monique quistorff

Music transports you.

It takes you to that place that you’ve never been, that place that you haven’t been to in awhile, or that place you need to be. You find yourself lost in it, over taken by its essence, as the walls around you melt away and you lose the solidity of the world around you, forget reality. Music is one of the few things in life that never leaves, it will never abandon you, it will never change on you. It will only pick up where it left off, pick you up where you left off. It will only find its way inside your heart and inside your mind, to be the one and only thing that never lets you down. 

Find your passion and run with it. Don’t ever doubt it, don’t ever let it go. 

When music is more than just noise.

When I was 12, I found this band and they were everything my angsty heart needed. They said for me all of those words I thought that no one else was thinking or had ever thought. They were braver than me for having said those words out loud. You hear about those kids who were saved by music, and you probably think that they’re crazy too. But I know, I know what music can do. We’ve grown up together, me and this band, after all of those long nights, those walks in the dark, those heart aches, that loneliness, and the good times too; together every step of the way, bound in every memory. I’ve found other bands along the way, as a kid who needs music to live. That being said, as a kid who needs music to live, you never forget your first. I’ve come pretty close to finding myself, as I’ve lost myself on this journey. I feel the need to dedicate a part of myself to this band, to all of the bands and the music they’ve made, and to the way that they’ve saved and created all of this masterpiece that I call by name.