Meet B327 and B326 – 3 to 4-week-old baby bobcats at Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in California. The park’s biologists recently ear-tagged these kittens as part of a 20-year-long study of how urbanization has affected bobcats in the Santa Monica Mountains and surrounding area. Biologists have been tracking the mom, B255, since 2010 and tagged her kittens while she was away from the den. The ear tags will help identify the cats in remote camera images. Photo by National Park Service.

Portrait of Tom Wlaschiha by Monic Johanna Wollschläger


HS AU where cas is this rebel teenager who often skips class to smoke. and one day, he saw a beautiful boy from the art club. at first, it was just a mere curiosity, until one day, by chance, they met. dean was accused of smoking too and the teacher sent them both to the detention room.

“i’m sorry for dragging you with me, dean.”

“no, it’s cool, man.” “wait, how do you know my name?”