Plan for last night was just to have a couple of cocktails with Monic but then I’ve got text from Andrei. He took us to one of those clubs in Manhattan, on top of the building that has like it’s own elevator… and weird thing, they knew his name…I don’t know, I guess he was going to clubs a lot back in the days ahahha


Christmas dinner

…just an ordinary Christmas dinner at Blanchett household - Luka was late and little high (mom didn’t notice, thank God), my mom though that my boyfriend is doing some illegal business (scar on his eye, expensive italian suit…this was veeery suspicious to Nada… saying that he’s nude photographer didn’t help at all)…Then, all of a sudden, Jacques and Monic started to remember all of my embarrassing stories (I was surprised that Luka didn’t join them)… Buuut at the end (with a huuuge help of my dad) everything turned out great - food was fine, Andrei did charm Nada (she’s one tough cookie), we had lots of laugh and….yeah …like I said - ordinary Christmas dinner…although I ended up being drunk (I was stressed out, ok…I needed extra glass of wine)  

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So I decided to add Ben to my list of fictional characters that blended together would make my perfect guy. He adds the nerdiness that was defenitely missing!