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Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 20 (Final)


This is not the ending I was expecting. I really should have known better than to expect the show to end on a positive note but the PD had promised it would be a happy ending. Truth is I don’t even get a happy ending of my own because I ate two boxes of cookies watching this finale, so now I even have to go to the gym to burn all those calories. I will just consider crying a freaking river through the episode as today’s work out and call it a day.

I am really dissatisfy with the final episode for several reasons. The first one being that I didn’t get the closure I think we deserved regarding Wang Won. The show spent 19 episodes showing him as devious person to just give him one redeeming scene at the eleventh hour, what gives? Am I supposed to believe he actually felt sorry for Chae-ryung? PLEASE. If you wanted to make him a more compelling character, you should have given him a proper time to develop mixed feelings about all the things he had done. Crocodile tears, I say.

Take for example Wang Yo’s storyline. He could have easily be a one dimensional villain in the story but through several episode we saw him interacting with his mother and her ambitions for him, add it to his “hunting” conscience and last words, it all made me realize how hard he was trying to achieve other people’s hopes. How hard he was trying to survive in a cutthroat environment.

Even Yeong-hwa’s reasonings were properly developed through the show. Was she nasty, ambitious and ruthless? Yes, but at least I get that she was also a woman who refused to be order around by men in a time when the amount of her importance was nothing more than to get marry and have kids. In her case, I understand her motivations behind her actions. She wanted more, to be more, so she sacrificed everything for it, and can understand that. Whatever the picture she got looked like the one she imagined is another issue.

Fuck Wook’s mother. After everything that happened she had no qualms about repeating history. It’s no wonder this family is willing to throw each other to the wolves with this kind of loveless parenting. Because let’s get it straight, pushing your own ambitions into your children and grandchildren, it’s not love.

I didn’t think that today, out of all the characters, it would be Wang Wook who would break my heart in a million pieces. I was already crying through half the show when I get to see a repentant and sick Wook, on his last days, thinking about the one he loves. And was it Soo’s face he saw? NO. It was Lady Hae. *sobs uncontrollably into the pillow* After all this time and all the things he did, his heart always, truly and sincerely belonged to his first wife. This story was fully of tragedy but none more so than Wook if you ask me.

It seems Wang Baek-ah was the only one who finally got to be free from the politics of the palace, despite remaining close to So. Woo-hee’s death was his snap back to reality of what it means to be part of the King’s close people. Baek-ah choose to stay away from his family, to mourn in peace and find a little solace. It’s a sad thing that he had to do it away from people he cares about.

Wang Jung remained steadfast to the very end. A man of his word, through and through, I’m so proud of him. Sure, he had his WTF and get a grip moments but I understand he had been dealing with an unrequited love for years. Jung never got the chance to be truly happy until everything was said and done, and even then he had to keep a secret and a promise for the rest of his life in order to fulfill Soo’s last wish.

Show, let’s be honest, we have been together through a lot together. Granted, you never pretended to be anything but what you are, a never ending sob fest, but I thought we had an understanding.

Wang So spent the entire episode crying over the one he loved and lost. Hell, he will spend his entire life mourning Soo. That’s how much he loved her and I totally agree with Soo’s decision to keep their child away from the palace. So agrees too -clearly- although he finally releases Jung’s exile in order to see his daughter from time to time.

But not reuniting them in some way was a cruel and cold dagger to my heart. I thought with an entire episode to your disposition, you would have enough time to develop a present day story-line. I wasn’t expecting them to meet each other and BAM! fall in love, because the one Hae Soo loved was the So from the past, but you could have given me something.

All I got was Hae Soo crying alone, at a museum, watching So’s picture and remembering all the people she had lost and even the daughter she never got the chance to see grow. Are you serious??

And full five minutes of Choi Ji-mong (that was him, right?? And he remembered everything!) giving more cryptic comments does not count as hope. OK??

My guess is that the show’s PD and SBS were so sure Scarlet Heart Ryeo was going to be a hit, they deliberately left an open ending in case they had to work on a second season. And they were right, up to a point, because the show was a success internationally but not at home, so now I wonder if they are willing to reunited a humongous cast of a very busy people and spend the money on a second production of a show that to them wasn’t all that successful. I hope they do… And if not…

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Scarlet Heart Ryeo- Time Travelling

I read somewhere, that if Wang So and Hae Soo would have met again, It would be a descendant and not Wang So. But I don´t think so, because I´m sure she would met him as Wang So again.


As Hae Soo traveled through time at the beginning, there was an eclipse and when did it appear again? At the end when Wang So said, that if there was a different world he would find her. In my opinion, this means he will wake up in the body of his ancestor. There must be a reason why there is the eclipse at the beginning and the end!!

When Hae Soo was back in the future, her colleague said, she almost drowned and woke up one year later. I think, this one year where her ten years in Goryeo and the person she meets after her colleague said this, is Ji Mong. We all know that he is the first time traveler, so after one year in the future and therefore ten years in the past, he is there too. First, I think he thought, Hae Soo would immediately remember him, but when he realized she didn´t, he started to talk about Goryeo to make her remember. This must have been on purpose!! 

Let´s talk about Ji Mong in the past, who was with him short before the eclipse? It was Wang So. I think when Ji Mong said goodbye; he wanted to travel back to the future through the eclipse. But before, he told Wang So he thinks Hae Soo is from a different world. (to get them together I think?) That was the reason, Wang So made the decision to find her in her world. Besides before Hae Soo travelled to the past, she wished to change her life and I think, this was the reason she time travelled. And his wish is to go to her. Therefore, it would make totally sense that he travels to the future and find her. Not as an ancestor but as him Wang So.


“And the danger is that in this move toward new horizons and far directions, that I may lose what I have now, and not find anything except loneliness.”
― Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Ending: What Really Happened

So last night, it’s 3am, and I can’t help but think there’s more to the ending. I decided to look at the order of the scenes…


Ji Mong is there and says goodbye and tells Wang So that Hae Soo was not from this world and that he may realize it. 

“if you long for a person you cannot reach, you’ll end up like me”

Is this a HINT that if Wang So longs for Hae Soo he’ll become a time traveller like Ji Mong? 

After Ji Mong leaves there’s a solar eclipse (which Ji Mong uses to leave). We then see Wang So completely covered in the darkness… when the eclipse finishes he’s on a horse, I believe on his way or in the future.


I’ll tell you why it’s the last scene…we backtrack to Hae Soo. She’s at work. Ji Mong comes to visit her and wants her to remember the past (he knows Wang So is on his way. If he really wanted either of them to forget he wouldn’t be leaving hints for them to remember). 

Then she remembers how Wang So said he’ll never let her go. Wang So said A LOT of cute things to her, WHY is this sentence highlighted in her returning memories? BECAUSE HE IS HERE. 

We think when he says “if we’re not from from the same world..etc” that he says it AFTER meeting Ji Mong because Ji Mong implanted it in his head that she’s from a different world. I don’t think so…Wang So KNEW


I think that Baek tells Wang So the 8th Prince is dead, he’s leaving again, 

Wang So then takes off his makeup tells Hae Soo he’ll find her. 

Next day, Ji Mong is wearing white (for the death of the 8th king?) Baek is gone, that’s why he’s not standing behind the king.

Wang So, seeing the eclipse, follows the eclipse to the future (I believe the eclipse grants the heart’s desire, like with Hae Soo when she wanted more from life, we all know Wang So wants Hae Soo more than anything). 


I’m almost done writing this post and I see @dreamingsnowflake2013 in one of their posts here, said something interesting about Wang So’s reaction when Ji Mong says goodbye…I agree with them that Wang So was NOT surprised by what Ji Mong said. Dreaming snowflake also claimed the photo that was being painted of Wang So was a gift to future Hae Soo because he knew she’d see it in a 1000 years. Agreeeed. 


This conversation between Ji Hyo and Kwang Soo was so precious. It’s not as if we didn’t know that they are great friends behind the scenes but I don’t think we’ve heard any one of them express such deep true thoughts about each other, to each other. It’s so vulnerable yet sweet. They are also extremely cute being all squeamish about this whole conversation! Love Kwang Mong!