to your feet. “Mrs. Hudson, please come in and forgive my husband, he is suffering from new father-itis.”
“Quite alright, dear,” she said, not appearing the least bit phased. You hand her your son and she she beams at him as she walks around the living room, bouncing him gently and speaking to him quietly about how much he looks like his father.
You stalk over to Sherlock and grab him by the elbow, dragging him into your bedroom.
“You need to calm down,” you hiss at him. “You are overreacting and you are going to drive me crazy.”
“Overreacting? Y/N, that is my son!” He exclaims defensively, pointing towards the living room. “He can’t protect himself from anything, he is depending on me.”
“Ok, well then tell me, who is going to protect YOU from ME?” You say, shoving him playfully in the chest. “Honestly, please, I need you to try to tone it down a bit. More than a bit.” He frowns at you, then looks away but you can see his frustration.
“I disagree,” he tells you. “But I shall try to ‘tone it down’ if it will keep you from inflicting any more harm upon me.” You shove him again and he rocks back on his heels, a small smile finally tugging at his lips. Rolling your eyes, you turn and head back out to the living room.
William has begun to fuss a bit and Mrs. Hudson hands him back to you.
“Someone’s hungry,” she smiles. “I’ll leave you to nurse, dear.” She lets herself out and you settle down, in John’s chair this time, to feed your handsome little baby.
Sherlock sits in his chair, elbows on his knees, chin resting in his hands, watching you intently.
“It’s just that I have never had so much to lose,” he murmurs, half to himself, half to you. You look up at him and suddenly feel your irritation slip away.
“You won’t lose us,” you promise.
“I can’t,” he replies, his voice cracking.
“You won’t,” you repeat and you wish you say more to eradicate whatever irrational fear has gripped ahold of him.

Much, much later, in the middle of the night, you wake up in bed, alone. You sit up and glance around you, looking for your husband. Rising, you pull on your dressing gown and pad out to the living room. One small lamp is on, casting a dim light around the room, but no Sherlock. You turn and head for John’s old room, now William’s new room and push the door open a bit, peeking in.
Sherlock is there, arms resting on the railing of the crib, his gaze locked on the tiny, sleeping bundle. You slide up beside him and wrap your arm around his waist and rest your head against his shoulder.
“I do believe he is perfect,” he whispers, turning and planting a kiss on your cheek. “Well done, you.”
“Well done, yourself,” you whisper back. The two of you stare on for a few minutes longer before you pull Sherlock back to bed. He hesitates outside William’s door, frowning.
“What if he cries and we don’t hear him?” He asks.
“We have the baby monitor,” you struggle to answer whilst stifling a yawn.
“What if he get’s too cold? Or too hot? Or can’t breathe? Or chokes? Or–”
“Sherlock Holmes,” you say, gripping ahold of his biceps firmly. “Stop. Stop worrying.”
“I can’t,” he said, running a hand through his curls. “I literally cannot. How are you so calm? Why aren’t you wracked with panic as well?”
“I am!” You assure him, smiling in spite of the gravity of the conversation. “But if I give in to all my worries, they will consume me, cripple me and I am going to miss out on all the joys of having a new baby. Just like you are going to unless you find a way to reduce your worrying to a more manageable level.” Sherlock sags against the wall, suddenly looking completely drained.
“I never worried about other people before,” he explains quietly. “It was simpler that way. Then I let John in, then you… now William. It’s all so new and terrifying and I can’t shut off my brain.” You stare at him for a moment then step towards him, wrapping your arms around his neck and straining up onto your tiptoes to reach his lips. You kiss him for all that he has become in the few short years you’ve known him. You kiss him for all that he still wants to become. You kiss him because you two created a life together. And you kiss him to show him that he can and will shut his brain off.
“Quieter?” You ask and he thinks for a moment.
“A bit,” he confesses, pulling you close. “I will get better at this, Y/N.”
“I know,” you say. “But can we save some of this worrying for the morning? I am beat and Baby Will is going to wake up wanting to eat soon.”
“Alright,” he says, pushing himself from the wall and following you back to your room. “Y/N?” He asks as you both snuggle down into the bed.
“Do you promise to kiss me like that every time I start worrying?” He asks and you can hear the smile on his lips.
“MmHmm,” you moan, affirmatively.
“Good,” he yawns, but you are already asleep.

drunkenwhaleer  asked:

if u r not overwhelmed by the show me series can u show me some rlly cool not very known lizards!! extra points if its a predatory one!! or even rlly known snakes r good too!

OK so this is a really cool one. Meet the blue-spotted tree monitor, Varanus macraei!

This gorgeous creature has the most restricted range of any monitor in the world. Found only on the island of Bantata, it’s a relatively unknown species. It was only defined in 2001 and not a lot of work has been done on it since. This species does not yet have a well-established captive breeding population, and like so many other Indonesian species is at risk of habitat destruction. This is compounded by its tiny range; Bantata is only about 173 square miles! 

What we do know is that it is a lithe hunter and is extremely deft at climbing; its tail is prehensile to help it maneuver up and down trees. This tail is extremely long, almost double the length of the body.

This gorgeous little predator hits about three feet in length, making it fairly large for a tree monitor. It is the largest in its group of closely related species by only a little bit, but far and away it’s the most beautiful!

Image sources: 1, 2, 3

situation update: i have an extra monitor i can well happily not use (but will keep just bcs), extended wifi connection F INALLY, and i can finally crack down some rping!

Sterek Week 2016 Day One: Scene Stealer.

Hi everyone! Today is the first day of Sterek week and I’m super excited! Today’s theme is Scene Stealer, and I decided to write a Pete’s Dragon AU. 

Stiles’ Wolf [2,432 | 1/1] 

Warnings: Major Character Death (not Derek or Stiles) | Age difference | Pre-relationship | Mentioned Kate Argent

Stiles watched with wide excited eyes as the trees flew by. They were so tall and there was so many, he imagined what kind of animals lived in there. Deer, squirrels, bunnies, and maybe even foxes! Stiles loved foxes, they were his favoritist animal in the whole world. 

“Mama?” He asked excitedly, “Where are we going?”

 Stiles’ mom turned in her seat grinning brightly, “We’re going on adventure!” Her amber eyes twinkled with mirth as she answered. Stiles’ daddy grinned at their antics.

“I love adventures!”

 “I know you do my brave boy, and when we get to our new home we’re going to go on tons of adventures!” Stiles’ mom smiled brightly, her eyes lighting up as she laughed. His mama was the prettiest, and Stiles loved when she laughed. Stiles’ daddy said he had mama’s eyes, and daddy always said that mama had Bambi eyes. That meant Stiles had Bambi eyes, too. 

“Can I come on these adventures?” Stiles’ daddy asked seriously, glancing at Stiles in the rearview mirror. 

“What do you think, Stiles?” Stiles mama asked conspiratorially, “Should we let him come with us?”

Stiles nodded clutching his wolf plushie, “Daddy can come too!” Stiles said nodding seriously.

“Hmm, okay, I suppose,” she answered shooting a wink at her husband.

 “Well thank you, Stiles,” his dad said huffing out a laugh.

 Stiles looked out of the window again watching as the sky began to change colors. His mama said that was called sunset, and his mama was the smartest. Mama loves sunsets, she says they’re her favorite because she met daddy at sunset.

 “John look out!” His mama shouted before his daddy swerved.

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Rule 12

Prompt: Continuation from this imagine | Could you possibly do a continuation of the last Gibbs imagine you posted? Where after a few months the reader requests to be transferred to another city because she thinks Gibbs (who is colder towards her than the others) has a problem with her and there’s a confrontation between them. Fluff or angst, whatever you prefer :)

Requester: khaleesinarylfiel

Warnings: Very little angst

Words: 1,671

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