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i hate kaidan alenko only for the fact that cause of his stupid face i can't romance anyone else in the game, i always end up romancing him and i even tried to kill him off in one of my games so i wouldn't be tempted but i couldn't even finish that playthrough cause i love him too much, damn it

one peep from him is all it takes and you’re a goner

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friends ? :)

favorite male character: chandler!
favorite female character: rachel (but I love monica quite a lot as well)
least favorite character: ross
favorite ship: MONDLER
favorite friendship: rachel x monica and chandler x joey
favorite quote: the only friends quote I know by heart is “isn’t that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic?” lmao 
worst character death (if any): none?
this made me so happy you have no idea moment: I feel like the whole show is one happy moment after the other but a scene that always puts a smile on my face is when monica proposes to chandler 
saddest moment: the finale
favorite location: monica’s apartment 

Monica @monicabrown: #Repost from @robzangardi ❤️Look at Love❤️ Congratulations @marielwashere & Kether… Seeing this post put that dorky love grin on my face LOL… Mariel you have and will always be one of my favorites, you & Rob both helped me snatch back that fearlessness. U understood my crazy (you were the only one that said yes cut your hair, yes do the dermal piercing in the corner of your eye LOL & it’s no secret that Everyone you touch you SLAY!! So it is so unbelievably beautiful to see that you’re experiencing Love & connecting on the highest level with your soulmate.. Wishing you a lifetime of love and marital bliss.. #ForeverInMyHeart #NoGreaterFeeling #LOVE ❤️❤️❤️

#Repost from @robzangardi ❤️Look at Love❤️ Congratulations @marielwashere & Kether… Seeing this post put that dorky love grin on my face LOL…

So today I was watching Touched By An Angel because it’s fuckin awesome, and it was the ep with Rosa Parks where they put Roma Downey in blackface coz God makes Monica black so she can understand the fear of being a target of racism.

And it got me thinking about whether or not it’s problematic AF. Because obviously they did it to show the character being shown the real side of racism so she could completely appreciate the victimisation and terror that black people face. But obviously they could’ve hired a black actress and just had Monica’s appearance change completely instead of throwing an afro wig and dark makeup on a white actress.
But reading up on it, it seems Della Reese and Rosa Parks were supportive of the decision.

What do you all think? vomitinkonpaper I’d really love your perspective on this because you’re always so insightful when it comes to matters like this


I don’t think you understand how much I love him. all I literally said after the show was a mantra of how much I love them so much 😻😻😻 @5sos @calumhood (at Santa Monica Barker Hanger)