Meet B327 and B326 – 3 to 4-week-old baby bobcats at Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in California. The park’s biologists recently ear-tagged these kittens as part of a 20-year-long study of how urbanization has affected bobcats in the Santa Monica Mountains and surrounding area. Biologists have been tracking the mom, B255, since 2010 and tagged her kittens while she was away from the den. The ear tags will help identify the cats in remote camera images. Photo by National Park Service.

littlemissnash  asked:

ok but so imagine how computers get hot you get to cuddle with an monic space heater, and honestly it would be pretty uncomfortable what with all the metal and pipes and hard edges but. Imagine monic sweaters that were thick and squishy specifically for snuggly time. ok that's all, I love your art!


So well I think if you are in a relationship with a metal based entity you would have to be somewhat into the metal surface, but a good onmic significant other would probably also be very aware of his sharp edges around his squishy gf.

For some reason the couple from the Alive short are becoming the most adorkable and pure pair in my history of ships. >_> help.

Tom Wlaschiha the sexy Jaqen H´ghar -photo by Monic Johanna Schmidheiny :)

Portrait of Tom Wlaschiha by Monic Johanna Wollschläger


HS AU where cas is this rebel teenager who often skips class to smoke. and one day, he saw a beautiful boy from the art club. at first, it was just a mere curiosity, until one day, by chance, they met. dean was accused of smoking too and the teacher sent them both to the detention room.

“i’m sorry for dragging you with me, dean.”

“no, it’s cool, man.” “wait, how do you know my name?”



So I decided to add Ben to my list of fictional characters that blended together would make my perfect guy. He adds the nerdiness that was defenitely missing!