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Here’s just a few inspirational women that I love and want to celebrate this international womens day

JK Rowling - Author of one of the most iconic book series of our time. Also Twitter queen of clapbacks 

Priyanka Chopra - Bollywood star paving her way through Hollywood. Is open about sexism within the industry.

Viola Davis - Incredible talent and the first black actress to win an Oscar, Emmy and Tony award. 

Ibtihaj Muhammed - A black, Muslim Olympian. Already iconic. First woman in hijab to represent USA.

Monica Singh - Activist who survived an acid attack during her college years. She has found empowerment through her scars and is helping others do the same.


-Liz Bauman

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The world needs more happy Monica, so maybe Monica relaxing somewhere? Or! I have an AU in which she doesn't die so if you'd like to play with fashion design, maybe Monica in modern clothes?


And modern-AU where everyone is alive and happy?? yes ples

I have SO many headcanons about them…

Like, Monica is absolutely that girl who wouldn’t drink any soda ‘cause it’s unhealthy but will drink all your lemon-flavored beer

Huey is that guy who has a lot of money while not actually working anywhere and barely leaving his house… everybody just guesses it has something to do with computers and it’s probably not entirely legal. Only the squad knows… that it’s entirely illegal.

Niki likes children and loves to work with them. She also tells everybody it’s the only reason she hangs out with this sad losers

Elmer just knows memes of 30 different countries and nobody understands them, but he keeps using them and laughs at his own jokes

Aaaah my kids would have had so much fun

The X Files : Group sketch.

I present you the whole quatuor of the X Files:
John Doggett, Fox Mulder, Dana Scully & Monica Reyes.

I just have a lot of feelings about them, okay? Not only for their various forms of partnership, but as a four characters’ dynamic. If they had REALLY worked together, they could have been unstoppable…

I dedicated this to @moonprincess92nz and @how-i-met-your-mulder, fellow X-Philes.