“Do you have a passion? It could really be anything, anything at all. It could be the thing you majored in in college, or the sport you’ve played your whole life, or even a person.  

Do you sometimes hate that passion. I do. 

Yes, I said HATE!  

In those moments of hate, have you realized that you don’t have an option? That, though you could leave it forever, you know that you won’t. But you really know that you can’t.

As a musician, sometimes I despise the entire practice. But then I think to myself, “what else would I do besides this though?” I really have no idea what I would study BUT music. Just sometimes…

This artist, Monique Steele (@moniquesteele), an Illustration Fellow with Buzzfeed, says that this is more or less her case. An artistic powerhouse, Steele’s illustrations show her innate passion for the work. 

The term “illustrator” could not be more apt. She uses her art to illustrate her world, to show the world as it is, or how it could be… to her.

The perspective within this art is uniquely hers, and that is what is so magnificent about it, every work feels like getting to know her a little more. She gains inspiration from the people close to her and their cultures, as well as her own. Because of this, Steele chose to embark on a series of regional illustrations, inspired by a culture, and their marketplace foods.

 In the series there is India, Ancient Persia, and 1940’s USA. However, being originally from Jamaica, it is not surprising that this is the one in which she would submit.  This can be seen in some popularly Caribbean motifs that she uses, such as elaborate costuming, bright colors, and fun patterns.The use of culture in this series of exploration is astounding. The use of foreign cultures was done respectfully, appropriately, out of admiration and well.” -5/5

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