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Marvel Question: Which fictional person of color (who’s not a legacy character), that’s featured in Marvel comic books, did you wanted Marvel to push MASSIVELY in all mediums (and still do)?

No one particular character. There are several who I would like to get revisited, who I feel have gotten lost or poorly used.

I liked Warpath and Mirage, since there are hardly any Native American characters in the Marvel Universe. Mirage has been one of my favorites since I was twelve. I thought the writing storylines often had to stereotypical a slant, and I wish someone like Jason Aaron, who is Native American himself, would write something for her, or for Jimmy Proudstar.

Now that Carol Danvers is the new Captain Marvel, I want to see more of Monica Rambeau in that title, or EVERY title, since she is a strong character, and it would be great to see her in future Avengers films.

Other than that, I think Marvel is finally beginning to make good progress with creating new characters of color that they really didn’t have twenty years ago. I love Moon Girl, Riri Williams and Kamala Khan, right now. They are a step in the right direction. I hope they continue to get exposure and show up in more media, like collectibles, video games or animated features.

I think All New, All Different Marvel is doing what I FINALLY wanted with Marvel.

They are combining the A-List with the B and C-List.

I mean, Wiccan and Hulking are on the same team as Songbird and Sunspot.

Carol Danvers and America Chavez are on the same team as Blue Marvel and Monica Rambeau

Dazzler and Nico are on the same team as Carol Danvers and She-Hulk

The Web Warriors book is using Spider-Gwen with Anya and more

Even a book of alternative universe characters who don’t get much spotlight!

Marvel is finally saying “Enough of the big six avengers and characters we have been playing for so long, have these awesome minor characters you haven’t realized how great they are!”

I’m loving this!!!

Miss American Chavez - Latinx Hero Spotlight

Basic Stats

Name: American Chavez
Alias: Miss America
Publisher: Marvel Comics
First appearance: Vengeance #1 (Sept. 2011)
Creators: Joe Casey & Nick Dragotta
Team affiliations: Teen Brigade, Young Avengers, A-Force
Abilities: Superhuman strength, Superhuman durabilty, Flight, & Inter-dimensional transportation

Why We Love Her: America is an all around badass queer lady - she can punch holes through dimensions! Raised by her two mothers, she left her Utopian to follow their examples of self-sacrifice. 

After Young Avengers we were sad to see this Latina go into the Marvel archives but were pleasantly surprised when she came back with the A-Force run of Secret Wars. The Marvel Previews have shown her in not only the Avengers #0 issue but also the Ultimate alongside Black Panther, Blue Marvel, Captain Marvel, & Monica Rambeau.

What to let us know why you like America Chavez? What other Latinx superheroes are you fans of? Let us know!