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Posted this on Facebook after seeing yet another former coworker engaging in fatphobic nonsense.

“I am so sick and tired of seeing so many people’s hang ups and internalized fat phobia. You really and honestly think a PIXAR character that portrays a CHILD is wondering Why they don’t look good in a bikini? Do you ever stop and think what you’re doing and saying isn’t harmful and exclusionary?

Here’s my big, FAT pale ass in a bikini. If you don’t like it, delete me. I don’t need your toxicity in my life.”

Plus Size Sb’s and Fashion :)

Where are my beautiful and fabulous plus size sugar babies?!?? I know you lovely ladies are out there. Well, ladies as the weather is warming up and Spring is upon us and (very soon summer too) it is time to update that wardrobe. Just because you have extra curves does not mean you cannot look sexy and chic. With that said, I have comprised a list of plus size clothing stores, boutiques, and online websites. Each site/store varies in style, price, and fit. 

I wanted to cater to the needs of all my plus size babies out there regardless of your bank account. You do not have to spend a lot of money to look nice, just make sure that you are wear clothing that fits your body appropriately. One size DOES NOT fit all. Don’t be discouraged by the size on that tag, the goal is to feel absolutely sexy in whatever you put on (regardless of how many x’s are accompanied on the tag of the clothing item).

I stand about 6ft and my dress/pant size is about a 16/18 depending on the brand or material of the clothing. Yes, I am plus size. Yes, I am a woman of color. Yes, I am tall. And YES I am a successful sugar baby. It is all in the way you carry yourself ladies!! Confidence and class speaks volumes. Below is a list in no particular order of some of the websites I use frequently; (OVER 40 OPTIONS!! :D . Please do not hesitate to add more websites and/or boutiques to the list. I am always on the prowl for nice pieces for my wardrobe. I pair reasonable priced clothing items with designer jewelry, shoes, handbags etc to add a high class, polished look. Let’s be honest ladies plus size designer clothing is damn there none existent.

You can’t say I did not help you ladies out. I took into consideration age, price, style, and shipping location (most ship within in the US and internationally).  (**Hint: Copy and paste the list and save it for a go to reference list). No excuses now! Go slay the bowl, until it hurts!! Werk hunties!!

-Asos Curve

-Simply Be

-Forever 21+

-H&M +

-Charlotte Russe Plus

-Old Navy

-Target (plus size)

-Rue 21

-Lane Bryant

-TJ Maxx/Marshall’s

-Gwynnie Bee

-Ashley Stewart


-Jessica London

-Nordstrom Rack


-Avenue Plus (rent pieces for more lavish events)

-Fashion to Figure

-Mod Cloth Plus (swim wear) (lingerie/intimates)

-Hipsandcurves (lingerie/intimates)

-Monif C. 

-Joni Marie Ross

Broke Baby Tips (From a Novice)

It’s rough out in these streets so I wanted to pass on some knowledge that I’ve gained. I shop all over so for the more seasoned SBs this post may come as a “wtf” but I’m hoping to help some others get started. Btw there are other posts like this floating around.

Clothes: the goal is to look put together although you’re broke…looking wealthy comes later.

  • Sears actually has decent profession clothes…you won’t look wealthy but you’ll look put together if you know how to shop
  • Forever 21 [+]
  • Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Lord and Taylor (slightly more but make the investment)
  • Thrift shops ( i think there are some high end thrift shops, too)
  • Fashion to Figure has nice dresses [+]
  • Monif C [+]
  • Lane Bryant [+] (during annual and semi annual sales you can rack up on hella things…especially bras)
  • I only get V necks from Old Navy but they might have something…idk…they have comfy basic tees
  • ASOS/ASOS Curve [+]

Makeup: get that ass on youtube and watch some videos! For my brown SBs ‘BeautyByJJ’ and 'AllThingsFabulous101’ have some great videos. Obvi there are more but that’s who I think of off the top. People that you can learn from in general are 'TymetheInfamous’ and 'BeatFaceHoney’. Both do dramatic faces but are amazing at what they do.

  • LA Girl Pro Concealer (this is a godsend for highlighting and contouring while being POC friendly)
  • Real Technique Makeup Brushes
  • ELF makeup products (brushes and makeup)
  • NYX cosmetics is another POC friendly brand (range of colors/products)
  • Stila 01 Fiery (*this is like a $20 liquid lipstick but its a red that suits a lot of skin tones….its a great splurge item)
  • BH cosmetics
  • MAC (depending on the item its worth the investment)

Shoes & Accessories: you can literally get these anywhere. What’s in your budget will determine where you get them from.

  • DSW
  • F21
  • anywhere

As you make more money and get your allowance what you can afford will change and at that point I suggest updating. These are the most basic places I could think of to get necessary items. If you know how to shop it won’t matter where you get you clothes from but please, please make sure to look put together. It is reallll easy to look like Raggedy Ann if you don’t know how to dress lol. Feel free to add on to the list :)