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Cory summed up the energy and oxygen to sit up from his bed.  This nagging twinge along his chest stopped him after he swung his legs over to the side of the bed.  He grimaced and rubbed his chest, as though that might soothe the heart rhythm back into place.  His hands shook as he closed his eyes and put his head between his legs, often what he did when mini-episodes such as these came.  After what felt like an eternity, the spell faded.  Cory’s breathing relaxed, and he was able to hesitantly and tentatively test his feet on the ground.  He realized he dropped his phone in this mini episode, and was reminded that right, he had agreed to go back to Chris’ to spend the night.  It’d be good to catch up, that was for sure.

He grabbed a shirt, even though clothing was ‘optional’ and then grabbed his keys.  He was still wearing gym shorts, but he didn’t think Chris would mind.  They were hanging out semi-regularly at this point, so Chris was probably used to his random method of dress on those off-days.  At some point, Cory would have to come clean to Chris, about the illneWhss, not the other thing, not yet.  Chris would think him silly.  The notion that Cory was – attracted to Chris – unnerved him.  He was very accepting of LGBT, but the idea of being part of it – well, it was an adjustment.

But - for the right person (CHRIS), he would make do… but if he was thinking about ANYONE in that way, he’d obviously have to come clean to this person, right?  He had told just about everyone in the cast about his situation, but had danced around it when it came to Chris knowing.  That, itself, was probably not a smart idea, right?

Cory sighed and slipped a nitroglycerin under his tongue.  He still felt sort of funny, but this night had to happen.  Before too long, the ache ebbed away, but Cory felt drained, exhausted.  He sat in his car for a moment, when he was sure he wouldn’t fall asleep behind the wheel, and then he drove to Chris’.  He sent a text before he stepped out of the car.

Whut R U Wearin - I be usin’ horrible spellin’ 'cause messin wit ya, s'posed to be ur stalker - right?


Yeah, yeah, I’m here xD