Nextwave (2006-2007) #1

“Kill the line, Aaron.”

“Yes. Silence, fleshy one.”

“Aaron, I understand the whole Robot Pride thing but I’ve asked you not to call humans ‘fleshy ones.’”

“Ah. Sorry.”

“It’s okay, it’s just… it’s creepy, okay?”

One of the things I love about Nextwave alongside of, well, most everything about it is that Monica Rambeau is our classic hero moral compass, our anchor into what the genre is supposed to present us with, while allowing all the other characters to absolutely get into ridiculous levels of fun all the while. 

But the comic is also smart enough to know that Monica should be allowed to be just as ridiculous and just as engaging as the rest despite that, and never limits her due to her status as the actual professional superhero of the group. 

It’s a fantastic balance.

And then there’s Aaron, who quite easily steals every scene he appears in throughout the comic by perhaps being allowed to be the most ridiculous character this side of Dirk Anger.

To all those Black kids who never thought that they could be heroes

You are special.

You are mystical.

You are fierce.

You are brilliant.

You are powerful.

You have the blood of kings and queens running through your veins.

BLACK WIDOW - Trailer #1

“One of the most valuable skills in espionage. You can gear up with the best swag out there– Put on camo, tech, weaponry… But it is the unteachable skill to belong anywhere. The other edge of what is the unfortunate truth: You must first belong nowhere.”

    Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff
    Natalie Dormer as Yelena Belova
    Nicole Beharie as Monica Rambeau/Photon
    Osric Chau as Amadeus Cho

On days like this Sam Wilson calls in Black to the Avengers and refuses to go into work.

I imagine he spends his days this week at the VA with Black vets and they sit and talk and cry praying they’ll be alive tomorrow and the next day because cops don’t really give a shit about a Black vet with PTSD.

What do y'all think the other Black characters are doing to cope today?

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So Ava DuVernay (the director of Selma) reportedly met with Marvel this week to discuss the possibility of directing one of Marvel’s upcoming movies. While Black Panther is an obvious choice,  why not Captain Marvel? Especially since Captain Marvel doesn’t necessarily have to be Carol Danvers – she can be Monica Rambeau!

Pictured: Uzo Aduba, Nicole Beharie, Nathalie Emmanuel, Taraji P. Henson, Viola Davis, Gina Torres (if I can’t have her as Wonder Woman I want her as a Captain Marvel, damn it).


Captain Marvel #2 - Speaking Without Concern (1994)

Story: Dwayne McDuffie & Dwight D. Coye, art: M.D. Bright

“…I speak without concern for the accusations
that I am too much or too little woman
that I am too black or too white
or too much myself
and through my lips come the voices
of the ghosts of our ancestors
living and moving among us…" 

      -  Prologue by Audre Lorde (fragment)