Juvia loves Gray very much, okay?

Great, now that I’m finished, I don’t remember what I was going to write here. First, this is a fanart of Carly’s Her Smile drabble. I’m into servant/master AUs, and I suddenly got inspired to draw two scenes. I was too embarrassed to draw any smut, haha. Though it is very crappy, I’m actually amazed with myself, it’s the first time I draw hair so easily, is it your charm Carly?

Thank you very very much, it’s a pleasure to read your writings. Take care of yourself. <3



Ugh, I’m sorry for taking this long to finish the requests everyone. My tablet has gone completely crazy, I thought maybe I can work like this but it’s not even moving accordinly to my pen!

I was supposed to finish Haikyuu!! (Iwaizumi & Oikawa), since I’m already done with skin and there’s not much left, and then get to Erza.

jsoebb eriboook

Forgive me please, I’m trying to solve this. Plus, it’s the worst outcome, but today, when my Photoshop 30-day trial ends, if I fail to open the files I’ve been working on… I might gone crazy and then move to SAI. I hope not.