Morning Coffee and Bunny Ears

Kaidan Appreciation Week, Day 3: Family

The soft whisper of tiny feet padding very carefully along the floor woke Kaidan up, and he opened his eyes to a darkened room, the barest hint of light filtering along the edges of the curtains. He very carefully rolled over so as not to give himself away to face Olivia, and found her eyes open as well. A little smile on her lips as their daughter attempted to sneak into their room.

A mess of curls slipped along the edge of the bed, barely visible over his wife’s shoulder. They came to a stop just short of the nightstand.

Isabel stood there, silent, and when Olivia looked almost like she was about to laugh, he pressed his finger against his lips and mouthed, Be quiet!

Olivia’s eyes crinkled with barely restrained laughter.

Both of them stilled at the sound of a cup sliding onto a table, followed seconds later by retreating feet. Once the coast was clear, Kaidan propped himself up enough to peer over Olivia as she rolled over to get a look, too. A coffee cup, filled to the brim, sat on her nightstand.

“How full is it?” Olivia whispered.

He glanced down at her, a smile on his lips. “Very.”

She poked him in the ribs and mouthed, Get down! just as the sound of tiny feet returned in the hallway. He collapsed on top of her, wriggling until they might conceivably appear as if they were still asleep - until he remembered the investigating party could barely see over the edge of the bed.

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