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Hey I noticed the tags on your Teen Titans dream team post to do with Anarky. I don't know the character at all but you mentioned him not being that much of anarchist despite being literally called Anarky (or something)? Which seems incredibly dumb. Anyways I just want to ask how you would handle the character in a Teen Titans run considering an Antifa guy might not be that kid-friendly haha

listen… i’m not an expert on anarky so i could be talking shit but lonnie hasn’t been relevant for years and when he was “relevant” he was pretty much a v for vendetta rip-off/a c-list batman villain. to make it even worse, his defining anarchism and hard-left views were watered down by other writers who didn’t like anarchism. so now you have a guy called anarky who’s not really an anarchist, it’s super dumb. 

to modernize the character, i’d have him be part of the antifa/black bloc crowd like i mentioned in the tags. he’s not afraid to fight police, destroy property and set shit on fire to get a point across. he’s yet to kill anyone but can get pretty violent, he’ll threaten people with baseball bats and guns if needs be. this brings him into skirmishes with bruce, duke and the gang. as well as this, he’s an extremely talented computer hacker and child prodigy. i remember in his new 52 storyline, he was masquerading as ‘moneyspider’ which i believe was an online persona he used. i would push that even further and have that as his hacker identity. he steals from rich businessmen and gives the money back to the poor people that were conned out of their pensions and wages. he also exposes corporations and powerful world figures, which makes him a target. 

maybe this is how he meets duke, they probably fought at protests before but bruce asks duke to track lonnie down and protect him when a bounty is put on his head. also…. my version of anarky is gay….. and lonnie and duke have a little bit of batman/catwoman flirting going on. 

he joins the teen titans as a favor to duke but gets heated with them over methods of taking down supervillains just because lonnie is so hardline with his politics and ideals. 

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please do duke/lonnie i love my obscure boys!!!!!!!!!

for you, my love, anything.

might be more but idk. 

you can also find it here.


Duke woke with a wince. Sharp pain shot through his left side, near his abdomen. Oh, right, he thought, Poison Ivy. Last night had not been his finest hour. He’d been in the job for almost a month now and made a rookie mistake while trying to stop Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy robbing the diamond exchange.

He would have preferred another mission like the one in his first week, where he had been stuck in a vent while Riddler and Scarecrow made out for like… an hour. The intel had been good, so at least Bruce hadn’t chewed him out for that.

Duke remembered Bruce looking displeased when he’d limped back to the Manor last night.

We’ll talk about it in the morning.”

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Anarky | #Arrow Speculations - Could he be Felicity’s father?

Genius, Hacker, Vegas, Hacktivist? Sounds familiar?

Anarky is an activist antihero with very liberal ideas. His world clashes as much with the world of superheroes as it does with the world of crime

The first person to don the identity of “Anarky,” was Lonnie Machin, The Joker’s biological son with a Vegas showgirl. He possesses a genius-level intellect, and is particularly skilled at computer hacking. Anarky is also an adept martial artist, brilliant inventor, gifted strategist, and tireless crusader against authoritarianism.

He was also known as “Moneyspider”, a hacker that transferred millions of dollars from the accounts of wealthy corporations to Third World countries.

The shared story arcs with Green Arrow in which he tries to persuade Oliver Queen to sympathize with militant, economic sabotage in pursuit of social justice.

[Source Wikipedia & Comic Vine]

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Prompt: Ron is cornered by a spider, and is rescued by a character of your choice

This was another of the prompts I received way back in may. I can only apologise for my complete and utter uselessness, and thank those of you who have stuck around since then. You are all wonderful :) ps if you have a phobia of spiders, please give this one a miss!

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“Okay. Don’t panic. But. We have a situation.”

“…like the time we lost twelve crates of Headless Hats because someone cocked up the invisibility charms?”


“Shit…are we talking having to write stock off? Why? How much?”

“We have to write off all the stock in this shop, burn it to the ground and use the insurance money to open on new premises. I know you were mooting Hogsmeade last month, but I’m thinking we’re going to have to further than that. Like Antarctica, maybe.”

“What the hell are you going on about?!”

“There is a spider back there.”

Ron. It is a bug. You’re six two. Step on it.”

“This is a big spider though.”

“Is it comparable in size to a Hippogriff?”

“Probably two Hippogriffs.”

“Christ almighty.”

“Can you please just deal with it?”

“I am genuinely amazed that you are married.”

“Me too. But please just do something.”

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