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Don’t limit your post-college options to what our elders expect you to accomplish. Young people should always strive to challenge conventions and to resist conformity. Ok lang na sa umpisa ay maging bigo sa tradisyunal na career pero huwag huminto dito. Maging mas mapangahas sa pagbubuo ng mga bagong ideya. Ang kumpetisyon ay hindi dapat kung sino sa inyo ang unang kikita ng isang milyong piso o makakabili ng kotse o makakapagpatayo ng mansion; dapat ang labanan ay kung sino ang mag-iiwan ng pangmatagalang impluwensiya sa lipunan. Sino ang susubok ng mga ideyang hindi pa naisip ninuman? Sino ang lilikha ng mga bagong teorya na pakikinabangan ng komunidad?
—  Rep. Raymond ‘Mong’ Palatino, Kabataan Partylist
Kabataan Partylist warns public of tuition hikes in 24 universities and colleges in Western Visayas


MAY 18, 2011

Kabataan Partylist warns public of tuition hikes in 24 universities and colleges in Western Visayas

Iloilo City – With classes set to open in June amidst another round of price hikes, the KABATAAN Partylist-Panay today warned the public of the increase of tuition in 24 universities and colleges in Western Visayas.

“The tuition hikes come on top of the lack of any significant wage increase and the endless series of price hikes of oil and basic commodities. The tuition hikes in 24 schools in Western Visayas and 282 schools in the whole nation will surely be another burden to the students and their parents,” said Kabataan Partylist-Panay Coordinator Karlo Mongaya.

According to data from the national office of the only youth partylist in Congress today, the increase in 24 higher education institutions in the Western Visayas averages at 14.92% per unit or an average of P33.42/unit. Of these schools, 8 come from Iloilo, 2 from Antique, 2 from Guimaras, 1 from Capiz, and 11 from Negros.

Kabataan Partylist-Panay asserted that the increases, combined with the Noynoy Aquino administration’s budget cut for State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), only shows the worsening commercialization of education in the nation.

According to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the national average of tuition fees in colleges and universities in 2001 was P257.41 per unit. However, data from the Kabataan Partylist national office shows that the average tuition in the Central Philippine University for the academic year 2011-2012 is P672.6 per unit while that of John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University – Arevalo is P695.54.

“The tuition hikes only shows that the Noynoy Aquino administration is abandoning its responsibility to provide the right to education to the Filipino people. Education is a basic right and not a commodity. But the Aquino administration does not seem to share this view by allowing the abusive increase of tuition,” said Mongaya.

“If the Filipino people is truly P-Noy’s boss then he should immediately impose a tuition moratorium, stop all tuition and fee increases for this school year, review all unjust and exorbitant fees, and increase the budget for SUCs,” he added.

Denial of Information by CHED 6

The youth partylist said that the administration’s pro-commercialization stand on education is reflected in the refusal of CHED Region 6 to name the schools in Western Visayas that are increasing tuition this coming academic year.

“Kabataan Partylist-Panay challenges CHED Region 6 to stop denying the public information about the tuition increases in the region. It is the commission’s responsibility to inform the public about the full details of the tuition hikes. The people have the right to know. Once again, this clearly shows the subservience of CHED to the greedy owners of private schools,” said Mongaya.

Kabataan Partylist Rep. Raymond “Mong” Palatino has filed House Bill no. 4286 or the Tuition Regulation Act of 2011 in Congress to control tuition and other fee increases and empower students and parents by ensuring a democratic consultation and decision-making process.

The Panay formation of Kabataan partylist is spearheading the holding of an Iloilo-wide Education Summit with Rep. Palatino on May 26 to tackle tuition increases, unjust and exorbitant school fees, and other problems related to enrollments in colleges, universities, and public elementary and high schools.

ang saklap maging Pilipino

katrina stuart santiago

i’m sure there is truth to much of what PNoy said in that SONA — propaganda after all, as with press releases, have the facts that we need so that a google search should reveal those to be true. and of course the State of the Nation is the nation according to the government’s statistics, numbers always look better than real life, and that isn’t new either.

PNoy should really just stop pretending that he is different from GMA, when he sounds exactly like her, speaks of the state of the nation the way she always has. we should also just stop expecting more from him, even more so putting words in his mouth: the stand on responsible parenthood IS NOT a pro-reproductive health stand, anobah.

save for better speech writing, there is nothing different about the way the SONA is about the president patting himself on the back while keeping the more powerful among us — the Church, the capitalists | oligarchs | landlords, those who commit extrajudicial murders — happy.

and of course PNoy doesn’t care how the police are treating the activists holding their own SONA ng Bayan outside congress. of course he doesn’t care, that if there’s anything that reeks of his similarity to GMA, it’s that the police have been given this power to hit activists, watch them bleed, and hit them some more. and PNoy and the police get away with this because they will easily and constantly have the middle and upper classes on their side when it comes to these “rabid Left” they so despise!

but i dare anyone who went to EDSA Dos to kick Erap out: what did you think of rallying then? what did you think of the Left you were at EDSA Dos with? what did you think of occupying the streets and fighting for your right to kick out a president — illegal as it turned out to be, and having GMA as a horrid replacement in the end?

see, what this reveals really is that when it’s you, with no clear ideological leaning other than capitalism and consumerism, or whatever other advocacy you might have, who decides to use the streets to fight for your rights, rallies are ok. when you benefit from stepping out into the streets, when you see your friends doing it to boot, not to mention those on your FB timeline, it’s suddenly fashionable to go rally.

and when it’s about real concrete valid issues of what goes on in nation beyond those government statistics, when it is about real hunger and poverty, when it is about a president that has spent money on celebrating his own achievements, you would rather side with the latter. when it’s about issues that are so deeply ingrained in the follies of our systemic dysfunctions, when it is about unjust practices long being committed by government, it’s not about the streets for you.

you consciously forget that to go out to the streets is our right, one that you invoke when it’s convenient for you, or fashionable to do so.

and then really one can’t help but wonder, what is there to fear about activists moving closer and closer to the gates of Congress?

in fact since PNoy says the people are his boss, then doesn’t that make the SONA ng Bayanthe real state of the nation?