Não importa sobre o que a gente tá falando, eu simplesmente gosto de conversar contigo, de ouvir sua voz e olhar seus olhos. Com muitas pessoas eu já perdi tempo, mas com você eu sinto que o aproveito da melhor forma possível. Eu o ganho.
—  Anne Sakamoto.

Lions DT Alex Karras looks to sack Redskins QB Sonny Jurgensen during a game on Oct. 3, 1965 in Detroit. The rugged Karras, who made four Pro-Bowls while anchoring the Detroit Lions’ defense and then made a successful transition to an acting career, with a stint along the way as a commentator on Monday Night Football, was born 80 years ago today. He passed away on Oct. 10, 2012. (Neil Leifer for SI)

GALLERY: Classic Photos of Alex Karras

myqueenhologram asked:

Would I be able to enter a skate competition if I skate mongo, I really don't have a problem skating mongo if anything it's helped me with a few tricks but there's this skate comp coming up and I was told I couldn't enter because I push mongo.

sounds like some wack popularity contest to me. if they don’t let you enter, that’s their bad. you don’t need their contest anyway. that’s why skating is better than any sport – bc it isn’t one.