little-miss-mash  asked:

ok but so imagine how computers get hot you get to cuddle with an monic space heater, and honestly it would be pretty uncomfortable what with all the metal and pipes and hard edges but. Imagine monic sweaters that were thick and squishy specifically for snuggly time. ok that's all, I love your art!


So well I think if you are in a relationship with a metal based entity you would have to be somewhat into the metal surface, but a good onmic significant other would probably also be very aware of his sharp edges around his squishy gf.

For some reason the couple from the Alive short are becoming the most adorkable and pure pair in my history of ships. >_> help.


Plan for last night was just to have a couple of cocktails with Monic but then I’ve got text from Andrei. He took us to one of those clubs in Manhattan, on top of the building that has like it’s own elevator… and weird thing, they knew his name…I don’t know, I guess he was going to clubs a lot back in the days ahahha

Sunday, June 25, 2017

5:30 Woke with a headache
5:50 20oz coffee with 1 tsp turbinado sugar; 2 Naproxen
6:30 Doctor Strange (finish)
7:30 2 scoops Vegan Smart nutritional shake mix with 16oz almond milk; vit D3; vit B12; 65mg iron; multivitamin
8:10 Shower
8:30 Kung Fu Panda 3; triple tortilla quesadilla with hot sauce; 20oz green tea with 1 tbsp clover honey
10:15 Read newspaper; Dragonheart - The Heartfire
12:30 Pool; read Partials
15:00 Monicals Pizza - salad with ranch dressing; 40oz cherry Pepsi; 2 bread sticks; personal thin crust veggie pizza
16:00 Ratchet and Clank; 20oz green tea with 1 tbsp clover honey
17:30 Monster in Paris
19:45 Talk to husband on the phone
20:30 Escape from New York; 1MG Melatonin; 20oz Valerian tea; edemame
22:15 Read Partials
22:30 Sleep