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So if anyone’s interested, we’re having a CD signing with Lea Michele on May 11th at 6:00 p.m. at the Barnes and Noble in Santa Monica!

Starting tomorrow, 4/28 at 9:00 a.m., you can purchase the CD and what’s cool is that 10% of your purchase is going to be donated to an organization of Lea’s choosing. You can either come in to the store or purchase it over the phone. If you did buy it through just show us the receipt.

Another important thing: the wristband you’ll be receiving with the CD.


We’re being really strict about this. The wristband is the only way you’ll be allowed into the event space to meet Lea. The only tears I want to see are happy tears from meeting your fave not because you have to purchase the CD again for a wristband.

If you have any questions, you can head over to the store’s twitter page 

altheaknorka  asked:

Imagine Bucky meeting Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman and remembering her from their missions together for Hydra.

“We sure could have used your help in the battle of New York too!” Tony exclaims as both the Avengers and the Carol Corps enter the Quinjet.  

“Oh. Yeah. We had to decline.” Col. Monica Rambeau says, barely looking at him. Col. Carol Danvers explains: “Yeah, sorry. Busy cancelling an Incursion.” Bruce and Tony blink. Carol pauses, then rubs her forehead: “I can’t remember the technical term, sorry. That thing when Planet Earth from an alternative universe is obliterated, and the Earths of two adjacent universes collide with each other, destroy their respective universes and threaten our dimension, know what I mean?”  

Tony and Bruce exchange confused looks: “Er… no?”

“Well, that’s because we did our jobs.” Monica smirks and fist bumps Carol.  

“Wow.” Tony grabs Fury’s sleeve as he passes by: “Hey, Nick, why didn’t you ask these ladies to be part of the Avengers Initiative?”

“I did.”

"Aw, you mean, we weren’t your first choice?”

“Tony.” Nick Fury pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs. “You barely even made the list.”

Carol and Monica turn their attention to Rhodey and gently tease him. Their youngest ally, Kamala Khan - who is dressed from head to toe in the colors of Captain Marvel - fires questions at Bruce and Tony.

Jessica Drew ignores all of them and walks straight to the very end of the Quinjet, where Bucky is sitting, hands deep in his pockets, eyeing the Avengers and their new allies with equal wariness. Jessica croaks something unintelligible at Bucky. He nods. She sits down next to him. She crosses her legs and stares at him expectantly. He lowers his head but keeps his eyes fixed on her. Her hands are shaking. She has this weird, hesitant smile of her face.

Suddenly, Bucky yelps and springs up. Rhodey has his gun out of the holster. Monica and Carol go in combat mode, their hands sparkling with energy. Tiny, protective Kamala throws herself in front of Tony and Bruce.  

Bucky presses his hand over his mouth and tears start running down his face.

Jessica wants to say something, anything, but no sound comes out of her mouth, so she eventually opens her arms and to everyone’s surprise, Bucky steps in her embrace, lets her cradle him as she shakes her head and murmurs: “For years, I thought you were my imaginary friend.”

“I remember you”, Bucky says. He smiles through his tears. “I know you. You…”

He looks at her teary eyes and beaming face, and it all comes back to him: Dr Drew’s baby daughter, Dr Drew’s twisted take on the Black Widow, Hydra’s very own spider, Hydra’s princess… the toddler babbling to him, parroting Hydra songs, and falling asleep under the Winter Soldier’s chair, her first wobbly steps around his cryogenic chamber, her light taps on the frozen glass as her father described to her the marvel of eugenics, needles as thick as her arm, the day she first crawled up the wall and the smell of electricity that hasn’t anything to do with the wipes…

“You…” Bucky gulps. He remembers it all and yet she is standing before him, a SHIELD jacket on her red and gold suit, a wide grin across her face, her eyes glittering with pure joy and relief. “You found a way out.”

“I did.” She extends her arm towards his face, refrains from touching him, but curves her hand in an affectionate gesture above his cheek.  "I sure did.“ Her smile grows even wider, "We both did.”

paigeybooboochild  asked:

*banging fists on table* give me more pta!bucky vs kathy sue!!!

Parent-Teacher conferences. Kathy Sue walks out looking irate, dragging Jayden behind her. She runs into Bucky and Monica, just her luck. 

“Mr. Barnes… Monica…”

“Kathy… Jayden…”

Kathy fakes a grin. “Pretty dress, Monica. You look darling.”

Monica rolls her eyes. Bucky smiles. “I know, she always looks beautiful. I see you got Jayden’s hair cut just in time for conferences, did it make the teacher like him more?”

“For your information, that teacher is clearly biased against us.”

Bucky shrugs. “I can’t possibly imagine why.”

“It’s because you’re annoying.” Monica tells her.

Kathy Sue gasps and Bucky holds back laughter. “Monica, we don’t say things like that to people’s faces, even if they are true.”

“I cannot believe your husband is royalty with a child who speaks to adults that way.”

“It’s so odd!” Bucky said in a mocking tone. “She doesn’t speak that way to us or adults that she likes. It must be something about you… See you at the next meeting, Kathy Sue.”

Ira Glass, Modern Dancer

Sarah Larson talks to Ira Glass about his collaboration with Monica Bill Barnes & Company:

“[Dancing] wasn’t a big part of his youth. (‘I’m basically, like, a very unathletic person,’ he said.) There was no dancing at his wedding. And aside from an occasional Mark Morris piece, he hasn’t attended many dance performances. But when he first saw Monica Bill Barnes, something clicked.”

From left: Monica Bill Barnes, Ira Glass, and Anna Bass. Photograph by David Bazemore