Japanese and Mongolian archeologists examining aerial photos of Mongolia have found a WWII-era secret Soviet train line in Eastern Mongolia, built to move Soviet soldiers into position to surprise-attack Japanese forces in Manchuria. The secret railroad is protected by jagged straight-line anti-tank trenches, which, due to Mongolia’s dryness and lack of erosion, were still visible from the air today. Crumbling old buildings along the route served as barracks.

If you have to hide a secret railroad somewhere, Mongolia is a good choice. Even today, it has the lowest population density of any independent country, about 2 people per square kilometer.

Khuushuur are traditional Mongolian meat pastries, usually mutton or beef finely chopped, with salt, pepper, onions or garlic, and sometimes fennel or other spices, wrapped in wheat dough, flattened, and deep fried. They are delicious meat pancakes! Sometimes vegetarian versions are prepared with potatoes and carrots.