Ichabbie AU
↳ Dimension-Traveling!Ichabbie

After escaping from purgatory, Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane come back to a Sleepy Hollow unlike their own. They had somehow landed in an alternate universes where their roles were reversed: Abbie was the 200+ year old woman out of time and Ichabod was the cop. They meet up with their counterparts, and together they figure out a way to send Abbie and Ichabod back to their own dimension. 

Ichabbie AU
↳The Walking Dead!Ichabbie

When Ichabod Crane woke up from his coma, he was not expecting to come back to a zombie apocalypse. Disoriented and blessed by lady luck, he manages to find his way out of the hospital. He barely makes by with what little knowledge he has and arrives at his home. However, his wife Katrina and son Jeremy are nowhere to be found. Assuming the worst, Ichabod takes everything he can manage and flees the town. He doesn’t make it far when a zombie herd happens upon him. He is surrounded by all sides, and as he finally gives up running he hears a gunshot. A woman, a police officer by the looks of her attire, comes galloping in on a horse and makes it to Ichabod before the zombies.

“Get on!” the mysterious woman screams.

Bewildered, Ichabod stutters, “W-what?”

“Are you blind? The walkers are everywhere! GET. ON.”

Confused and terrified, Ichabod climbs up onto the horse and sits behind the woman.

“Ichabod Crane,” he says.

“Abbie Mills. Now hold on tight.”

When finally out of danger and back to Abbie’s group of survivors, Ichabod is filled in on the details of how the world went to hell. With no other way of making it in this zombie infestation on his own, Ichabod joins Abbie, her sister Jenny, her captain Frank Irving, and a handful of others and together they fight their way to survive and make sense of this damned world. 

Ichabbie AU
↳ Once Upon a Sleepy Hollow

What was that?

A sign?

She has been in Sleepy Hollow for the longest time and she was pretty sure she had never seen a sign with that silhouette before. Abbie walked faster until she was standing right in front of it.

The color drained from her face.

“Crane,” she croaked. She heard him come up behind her.

“What is it, Leftenant?”

Abbie turned around to face him, dread and confusion written on her face. “I don’t think we’re in Sleepy Hollow anymore.”

“What?” Ichabod looked at the sign.

Welcome to Storybrooke. (x)


Once Upon a Date
Killian Storyline: Taking him shopping for new clothes


Once Upon A Sleepy Hollow (OUAT/Sleepy Hollow)

Abbie and Emma return to Emma’s apartment with groceries for their Thanksgiving dinner later that day and are greeted by grey smoke, the fire alarm going off, and Killian and Ichabod trying to put out a flaming demon that was once their Thanksgiving turkey.

Emma stood in shock at the catastrophe before her, mouth agape and eyes wide. Mary Margaret was going to kill her once she saw the state her kitchen was in…

Abbie bit the bottom of her lips as she took the scene in. Ichabod and Killian had given up on the fire extinguisher and Ichabod was in the process of submerging the turkey in the now water-filled sink. Once the deed was done Ichabod meekly raised his gaze to meet Abbie’s. She huffed and pulled out her phone to call the fire department (better safe than sorry). 

Killian walked out in front of the counter. He wiped his hand on the front of his apron and licked his lips nervously.

“Emma, love- We can explain.”

Abbie raised her eyebrow. Ichabod focused his attention to a random kitchen appliance. Emma blinked long and slow.

“I… I need to sit down…" 


Frozen Hatter AU: Elsa is a homicide detective following the case of the serial killer the Mad Hatter, and after following seemingly endless leads, she finally finds him, but he is someone who she least expects.

“J-Jefferson? You’re the Mad Hatter?”

“It’s a shame you had to find out this way, Elsa.”