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Like We Used To {Part 3}

Mark x Reader
Genre: Angst
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It was a turn of events that was for sure. Had Mark not told you that he was ending things with Monica? Had you two not confessed just a few hours ago your love for each other? You stared at the two of them from across the table, Monica holding Mark’s hand as she beamed at you but Mark continued to avoid eye contact.

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Reader and Harry are on a third date after meeting on set of his acting debt. They're in a humid location with a beach view scenery. He After exploring the towns he picks her up and carries her but the heat becomes too much for Harry and his asthma starts showing. He's a little humiliated and insists he's fine but the reader is determined to help him feel better.

As if being in such an amazing location filled with beaches and shops and with amazing weather, although very humid, wasn’t enough, you were now on your third date with Harry Styles. It was still hard for you to wrap your head around; it all just seemed like a dream that was too good to be true. If that were the case you hoped you’d never wake up.
Today, the two of you were exploring some of the small towns nearby as today was an off-day for filming. You had a small role in the film that Harry was co-starring in so you weren’t working as much as he was, but you’d been showing up to set just to support him and to get more chances to talk to him since he was so busy. But today, you were both free and you were loving the area, especially because you were with Harry.
“I feel like Monica from Friends.” You looked over and couldn’t help but let out a laugh when you saw what Harry was talking about. The humidity wasn’t kind to your long hair, but at least you could put it up into a bun. Harry’s wasn’t quite long enough for that so it just kind of frizzed up, and you couldn’t stop laughing as he tried to pat it down, a playful smirk on his face.

“I really don’t think that’s gonna help, Harry,” you managed to get out in between laughs as he finally gave up. Your heart raced when he smiled back at you and laughed.

“S’worth a try, innit?” He glanced back at you as the two of you were strolling down the quiet sidewalk, and he noticed you were struggling to keep up with him.

“Having trouble keeping up with your short legs?” Harry joked as you playfully scowled and attempted to catch up to him.

“It’s these flip flops, alright? They’re a little too big and I’m struggling just a little,” you admitted with a smile. Harry looked at you for a few seconds before stopping and going towards you.

“Right then, guess I’ll just have to carry you,” he told you casually as he began picking you up into his arms.

“Harry!” you laughed, surprised at how easy he made it look to pick you up. “This isn’t necessary, I can just walk,” you assured him.
“Mmm, not if we’re gonna get where we’re going today,” he joked.

So you sighed and decided to just let him do it. But you couldn’t help but notice the way his breathing had turned into a slight wheezing sound and how he’d coughed a few times. It had been less than a minute before you looked up at his face to see that he seemed to be struggling with taking in breaths, and you immediately told him to put you down. He didn’t respond but did as you asked, and his eyes had become wide, his face red, as he let out a few coughs.
“Harry, are you okay? Come here, sit down,” you told him worriedly as you led him to a nearby bench.

The wheezing had become worse now and every breath seemed like it was a struggle. You sat next to him, hand on his knee and watching him with concern, wondering where there was a hospital and how’d you get there if needed.
“M’sorry,” Harry sputtered out as he tried to even his breathing. “S’my -” it took him a few seconds to finish his sentence, “my asthma… the heat,” he managed to say before letting out another cough. You had noticed it had become particularly hot that day, but you hadn’t known that asthma was something Harry dealt with.

“Oh Harry, shoot I’m sorry, let me find you some water,” you told him as he began to shake his head, an apologetic look on his face.

“It’s fine, Y/N…M’fine, don’t worry ‘bout it,” he told you, but you could tell he was just trying to play it off when he really wasn’t feeling fine. But it also didn’t seem right to you to just leave him here and run off to find water, and he must’ve been able to see that you were debating over it in your head.

“I’ll be okay in a minute,” he told you, the wheezing slightly less noticeable now. “I just have to catch…my breath again. Sorry just stay here,” he pleaded with you, so you decided to trust him and just wait with him while he rested, but you couldn’t help but run your hand through his sweaty hair and watch him to make sure he wouldn’t pass out. He didn’t mind really, just felt slightly humiliated.

He was now finally getting his breathing under control when he looked at you, and you smiled back comfortingly.

“Okay?” You asked, though the worry still showed on your face.

“Yeah, I’m really sorry. That just happens sometimes when it’s really hot,” he murmured, looking a little embarrassed.

“Oh okay, no don’t apologize, I just want to make sure you’re okay. I think we should try to make our way back when you feel ready,” you smiled at him.

“Yeah alright, well I’m ready when you are.”

“Okay, here we go,” you told him as you stood up, reaching your hands out to help him up. Still a little woozy, Harry swayed slightly when he first stood up, so you wrapped your arm around his waist to steady him as you began walking.

“You know, I’d carry you now but you’re just too big,” you told him with a smirk, making him laugh and look down at you fondly.

“’preciate that, love. If I pass out though I’ll just make sure to fall in your direction so you can soften the landing,” he responded jokingly, causing your eyebrows to shoot up and eyes to widen, making him laugh even harder.

“Thanks for that Styles,” you told him with a grin on your face as the two of you walked closely together under the summer sun.

the truth we both know (1/3)

emily au (season 9)

set in the same universe as the unspeakable fear of things and the follow-up christmas ficlets, although it is not necessary to have read those to read this. this is basically just… season 9 but emily’s there. warnings for some events of the episodes existence and nothing important happened today part i

i already have this entire story drafted so it should be up within a couple of days! (i’m posting it segments cause it long.)

The pain washes over her in waves, Mulder and Monica’s voices blurring with the faces of strangers. Mulder’s hand is wrapped around her ankle, fingers leaving warm lines on her sweaty skin as he stands in front of them protectively, one hand over the butt of his gun. Clutched protectively to her chest, their son wails incessantly.

I’m not going to let you take him, she tries to say. This seems fairly obvious - the people will have to go through Mulder and Monica to get to them, but there are many of the strangers and three of them protecting the baby, and she is so wracked with pain that she won’t be much protection. She hates this weakness, inability to be a mother. She thinks, helplessly, of their daughter, far away with her mother. She wants to be back at home - in their apartment, the sunny space that she and Mulder and Emily picked out together, that is entirely theirs, where nothing bad has ever happened and the baby’s room is ready and she has her gun drawn and can protect them all. Here, she is helpless and exposed in this tiny, dirty house.

Their son cries, and the strangers begin to retreat. Mulder squeezes her ankle, and rounds the bed to sit beside her gently. She winces a little at the motion of the mattress but sags gratefully against him. “They’re leaving,” Mulder whispers. “You’re both safe, Scully.” He presses a kiss to her head.

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The Bodyguard Ch 17

Thank you from @alittlemissfit and I for sticking with us while we both have been going through stressful times. Your waiting has paid off! Here is a nice long chapter!

Happy @fictober

Previously on The Bodyguard: 

If you’d like to read it yourself go here

if not here is a short recap:

Fox Mulder, a tired trust funder who does freelance work with his three buddies The Lone Gunmen, meets a mysterious woman who goes by Katherine.
The two get drunk and sleep together.
Dana Scully aka “Katherine” is a professional bodyguard who was just assigned her biggest case. 
She doesn’t realize that it’s to protect one Fox Mulder whom she thought was just a one night stand. 
Mulder doesn’t remember Scully. She remembers him. 
Mulder hates having a bodyguard and tries to slip his detail whenever possible which finally results in an explosion that puts a junior agent in the hospital. 
Mulder sees Scully comforting the junior agent and believes that she is seeing him. 
Scully tells her boss Walter Skinner about her previous encounter with Mulder and takes some time off. 

Now back to your regularly scheduled programing….

The phone rings in the home of Daniel Waterston and is answered after two rings. 

“This is Daniel.”

“Hello Daniel.” Comes the eerily familiar voice from the other line.

“S-spender? I haven’t heard from you in some time. How are you?” Daniel asks nervously. Worriedly he looks out the window for any sign of him being watched.

“I don’t have time for pleasantries, Daniel. I believe you know why I’m calling.”

“Oh- uh- yes I know you couldn’t have been pleased to see that I wasn’t covering the Mulder case but that was out of my control…”

“According to my sources you were forced to resign because you couldn’t keep your employee in line.”

“I couldn’t have them telling my wife, sir. I’m already in enough trouble as it is.”

“Oh, you are in more trouble than you imagine. However two jobs have surfaced that I’m certain even you can handle.”

“I need to lay low right now…”

“Shut up and listen to me!”

Daniel hears the old man take a puff from his cigarette before continuing, “Because of your fuck up that Scully woman is on this case and I think she’s going to be trouble.” 

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Recap and Review: ‘The X-Files: Stolen Lives’

Another audiobook has joined The X-Files library shelf. “The X-Files: Stolen Lives” was released by Audible on October 3rd. Based on the Season 10 comics from IDW, this continues the adventures of Mulder and Scully from “Cold Cases.” The stories are written by Joe Harris, executive produced by Chris Carter, and produced for audible by Dirk Maggs. Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, and Mitch Pileggi return to their roles, and other fan favorites lend their voices as well. As with the first audiobook, you don’t need to be familiar with the comics to enjoy this audio version, but it does help. If you haven’t yet listened to “Cold Cases” I’d suggest trying that first. The audio series does not follow the timeline established in the TV version of Season 10 so there are events and characters that would seem out of place to new listeners. “Stolen Lives” has some solid scares so if you’re a monster of the week fan you’re in luck. But it also dives into some mythology, though not quite as heavily as “Cold Cases.”

Does “Stolen Lives” pass the bar set by “Cold Cases?”  Hit the jump for our recap and review.

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You Got Me Dreamin: A Blake & Gwen Playlist [Listen Here]

1. I Found You - Alabama Shakes: ‘Cause I remember them days I waited so patiently/For God to bring someone who’s gonna be good to me/And then He blessed my soul.  2. Blue Ain’t Your Color - Keith Urban: But I just don’t understand how another man could take your sun and turn it ice cold.  3. How It’s Done – Maren Morris: It ain’t fair what she’s been giving/Now I’m on a mission for what you’ve been missing/Let me show you how.  4. In Common – Alicia Keys: If you could love somebody like me you must be messed up too.  5. Wonderwall – Oasis: So maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me.  6. Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur: I wanna live with you/Even when we’re ghosts/‘Cause you were always there for me when I needed you most.  7. F*ck ‘Em Only We Know – Banks: So come on, let’s pretend that no one else is watching while we play/By your side, that’s where I have to be now/We won’t hide/I breathe your kisses just to stay alive/I see exactly what you’re thinking/I can feel you with my eyes.  8. Magic – Coldplay: Call it magic/Call it true/Call it magic/When I’m with you/And I just got broken/Broken into two/Still I call it magic/When I’m next to you.  9. You Are – Estelle feat. John Legend: Never thought that you would kiss my heart the way you did/All of the sadness in passing/Making me feel like I’m past it/But you reel me in in the sweetest way.  10. Who We Are – Tristan Prettyman: We don’t have to understand/Fate always has the upper hand/And Fate chose me and you.  11. Ten Leap Years – Dawn & Hawkes: I wanna hold you like this, in the crook of my arm/Always build you up, keep you safe from harm/I wanna show you how love is supposed to feel/I wanna hold you so you know that our love sure is real.  12. Die a Happy Man – Thomas Rhett: Baby that red dress brings me too my knees/Oh but that black dress makes it hard to breathe/You’re a saint, you’re a goddess, the cutest, the hottest, a masterpiece/It’s too good to be true, nothing better than you in my wildest dreams.  13. Yours – Ella Henderson: And if I’ve been feeling heavy/You take me from the dark/Your arms they keep me steady/So nothing could fall apart.  14. Leather & Lace – Stevie Nicks & Don Henley: Lovers forever, face to face/My city, your mountains/Stay with me stay.  15. I Get to Love You – Ruelle: One look at you, my whole life falls in line/I prayed for you before I called you mine.  16. God Made a Woman – Jarrod Niemann: Never gave Him a reason to bless me at all/And I still can’t believe that an angel would fall/For a guy like me, guess He sees who needs saving.  17. Angel of Mine – Monica: How you changed my world you’ll never know/I’m different now, you helped me grow/You came into my life, sent from above/When I lost all hope, you showed me love.  18. Mango Tree – Zac Brown Band feat. Sara Bareilles: I love you, Say that you love me too/And we can turn the whole world upside down.  19. Late to the Party – Kacey Musgraves: And who needs a crowd when you’re happy at a party for two?/The world can wait/'Cause I’m never late to the party if I’m late to the party with you.  20. Bless the Broken Road – James Johnston: I’d like to have the time I lost and give it back to you/But you just smile and take my hand/You’ve been there you understand/It’s all part of a grander plan that is coming true. 21. Sing to Me – Walter Martin feat. Karen O: Everyday I listen to the funny things you say/I hope you never ever change your ways/Let’s take a wander through the world today.  22. Sure Thing – Miguel: This love between you and I is simple as pie baby/It’s such a sure thing.  23. Sweetest Devotion – Adele: I’ve been looking for you, baby/In every face that I’ve ever known/And there is something 'bout the way you love me/That finally feels like home.  24. Blended Family – Alicia Keys feat. A$AP Rocky: I know it started with a little drama/I hate you had to read it in the paper/But everything’s alright with me and ya Mama/Baby everybody here you know adores ya/I think it’s beautiful, I think it’s perfect/I know how hard it gets/But I swear it’s worth it.  25. Happy People – Little Big Town: Well life is short/And love is rare/And we all deserve to be happy while we’re here.  26. Forever & Ever, Amen – Randy Travis: If you wonder how long I’ll be faithful/Well just listen to how this song ends/I’m gonna love you forever and ever/Forever and ever, amen.

ostinato || part one

summary: the road keeps bending back upon itself, and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. time loop au [part two]
warnings: canon major character death, copious amounts of sadness
word count: 4430


“Do I dare
Disturb the universe?
In a minute there is time
For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.”

–T.S. Eliot, “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock”

(He doesn’t know it yet, but it begins when he sees a glimpse of skull and bone and the universe turns on its side like a spinning coin.)

Time has never held much meaning for him until he felt the clockwork gravity of the earth settle low in his stomach. 

The decades of human existence were like seconds, centuries mere blips in his periphery. It was nothing to him but an endless stream, ceaselessly rushing forward with no significant value. He stood in the rush of it, untouched.

Maybe this is why, as he wakes up at 8:24 in the morning with his breath stolen from his throat, lifeless green eyes flashing through his head, he thinks it’s a fluke.

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She’s upset. Lighting a cigarette saying things like, “I’m fucking sick of this.” Now grab her hand climb out on the roof and light one with her. She’s stressed. Talking so fast she’s stumbling over her words while saying things like, “I don’t have a choice.” Put your hand in hers, stay up all night and listen. She’s sad, she’s really fucking sad. Hands shaking, saying things like “I’m sorry for how I kill my pain” and “I’m numb now” so let her cry, run the bath for her, climb in and hold her. She’s depressed, apologizing again saying things like “I’m sorry I’m like this” Don’t ask her to explain her sadness; you’ll wish you could take it away more than you’ve wanted anything. Turn on her favorite show, let it play until she’s sleeping but stay up a bit longer; she gets nightmares. Wake her up. Let her rest her head in the nook of your neck while you play with her hair. She’s trying to sleep, damn near killing you she’s so perfect. Saying things like, “babe, you go to sleep first” but she’s absolutely stunning. Pretend to sleep so she will. She’s excited, acting like a little kid. Saying things like, “Guess what, guess what!” when you hear her laugh, you’ll fall more in love. Tell her you love her. With her hand around her ear she’ll say, “what’s that?” with a smirk on her face. Tell her louder: “I love you, I love you, I love you.” She’ll make your cheeks hurt from smiling. She’ll make a home in your heart.
—  @kristine-monica
This is our happy ending(Gallavich)|| Chapter 11-Guess whos back

Chapters:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


The last two months had been pretty good in the world of Gallagher-Milkovich , followed by a few Santiago’s.

Ian and Mickey had been making a whole bunch of plans for the house and after the month and a half of planing they broke ground a week ago.  They were so excited and feeling more in love then they ever have. They had sat lana down and asked her if she would move into the new house with them, her and Yev. She said “As long as my room far away from yours. I don’t wanna hear carrot tops moans”

Lily and Carl had been flirting and kissing for another 3 weeks before he finally asked her out.

“Its funny I feel like ive known you since I was born” Lily said looking into Carls eyes. His beautiful blue eyes.

“I know, I like this” He told her, linking his hands with her causing a smile to spread on her lips.

“I like this too, A lot”

“So be my girlfriend. I don’t want to wait any longer because if I do I could lose you and You are the best thing thats ever happened in my life”

Liam and Grayson had been getting closer, they had acted just like best friends and since no one knew Liam was gay no one ever thought any thing of it. But the sweet kisses when no one was looking and the hand holding under the table when they knew no one could see made Liam’s heart flutter. They weren’t official, neither of them asked questions but they followed the rules of dating and never even thought of seeing others. They liked each other a lot.

Lip and Mandy had been the same besides wedding planing and looking at houses to buy. Their relationship had never been better and they were both so happy. This is all Mandy had wanted for a long time.

It was two am when Ian got the call, the call that changed his mind set and his world around once again.

He felt stupid for letting 3 words turn everything upside down but he couldn’t help it.

Monica is back

Fiona’s words kept replaying over and over in his head, giving him chills down his spine. He needed to go, surely the whole house was up and he was sure that Fiona’s next call would be to lip who would have gotten out of bed as soon as he heard the world Monica but he was wasn’t going without Mickey, he couldn’t.

So he turned his head, to see his beautiful sleeping boyfriend and shook him awake.

“Ian? What time is it?”
“Is the house on fire?”
“Has someone broken in?”
“Then I’m going back to bed, love you"Mickey said before turning his head the other way and closing his eyes.

“Monica’s back” he whispered, feeling like if it said it any louder it would all be too real and he didn’t want it to be. Mickey didn’t say anything, he just got up and walked to his dresser, Pulling out a hoodie and a sweat pants. God Ian loved him. As Ian did the same, pulling on sweats he felt himself shake, his legs and arms, his jaw even. Mickey noticed too, pulling red into a hug.

“I won’t let her hurt you again Ian, she can’t” he whispered in Ian’s ear, only getting a nod back.

The car ride had been silent but as soon as they got there they saw lips car and all the lights on.

“You ready?” Mickey asked talking Ian’s hand in his, before they opened the door to the screaming and yelling he could hear inside.

“No, but let’s go” he said opening the door.

As soon as they walked inside all the screaming stopped and eyes darted to them.

“Ian! The only one who understands, who’s like me” she said and started walking over, opening her arms. Mickey quickly dropped Ian’s hand and stood in front of him.

“No Monica he isn’t like you. You don’t get to use his illness against him” he said getting angry, he was so tired of Monica using his illness as an in to Ian’s life. He wasn’t gonna let it happen again.

“Mickey he’s my son, Move now”

“Your son? You have no idea what that word means. Mothers get to use that word and last time I checked you’ve walked out more than once on them, you aren’t a mother” Mickey said, getting a little louder. Ian had never been so thankful for Mickey until this moment.

“Mickey, that’s not fair. I was sick. I’m better now”

“For how long? Until drinking and coke becomes better again? Thats not fair? This isnt fair! These kids have been dealing with this bullshit all their lives and it needs to stop. If you and Ian ‘had the same thing’ you’d understand that you coming and going makes him worse. No, if you were a mother you’d understand that. The same way you’d understand the way you break Carls heart because he’s the baby boy that keeps forgiving you. Or the way Fiona maybe starts to think she has some help so she can get her life together only for you to leave with their money or some how trying to break the family part.
You have no idea what it’s like to see these guys after you leave and I refuse to see my family hurting like this again”

All the Gallagher siblings had widened eyes, including Ian. None of them knew how but Mickey cared until now.

“Your family? Your just the thug down the street mick, they are my family”

“See Monica, that’s where your wrong. Family picks each other up, helps each other when one of them can’t do it on it’s own, saves the other one when they can’t save themselves  and most importantly a family has love and care and even worriment for one another and as far as I can see all you do is break them down while I do everything I possibly can to pick them up” at this point fiona had tears in her eyes and so did Mandy, lip stood in shock and Ian was trying not to cry.

Carl had called lily, asking her to come over, not saying anything but that and she heard the broken sound in his voice as he asked. She told him she’d be right over and to stay put. He could hear the screaming of Monica and Mickey from his place on the first step of the stairs outside. Where he use to sit every time Monica would fight with Fi or Frank as a kid. Carl had tears falling down his face, he couldn’t stop them and at this point he wasn’t even gonna try at this point. Monica was his weak point, the one that broke him over and over again.  Lily ran to his house as fast as she could, she was worried and scared and needed to know he was okay. She opened the gate and looked at him as his head shot up, tear streams down his face, eyes red and blood shot.

“Carl baby, what happened” She asked sitting next to him and pulling him in her arms, his head falling on her shoulder.

“Shes back” He whispered, that same heart broken, numb voice coming back again.

Lily stood up, holding her and put for Carl who of course  took it and the walked inside, hand and hand. Lily had started spending nights at the gallagher house, helping fi with the kids and carl loved her for it, so did Fiona. She had become part of the family.

“You can’t come crashing their worlds in again Monica, I wont let you, They don’t deserver this” She heard Mickey say as they walked in.

“Hes right, you should probably go” Lily said, angry by the sight of her. She has never met Monica in person, but she knows everything the bitch had done. Carl had spent a whole night crying to her about it and it broke her heart.

All eyes looked at her and carl. Fi’s heart broken when she saw Carls tear stained face.

“Who the fuck is she?” Monica said looking over.

“She’s my girlfriend” Carl told her wrapping his arms around the girl.

“You have a new girlfriend? Why didnt you tell me” Monica smiled.

“When would he have told you Mon? Before or after you try and get Ian to leave everything again? Before you go on a bender? or maybe before you let another 4 year old drive a car? These kids don’t fucking need this and they don’t want this. You make this boy or his family cry like this one more time and I wont be so nice” Lily told her, trying to step forward but was held back by her boyfriend.

“Coffee cake has a good fucking point” Mickey said, causing all the siblings to laugh a little, even Ian. Once Lily had brought the boys a coffee cake she had made and it was amazing, after that the name kinda stuck.

“Why can’t I just come and see my family? Ive said sorry” Monica said starting to cry herself.

“Why is everyone Yelling?” Liam said walking down the stairs, still half asleep, his eyes widening once he sees her.

“Liam, baby” Monica said walking over to him.

“No. No fucking way” He said, pushing paster her and running out the door. The last time he saw her she promised to be at his eighth grade grad, she was there when he went to school that morning and took off in the afternoon. It broke her heart. He laid in bed crying for two days, all he wanted was his mom there. Liam ran, not really sure where he was going, but he just kept running. Why would she show up when everything was fucking good for once? why did she feel the need to break down every human possible.

He should have known where he was going but it didn’t really set in until he was at their front door. Grayson. He knocked on the door somewhat loudly. knowing sophia was at the diner and Lily was at his house it was just Grayson home and he had probably fallen asleep a while ago. It took a few minutes but Grayson answered the door, shirtless and sleepy.

“Liam? Babe? why are you crying?” Liam hadn’t even realized that he had been crying since he had pointed it out.

“Can I come in? I can’t go home” He told the older boy, talking soft and sadly. Grayson didn’t say anything, his just opened his arms and as soon as Liam was in them the real tears started. He walked carefully with the crying boy still held protectively in his arms. He placed Liam on his bed, taking off his shoes and running around to the other side and getting in before pulling Liam back into his arms, one hand wiping the falling tears from his face and the other rubbing circles on his back.

“Baby you gotta tell me whats going on” Grayson said softly causing Liam to open his eyes and look into his lovers. Grayson saw the hurt and heartbreak in his eyes.

“My mom, she came back”  He said. Unlike Lily Garayson didn’t know a whole lot about the Monica situation, just that she had come and gone his whole life.

“Then Mickey came over and started defending us and then your sister did the same and Monica kept talking about wanting her family and then I walked downstairs, I guess not really realizing what I had heard before, not realzing it was monica and when I walked downstairs she tried to hug me and call me baby and I ran, here. To you.” Liam said looking back into Grayson’s and Gray’s heart just broke. He cared every much for the boy in his arms and it had made him sad someone had so much power over him.

“Do you wanna talk about it?”

“Do you mind?” He asked weakly.

“Not at all baby” He told the boy, placing a soft kiss on his forehead.

Liam had spent the next two hours telling Grayson all about Monica, about eighth grade grad to the car to the time she fucked with Ian’s mind, all of it, he had cried a few times through it all, more times than he’d like to admit but Grayson didn’t mind.

Things were a mess back other at the Gallagher house, after Monica had called them her"Family” for the 10th time Lip lost it. Ian had broke down in Mickeys arms and Mandy was doing everything she could to calm her soon to be husband down.

“Is this all worth it Monica?” Fiona asked, finally speaking up after hours.

“Liam ran out, Ian is breaking down, Carl has already had a panic attack, Lily and Mickey have to sit here and watch you tear us apart again and Im here trying to figure out once again what you want, because it isn’t us. You came back for Liam for bob. You came for a fake teddy bear and Frank, You’ve come here to Get Ian off his meds, You’ve come here for shelter, food and drugs. So what do you want this time” Fiona asked, standing up and waling closer to the older girl.

“Im dying, and I wanted to say goodbye”

Monica Sweetheart

Monica Sweetheart looks cute, but this young Czech babe has a ravenous sexual appetite. Monica has done it all, from solo to gangbang, and the smile on her face tells you she loves it all too. This genuinely horny honey is big hit in America as well here in Europe and looks like only becoming bigger. We have her doing everything from her first casting to ATM and DP. Her trademark is without a doubt rough anal sex, often as part of group or interracial sets. So whether you want a private dance, masturbation, lesbian, oral, DP, ATM, anal or just plain old sex. Monica Sweetheart will deliver!

anonymous asked:

What can you tell us about Monica? She's so interesting (and adorable)

Ohh I love her so much!! I’d love to tell you some things about her!! And here, have this picture of Monica looking chill af in front of cute girls (she’ll prob get up and fall flat on her face tho) (=ㅇㅅㅇ=;)

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Tales of the Lucii

Hi there. So, I did a little survey the other day about what stories from “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” people liked, and this here is the result: The Tales of the Lucii!

So I’ll do my best to post a fairy tale a week, depending on my schedule, motivation, etc. ^^ In any case, I hope you guys enjoy them!

This is just the prologue. As I update, I’ll link up the stories here like a master post of sorts :)

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“…then Uncle Dustin started screaming his head off when the rabbit chased him! I’m not kidding! It was the loudest thing I’d ever heard!”

Everyone at the cottage in Caem howled in laughter at Talcott’s story, Dustin included. Noctis and the others were staying over for the night before heading off on a few more hunts, the group saving money for their stay in Altissia.

“Oh man, I really wish you guys were there to see his face,” Iris giggled, wiping away a few tears that had leaked out. She then turned to the man in question, sending him a sheepish look. “Sorry, Dustin.”

“Its alright, Little Miss,” the man chuckled affectionately. “But I think we should all retire for the night, don’t you? We all have a busy day tomorrow.”

“I’m not tired yet, Uncle,” Talcott pouted. “I wanna talk to everyone some more…”

“Tell you what, champ,” Gladiolus cut in, ruffling the young boy’s hair. “You and Iris go on upstairs and get ready, okay? We’ll read you a couple of stories when you’re done.”

“Really?” Talcott’s eyes shone at the mention of a story. “You’ll read my favorites to me?”

“Yeah! You’ve got the best storytellers in Lucis right here!” Prompto chimed in. As he was about to say more, the youngest of the group had already made a mad dash for the upstairs bathroom, Iris in tow.

“There he goes,” Ignis smiled fondly before turning to Monica. “What is his current guilty pleasure when it comes to books?”

“Ah, something called ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales’,” the woman replied, handing the bespectacled man a worn red book. “He has been reading through the book non-stop ever since Cid brought it over for him. Even marked his favorites with green pen.”

“Hey, I remember these,” Noctis smiled as Ignis flipped through the pages, remembering the rare nights his father would come in to tell them both a story.

“Indeed,” the older man chuckled before stopping at a certain story. “Noct, this was one of your favorites, I believe.”

Scanning the words, the prince felt the corners of his mouth twitch into a smile as the memories came rushing back.

“Yeah, I really loved…” Noctis was about to continue when the slamming of the door caught his attention.

“We’re ready!” Talcott chirped from the landing, dressed up in cactuar pajamas. Iris stood slightly behind him, dressed in a pair of moogle pajamas.

“Be right up,” Noctis called back, a small smile on his face.

“So, Talcott,” Gladiolus spoke after the young boy had been tucked into bed. “We heard from Monica that you liked ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales’?”

“Yes!” He gave the Shield a big smile as he said so. “Its one of my favorites!”

“Well, how about we tell them to you?” Prompto asked. “But in our style, of course!”

“That would be awesome!” The young Hester cheered.

“Very well then,” Ignis smiled as he handed Talcott the book. “Which one would you like us to read first?”

Talcott had a thoughtful look on his face as he flipped through the pages, stopping at a particular story that caught his eye.

“I want this one!”

The Frog King

Trusty John


Hansel and Gretel

The Three Snake Leaves


Little Red Riding Hood

The Singing Bone

The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs


The Juniper Tree

King Thrushbeard

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves


The Blue Light


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what other tv/movie relationships would you compare charlie and stiles' to?

Honestly, I feel like they are an amalgam of all my OTPs.  I can’t think of a single one that they are 100% like, but they take elements from all of them that add up to their dynamic.


Straight-up friendship as the base.  And bickering.  The dumb stuff.  Yelling at the TV, making fun of each other about bowling.  They don’t realize there’s anything romantic or flirty until they’re deep, DEEP in it.  All the stuff.  Young and dumb and in love (yes the Matt Kearny song).

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The support that they provide each other.  The intelligent feedback and brainstorming.  Bouncing ideas off of each other.  Problem solving.  Reassurance.  Reminding each other of their capabilities.

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 Also, they’re fuckin nerds.

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The whimsy.  The pranking.  The fun.

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They love investigating together.  They love working together.  They love each other.  There’s all of the mutual respect and they respect each others’ opinions so hard it’s stupid. INVESTIGATING TOGETHER.  But hey still bicker.

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Ugh, i could keep going.  In case you didn’t notice, pretty much all of my biggest OTPs are from sitcoms.  Because, ya know, they’re actually allowed to be happy.  Also they’re all dumb dorks and I love them.

So tonight was my dad’s birthday, and after we had cake and ice cream he goes and sits in the living room and my mom and I are talking at the dining room table for a while when suddenly my mom whirls about in her chair, faces my dad, and goes “HAH!!! YOU’RE FIFTY-SEVEN!”

Then she turns back to me and calmly says “he’s been whining about turning fifty seven for a while now. Only thing that will comfort him is that in six months I will turn fifty-eight”


And then–she talks about how she went to the mall and took the stairs instead of the escalator and that she didn’t just walk she ran and also she just kept looking at the people on the escalator and mentally going “aha how many fifty-seven year old women can still run up the mall stairs hah!”

Salvation - Part 2

Word Count: 2544

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, fire

A/N: This IS the last part to this episode. I know they’re normally 3 parts but I cut out the stuff with John and Meg so it ended up being shorter than I thought it would. 

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Series Rewrite Masterlist

Dean and you had found a decent enough gun to double as the Colt and were driving back to the motel. “I never got to thank you back there.” You said.

“For what?” Dean asked.

“Helping me through that panic attack. It all happened too fast. I didn’t have time to stop it.” You started explaining yourself. You didn’t want him to think you weren’t capable of handling whatever it was tonight was gonna bring. “I didn’t mean to be such a weak bitch.”

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Girls Night

Saturday, November 28 - “We met in a dating app.”

Sunday, November 29 - Netflix & Chill

Monday, November 30 - “You’re what?” 

One week writers challenge prompts


Words: 800

Warnings: Are FRIENDS spoilers even a warning? I don’t know, you’ve been warned.

Hi guys, I know you’ve missed me! ;) This is a “I’m sorry” fic, where I include the past prompt days and I recover myself from my horrible weekend.
I loved writing this, and I hope you like reading it to!! This is very short, but I’ve got some things prepared for you! 

PS: The reader’s friends here are totally real. They are @lauraboline @nemesris​ and @asparkshinesbright and I didn’t use their real names because they would kill me. :) This is the most personal fic I’ve ever wrote, so I hope you like this!! Tagging as usual @redlittlefox​ (Thanks for your help Ali, I love you!) @the-mrs-deanwinchester​  @abaddonwithyall @ilostmyshoe-79 @one-shots-supernatural @bovaria @but-deans-back-tho @askewbluetie @deanxkatherine-af

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The bar’s door opened as your friends got into the place. The moment you saw them, a smile appeared on your face. You could hear them whispering your name until they found you, moment when they ran to hug you.

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The Signs As The Front Bottoms Songs (+Lyrics)
  • Aries: Twin Size Mattress // Make sure you kiss your knuckles before you punch me in the face
  • Taurus: Father // I hope I fall asleep at the wheel and crash my car
  • Gemini: Flashlight // She says a lot of the kids we graduated with are now homeless which puts them in mad shady situations with mad shady people
  • Cancer: Funny You Should Ask // You see I just don't wanna do the things that you want me to do. But I'm a sucker, so I do them cause I am still in love with you
  • Leo: Lipstick Covered Magnet // Would you kick me in the face please? It'll make whatever I say sound like poetry
  • Virgo: Santa Monica // I feel so stupid thinking I might see you if I wander around
  • Libra: The Beers // It's a girl who never learned that I could not give a fuck
  • Scorpio: 2YL // Smashing bottles and stepping on glass has never felt so good in the past
  • Sagittarius: Handcuffs // The first one right and I hope that they realize, I hope they truly understand, just how sorry I am, things got so outta' hand
  • Capricorn: Historic Cemetery // It was a song about love and at the time it made sense. When the side ended we just laid there in bed. You had fallen asleep but I stayed up and read
  • Aquarius: Peach // You say I'm gonna miss you when you leave and you are probably right
  • Pisces: Swear To God The Devil Made Me Do It // I just want this to mean something to anyone even if they don't know who I am

🎶“So no one told you life was gonna be this way
Your job’s a joke, you’re broke
Your love life’s D.O.A
It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear
When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month
Or even your year, but

I’ll be there for you
(When the rain starts to pour)
I’ll be there for you
(Like I’ve been there before)
I’ll be there for you
(‘Cause you’re there for me too).”🎵

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