monica sandoval


I’m really getting into this Zine book business ;)

Ever since I saw theresaknopf’s Manifesto Zine a few weeks ago I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. So far I’ve been creating prototypes to showcase my daily drawings, the above images shows the best one I’ve made so far. I love making these so much I’m planning to make one for my  “Artist Hair” Manifesto with illustrations to go with each step. I cant’ wait to show you guys that one :)

In the meantime, here is my miniature zine of daily drawings!

(hint, hint, hint, let me know if you want one)


Process is painful but rewarding.

I lost my marbles today trying to figure out a piece I’ve been working on. I had to destroy it in the end, but from the rubble I created something better. Not sure where it’s heading but I have a good feeling it’s in the right direction.

I’m Pretty
Monica Sandoval
Black Cocktail Dress; Hair Straighter, Face Foundation, Blush, Eyebrow-Definer, Lipstick, Eyelash-Curler; and a Variety of Desserts.
Video Performance

Special Thanks to:
Brittney Hoogervorst
Sahara Ahal
Philip Koscak

Without the three of you this project would not have happened. Thank you for your encouragement, kindness, love, and hugs.


I had my last crit today as an undergrad <3

I showed these pieces, plus a bonus one you guys didn’t see on Tuesday, to Christian and his crew (Erika and Garrett).  I got some great feedback, even suggestions of pushing the multiple aspect of these works even further (DONE!)

It was a great crit and it was great to see some familiar faces on my last day. But, no worries, I’ll be back :)

Annnnnd scene!