moneys arting



I only start after I received the payment. 

I won’t accept deadlines. 

You may not use your commission for commercial purposes.

I am allowed to post your commission unless you ask me not to.

 Please keep in mind I’m constantly trying to improve my style, what I will draw may not look the same as what I have drawn before.

If you order two characters, I will draw two different pictures except you say something else!

 I accept both EUR and USD.

I will draw only crayons.



White CRAYON Bust: 5$/USD or EUR

White CRAYON Halfbody: 6$/USD or EUR

White CRAYON Fullbody: 8$/USD or EUR

Sketchy White  CRAYON Bust: 3$/USD or EUR

Sketchy White  CRAYON Halfbody : 4$/USD or EUR

Sketchy White CRAYON Fullbody: 5$/USD or EUR

Colored CRAYON Bust:  7$/USD or EUR

Colored CRAYON Halfbody : 8$/USD or EUR

Colored CRAYON Fullbody: 10$/USD or EUR


-Masculine character

If you want to commission me please message me! <3 Thank you!


Witchsona commission for roseminer.

boardgames/roses/money witch + flying squirrel familiar


All Yuuri could do was nod because the words on his tongue had fled along with any coherent thought.

That’s when Victor smiled, it was real and happy and bright and the butterflies in Yuuri’s ribcage were rejoicing at the sight.

My favorite scene from @captain-erwinmerica‘s latest chapter of Money Shot.

I love how Yuri constantly describes Victor as a beautiful God, yet what gets him the most is when he sees him genuinely happy and sweet.


This man has no right to be this hot and cute at the same time.

I want to be an Etruscan nobleman and have an elaborate sarcophagus with a statue of me and my wife holding each other on it

It’s just so wholesome and pure how Etruscan sarcophagi depicted couples as friendly and affectionate and it’s probably my favorite ancient sculpture trend.


i can’t stop thinking about what anon said about shou when he goes to college. i love the idea of him running his father’s shady business whilst being an arts student??? that would be good. and the fact that he followed ritsu to the same college is also good.

up until now nobody knows what business he’s running but shou would probably tell you if you just ask. he is roommates with teru. teru helps him with his hair. they’re bros. shou is also the Rich friend™  

so uh what if instead of the jumpsuit you’d have to wear a fancy dress or a tuxedo lmao

heavily inspired by this song which reminds me of sierra madre a lot