RuGirls’ Birthdays


6th: Ongina (SEASON 1)

16th: Alyssa Edwards (SEASON 5/ALL STARS 2)

16th: Victoria “Porkchop” Parker (SEASON 1)

23rd: Delta Work (SEASON 3)

31st: Monica Beverly Hillz (SEASON 5)

31st: Trinity K. Bonet (SEASON 6)


12th: Latrice Royale (SEASON 4/ALL STARS 1)

13th: Mariah Balenciaga (SEASON 3)

16th: Cynthia Lee Fontaine (SEASON 8)

18th: Courtney Act (SEASON 6)

19th: Akashia (SEASON 1)

22nd: Nina Flowers (SEASON 1/ALL STARS 1)

27th: The Princess (SEASON 4)


2nd: Mimi Imfurst (SEASON 3/ALL STARS 1)

6th: Alaska Thunderfuck (SEASON 5/ALL STARS 2)

7th: Vivacious (SEASON 6)

12th: Mrs. Kasha Davis (SEASON 7)

19th: Sasha Belle (SEASON 7)

20th: BeBe Zahara Benet (SEASON 1)

20th: Chad Michaels (SEASON 4/ALL STARS 1)

28th: Mystique Summers Madison (SEASON 2)

30th: Miss Fame (SEASON 7)


8th: Raven (SEASON 2/ALL STARS 1)

13th: Carmen Carrera (SEASON 3)

14th: Magnolia Crawford (SEASON 6)

22nd: Tyra Sanchez (SEASON 2)

23rd: April Carrión (SEASON 6)


1st: Katya Zamolodchikova (SEASON 7/ALL STARS 2)

2nd: Pandora Boxx (SEASON 2/ALL STARS 1)

3rd: Sonique (SEASON 2)

8th: India Ferrah (SEASON 3)

8th: Kenya Michaels (SEASON 4)

8th: Yara Sofia (SEASON 3/ALL STARS 1)

10th: Gia Gunn (SEASON 6)

25th: Rebecca Glasscock (SEASON 1)

25th: Thorgy Thor (SEASON 8)

27th: Milan (SEASON 4)

28th: Morgan McMichaels (SEASON 2)


3rd: Detox Icunt (SEASON 5/ALL STARS 2)

10th: Jessica Wild (SEASON 2)

13th: Violet Chachki (SEASON 7)

14th: Raja Gemini (SEASON 3)

15th: Alisa Summers (SEASON 4)

20th: Naysha Lopez (SEASON 8)

21st: Jujubee (SEASON 2/ALL STARS 1)

22nd: Bob The Drag Queen (SEASON 8)

22nd: Laila McQueen (SEASON 8)

23rd: Milk (SEASON 6)

24th: Max (SEASON 7)

27th: Bianca Del Rio (SEASON 6)

30th: Willam Belli (SEASON 4)


2nd: Coco Montrese (SEASON 5/ALL STARS 2)

3rd: Shannel (SEASON 1/ALL STARS 1)

8th:  Lineysha Sparx (SEASON 5)

8th: Nicole Paige Brooks (SEASON 2)

9th: Kelly Mantle (SEASON 6)

18th: Derrick Barry (SEASON 8)

19th: Stacy Layne Matthews (SEASON 3)

24th: Alexis Mateo (SEASON 3/ALL STARS 1)

27th: Joslyn Fox (SEASON 6)

27th: Robbie Turner (SEASON 8)

29th: Dax ExclamationPoint (SEASON 8)


2nd: Vivienne Pinay (SEASON 5)

8th: Kim Chi (SEASON 8)

10th: Manila Luzon (SEASON 3/ALL STARS 1)

23rd: Trixie Mattel (SEASON 7)


1st: Tempest DuJour (SEASON 7)

8th: Naomi Smalls (SEASON 8)

9th: Kennedy Davenport (SEASON 7)

11th: Ginger Minj (SEASON 7/ALL STARS 2)

11th: Pearl (SEASON 7)

15th: Tammie Brown (SEASON 1/ALL STARS 1)

17th:  Serena ChaCha (SEASON 5)

18th: Jinkx Monsoon (SEASON 5)

19th: Venus D-Lite (SEASON 3)

23rd: Roxxxy Andrews (SEASON 5/ALL STARS 2)

24th: Chi Chi DeVayne (SEASON 8)

24th: BenDeLaCreme (SEASON 6)

24th: Kandy Ho (SEASON 7)

29th: Adore Delano (SEASON 6/ALL STARS 2)


5th: Ivy Winters (SEASON 5)

5th: Madame LaQueer (SEASON 4)

10th: Phi Phi O’hara (SEASON 4/ALL STARS 2)

12th: Penny Tration (SEASON 5)

16th: Jasmine Masters (SEASON 7)


2nd: Jade Jolie (SEASON 5)

11th: LaShauwn Beyond (SEASON 4)

18th: Jade (SEASON 1)

22nd: Shangela Laquifa Wadley (SEASON 2/SEASON 3)

27th: Darienne Lake (SEASON 6)

28th: Sharon Needles (SEASON 4)

29th: Jiggly Caliente (SEASON 4)


1st: Tatianna (SEASON 2/ALL STARS 2)

10th: Acid Betty (SEASON 8)

11th: Phoenix (SEASON 3)

17th: Jaidynn Diore Fierce (SEASON 7)

17th: Sahara Davenport (SEASON 2) in memoriam

20th: Dida Ritz (SEASON 4)

28th: Honey Mahogany (SEASON 5)

28th: Laganja Estranja (SEASON 6)

Why RuPaul’s Drag Race is one of the best tv shows

1. It teaches self love and self acceptance. RuPaul tells everyone to love themselves at the end of every episode.

2. You don’t have to be a size 0 to compete. No matter what size you are, you can still be beautiful.

3. 4/8 winners are people of color. The top three of Season 8 are all non-white.

4. Is very gender inclusive.

Trans contestants: Monica Beverly Hillz, Carmen Carrera, Jiggly Caliente, Sonquie, Gia Gunn, Stacy Lane Matthews, and Kenya Michaels

Genderfluid contestants: Violet Chachki and Courtney Act

Two-Spirted contestants: Raja Gemini

Genderless contestants: Jinkx Monsoon

5. Deals with HIV 

HIV Positive contestants: Ongina and Trinity K. Bonet

6. Sexuality

Pansexual contestants: Courtney Act

Bisexual contestants: Kelly Mantle, Jasmine Masters, Katya Zamo (is only bisexual in drag, out of drag is gay)

There are so many more reasons, please leave some that are important to you.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5: The Queens Ranked

Each of them were marked based on their performance as per Ru’s judgement. If they won the challenge they received three points, if they were high they got two, if they were safe they got 1. On the other hand, if they were low a point was taken away, if they had to lip sync but survived they lost two points, and if they lip synced and were eliminated they lost three points. Here are the rankings from Lowest to Highest.

Serena ChaCha (-5)

Monica Beverly Hillz (-4)

Penny Tration (-3)

Coco Montrese (-3)

Vivienne Pinay (-1)

Alyssa Edwards (-1)

Jade Jolie (0)

Honey Mahogany (1)

Detox (2)

Lineysha Sparx (4)

Ivy Winters (5)

Roxxxy Andrews (13)

Alaska (15)

Jinkx Monsoon (20)


TW: sex work, anti-LGBTQ violence, drug use, rape

Trans Afrolatina Monica Beverly Hillz talks about her life prior to entering RuPaul’s Drag Race

My prediction for Season 5

8 more days. I’m gagging. This season looks really sickening, everybody looks so polished and gorgeous well, most of them. I cannot wait any longer, seriously I’ve been trying to keep my mind busy in other stuff but it always come back to the show, the queens, etc. so I start watching previous seasons but it isn’t enough anymore! I want season 5 NOW! How did I become so obsessed? Well being that said I think I’m gonna make my prediction for this season. (Excuse any spelling/grammar mistake. English not my first language).

This season is gonna be heartbreaking because I like all of them! (some more than others of course) Good thing I’m not in Rupaul’s place. Haha.

Everything in this post is just a supposition based on what I saw in the teasers.

This first three are not shown it the part where the queens try to snatch some wigs. (Old news I know)

  • 14th.- Penny Tration:

External image

I actually like Penny, and but with all the new teasers, previews, I think she’s the first to go home in that pretty violet dress, see how sad she is? I think she knows she screwed it up. Alaska is also shown disappointed in a blue dress. I think both lipsync against each other and we all know how this is gonna end…

  • 13th.- Serena Chacha

I have a feeling this is the same episode where we see Jade in that Britney inspired circus look and Ivy’s butterfly extravaganza outfit. I think this is gonna be her goodbye outfit, a shame cus she’s gorgeous, I’d love to see more! But I think it’ll come down to her personality not being enough for the show.
  • 12th.- Monica Beverly Hillz

I like her, but not as much as the other queens. She’s… ok I guess. This runway shows kinda dark elements, probably the same runway where Alyssa serves Black Swan realness. I think others will point out her age and how she’s not experienced and seasoned enough (I think that’s bullshit). These other three queens are not seen in the singing challenge.
  • 11th.- Lineysha Sparx

I keep forgetting that Lineysha is competing as well, she’s probably a fierce and fun girl but there were more outrageous and lovable PR queens in the past seasons.
I don’t think she makes it to the snatch game, moreover there’s a gif where Honey Mahogany is “fighting” against Ivy and Vivienne is watching in the background, apparently they were doing the snatch game episode (I point this out cus this means Honey and Vivienne are still in the competition). This is probably her demise outfit.
  • 10th.- Honey Mahogany
External image

Snatch Game is usually the 5th episode and I bet it’s gonna be her demise, playing Mystique is a bold move and it will not pay off. Too bad ‘cus I really like her.
  • 9th.- Vivienne Pinay

Maybe this is the runway of the episode where they’re gonna recreate most memorable Rupaul arguments. Is that Roxxxy channeling Rupaul? I hope so… 

Well if that’s the case, compared to the other girls, I think she’s gonna fall flat and go home. To bad to see her go early.

This is the part where it gets ugly and it’s based no longer in the trailers and teasers we’ve seen. It’s entirely my opinion…

  • 8th.- Coco Montrese

I don’t know if she’s a singer, but I think she’ll struggle in the singing challenge. 

  • 7th.- Jinkx Monsoon

It breaks my heart to say this! She’s grown on me and I really love her aesthetic, her sense of humor, her everything. She’s the one of the girls I’m rooting for! I fear the judges will misunderstand her character. I really hope I’m wrong and she goes further, but the competition being so tight and fierce it gets harder and any little mistake could send you home. Moreover Willam came in 6th and is “the Rihanna of drag”, this proofs you don’t have to win this thing to become succesful.
  • 6th.- Alyssa Edwards

 I don’t think she’ll catch up with the others and this point.
  • 5th.-Alaska Thunderfuck

I love me some Alaska, but as the competition gets tight she’ll struggle. Many say “she’s not polished, she only got there because she’s Sharon boyfriend” I think otherwise. She is polished, she has charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to be there! But bitches are hungry!
  • 4th.- Jade Jolie

Rebecca Glasscock? Tatianna? Carmen Carrera? Not at all! It’s Jade!I actually like her! she’s pretty AND talented. She will not rely only in her looks 'cus she has the right combination of charisma and beauty that will help her get far! 
TOP 3 Really hard to name who’s gonna win so I better name the top three. In no particular order. Ivy Winters, Roxxxy Andrews, and last but not least Detox.

However I have a feeling Roxxxy and Detox will lipsync for the crown…