RuGirls’ Birthdays


6th: Ongina (SEASON 1)

16th: Alyssa Edwards (SEASON 5/ALL STARS 2)

16th: Victoria “Porkchop” Parker (SEASON 1)

23rd: Delta Work (SEASON 3)

31st: Monica Beverly Hillz (SEASON 5)

31st: Trinity K. Bonet (SEASON 6)


12th: Latrice Royale (SEASON 4/ALL STARS 1)

13th: Mariah Balenciaga (SEASON 3)

16th: Cynthia Lee Fontaine (SEASON 8)

18th: Courtney Act (SEASON 6)

19th: Akashia (SEASON 1)

22nd: Nina Flowers (SEASON 1/ALL STARS 1)

27th: The Princess (SEASON 4)


2nd: Mimi Imfurst (SEASON 3/ALL STARS 1)

6th: Alaska Thunderfuck (SEASON 5/ALL STARS 2)

7th: Vivacious (SEASON 6)

12th: Mrs. Kasha Davis (SEASON 7)

19th: Sasha Belle (SEASON 7)

20th: BeBe Zahara Benet (SEASON 1)

20th: Chad Michaels (SEASON 4/ALL STARS 1)

28th: Mystique Summers Madison (SEASON 2)

30th: Miss Fame (SEASON 7)


8th: Raven (SEASON 2/ALL STARS 1)

13th: Carmen Carrera (SEASON 3)

14th: Magnolia Crawford (SEASON 6)

22nd: Tyra Sanchez (SEASON 2)

23rd: April Carrión (SEASON 6)


1st: Katya Zamolodchikova (SEASON 7/ALL STARS 2)

2nd: Pandora Boxx (SEASON 2/ALL STARS 1)

3rd: Sonique (SEASON 2)

8th: India Ferrah (SEASON 3)

8th: Kenya Michaels (SEASON 4)

8th: Yara Sofia (SEASON 3/ALL STARS 1)

10th: Gia Gunn (SEASON 6)

25th: Rebecca Glasscock (SEASON 1)

25th: Thorgy Thor (SEASON 8)

27th: Milan (SEASON 4)

28th: Morgan McMichaels (SEASON 2)


3rd: Detox Icunt (SEASON 5/ALL STARS 2)

10th: Jessica Wild (SEASON 2)

13th: Violet Chachki (SEASON 7)

14th: Raja Gemini (SEASON 3)

15th: Alisa Summers (SEASON 4)

20th: Naysha Lopez (SEASON 8)

21st: Jujubee (SEASON 2/ALL STARS 1)

22nd: Bob The Drag Queen (SEASON 8)

22nd: Laila McQueen (SEASON 8)

23rd: Milk (SEASON 6)

24th: Max (SEASON 7)

27th: Bianca Del Rio (SEASON 6)

30th: Willam Belli (SEASON 4)


2nd: Coco Montrese (SEASON 5/ALL STARS 2)

3rd: Shannel (SEASON 1/ALL STARS 1)

8th:  Lineysha Sparx (SEASON 5)

8th: Nicole Paige Brooks (SEASON 2)

9th: Kelly Mantle (SEASON 6)

18th: Derrick Barry (SEASON 8)

19th: Stacy Layne Matthews (SEASON 3)

24th: Alexis Mateo (SEASON 3/ALL STARS 1)

27th: Joslyn Fox (SEASON 6)

27th: Robbie Turner (SEASON 8)

29th: Dax ExclamationPoint (SEASON 8)


2nd: Vivienne Pinay (SEASON 5)

8th: Kim Chi (SEASON 8)

10th: Manila Luzon (SEASON 3/ALL STARS 1)

23rd: Trixie Mattel (SEASON 7)


1st: Tempest DuJour (SEASON 7)

8th: Naomi Smalls (SEASON 8)

9th: Kennedy Davenport (SEASON 7)

11th: Ginger Minj (SEASON 7/ALL STARS 2)

11th: Pearl (SEASON 7)

15th: Tammie Brown (SEASON 1/ALL STARS 1)

17th:  Serena ChaCha (SEASON 5)

18th: Jinkx Monsoon (SEASON 5)

19th: Venus D-Lite (SEASON 3)

23rd: Roxxxy Andrews (SEASON 5/ALL STARS 2)

24th: Chi Chi DeVayne (SEASON 8)

24th: BenDeLaCreme (SEASON 6)

24th: Kandy Ho (SEASON 7)

29th: Adore Delano (SEASON 6/ALL STARS 2)


5th: Ivy Winters (SEASON 5)

5th: Madame LaQueer (SEASON 4)

10th: Phi Phi O’hara (SEASON 4/ALL STARS 2)

12th: Penny Tration (SEASON 5)

16th: Jasmine Masters (SEASON 7)


2nd: Jade Jolie (SEASON 5)

11th: LaShauwn Beyond (SEASON 4)

18th: Jade (SEASON 1)

22nd: Shangela Laquifa Wadley (SEASON 2/SEASON 3)

27th: Darienne Lake (SEASON 6)

28th: Sharon Needles (SEASON 4)

29th: Jiggly Caliente (SEASON 4)


1st: Tatianna (SEASON 2/ALL STARS 2)

10th: Acid Betty (SEASON 8)

11th: Phoenix (SEASON 3)

17th: Jaidynn Diore Fierce (SEASON 7)

17th: Sahara Davenport (SEASON 2) in memoriam

20th: Dida Ritz (SEASON 4)

28th: Honey Mahogany (SEASON 5)

28th: Laganja Estranja (SEASON 6)

ur faves arent cis

people are saying Peppermint can’t be a drag queen due to her gender identity….it’s time to remind ya’ll fools that over 15 contestants; including successful winners and faves were NOT CIS MEN and are doing well


Season 2- Kylie “Sonique” Love 

Season 3- Carmen Roman

Season 3- Stacy Jones

Season 4- Jiggly Caliente (Bianca Castro)

Season 4- Kenya Olivera 

Season 5- Monica DeJesus Anaya

Season 6- Gia Ichikawa

Season 9- Agnes “Peppermint” Moore


Season 3- Raja 

Season 5- Jinkx Monsoon

Season 6- BenDeLaCreme

Season 6- Courtney Act

Season 6- Adore Delano

Season 7- Violet Chachki 

Season 9- Aja

Season 9- Sasha Velour

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5: The Queens Ranked

Each of them were marked based on their performance as per Ru’s judgement. If they won the challenge they received three points, if they were high they got two, if they were safe they got 1. On the other hand, if they were low a point was taken away, if they had to lip sync but survived they lost two points, and if they lip synced and were eliminated they lost three points. Here are the rankings from Lowest to Highest.

Serena ChaCha (-5)

Monica Beverly Hillz (-4)

Penny Tration (-3)

Coco Montrese (-3)

Vivienne Pinay (-1)

Alyssa Edwards (-1)

Jade Jolie (0)

Honey Mahogany (1)

Detox (2)

Lineysha Sparx (4)

Ivy Winters (5)

Roxxxy Andrews (13)

Alaska (15)

Jinkx Monsoon (20)

RuPaul Girls of Other Sexualities

Genderfluid Queens
-Violet Chachki
-Sasha Velour
-Courtney Act
-Kelly Mantle
-Miss Fame
-Eureka O'Hara

Two Spirit Queens

Genderless/Agender Queens
-Jinkx Monsoon

Unspecified Non-Binary Queens
-Adore Delano

Transgender Queens
-Monica Beverly Hillz
-Jiggly Caliente
-Gia Gunn
-Stacy Layne Matthews
-Carmen Carerra
-Kenya Michaels

Bisexual Queens
-Jasmine Masters
-Kelly Mantle
-Tyra Sanchez
-Cynthia Lee Fontaine

Pansexual Queens
-Courtney Act

Straight Queens
-Carmen Carerra
-Gia Gunn
-Monica Beverly Hillz
-Kenya Michaels
-Jiggly Caliente
-Stacy Layne Matthews

not all drag queens are gay men in dresses! drag is for all sexualities and genders ♥️
RuPaul’s Drag Race Math: The Queens’ Performance Quantified

This is the comprehensive guide to the Ru girls’ performance in terms of how well they did in each challenge on their respective seasons- full ranking will be under the cut.

The Points System (by @fanta-no-cokeney):

Win- 5 points

High- 4 points

Safe- 3 points

Low- 2 points

Bottom 2, not eliminated- 1 point

Eliminated- 0 points


-Top 3 queens were awarded an extra 4 points each

-Willam had 1 point subtracted for being disqualified

-Queens on multiple seasons were ranked based on the most recent season they appeared in

-This list is by no means exhaustive/an objective measure of each queen’s success/talent- some seasons had fewer episodes so there were less opportunities for points

-A queen’s talent is not judged solely by the numbers- if any of you use this to claim someone didn’t earn their win or to bully any queens at all I WILL EAT YOU

-My math may be off lol



Miss Congeniality

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Monica Beverly Hillz is so fucking brave.  She just had so much stuff to clear up for people; she had to deal with SO MUCH ignorance even from her own community.

For starters, she handled racism/classism when she was accused of being too ‘ghetto’, and she let everyone know that she WAS ghetto and she was fucking proud of it.

THEN she dealt with the complexities of being trans* and a drag queen, for which she got a huge backlash from the drag AND the trans* community, but she broke it down and let us know

THEN explained her experience with sexual violence and drug addiction and depression and pulled herself out of everything just by realizing how valuable she was, no matter how bad it got

AND she did all of this on reality TV and maintained such amazing poise and beauty.  She’s doing such an amazing thing for the community, telling another (fucking important) human story.  So basically