monika says stuff

whenever I see really cool-looking furniture or beds (like that one with the hanging pirate ship bed) or houses, half of them are always so fucking impractical for maintenance??? like bitch how the fuck you gonna clean that??? you gonna crawl up there and struggle for hours to change your goddamn sheets????? do you know how much dust collects in shit like that?? and if your reply is “if I’m rich enough to afford this stuff, I’m rich enough to afford a cleaning lady” bitch I hope you pay that person triple for having to deal with your impractical shit house

Ok so I have a problem with language and can’t express myself well with words. This is a terrible disadvantage when trying to argue and/or defend myself. On the way back home from Boston today (where I went to the PRIDE parade), a family friend of ours started saying the usual homophobic shit like “It’s unnatural” and “they should just seek treatment” and I, being me, just clammed up and sat there quietly. However, my Christian Polish mom, who I’ve discussed this stuff with maybe twice, immediately started calmly shooting him down and defending not only gay and lesbian people, but transgender people as well. I almost wanted to cry from how happy and, well, proud that made me, and I gave her a hug when I got home where we had a whole conversation about lgbt and women’s rights issues. She knew that I’m pansexual, but we never really ever talked about it and I got the vibe that she wasn’t completely comfortable with it, but now I know how supportive and ok with it she is and it makes me unbelievably happy :D Today has just been a fantastic day.