Failed Exams Answers Book

Laugh at the misfortune of flunked students as you flip through the pages of the Failed Exams Answers book. This book is a compilation – arranged by subject – of the most clever and incorrect answers ever imaginable. It’s a true indictment of the education system.


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~I am Doing Icon Commissions!~

Please email me at if you are interested!

I will do:

  • Characters - Including OCs or character’s from shows, YouTube, etc.
  • Animals - Either just the head or, if it is a small animal, a full body drawing will be okay.
  • Yourself - Yes! I will draw you! It is an icon commission after all.

Yes! I will do icons that are not of an animal or human! Ex: the pencil and money and mail in the image above.

I will NOT do:

  • NSFW - Sorry folks!
  • Offensive material
  • Excessive amounts of gore - A little is fine.
  • Complex backgrounds - It’s very hard to see these on a small icon.
  • Complex characters - Again, it is hard to see.

 Examples of Animations:

Example of simple animation (5+ frames):

Example of a complex animation (50+ frames):

(These are good for DeviantArt icons or to put on your blog!)

Please, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Email me at or message me here on tumblr

Hi guys. This is actually very embarrassing to write.

I’m not a prideful person, but I would never ask for help with anything unless it was serious. This is serious.

So, that’s me up there, in my rather okay-ish looking graduation picture.

I’ve set up a GoFundMe campaign to seek help raising money for my college semester, because I’m so stressed out about it I can’t even think straight.

I fucked up last semester- I had a mental breakdown, I was constantly on the verge of tears, and I didn’t want to do anything but lay down and sleep.

I’m feeling better, but because of my mistake last semester I lost my financial aid, which was the only thing getting me through school. I have absolutely no money- and I’m even struggling to pay the bus each day to get to college.

I need money for textbooks (I can’t even afford to get them cheap), and I need money for supplies, and food.

My really shitty college schedule prevents me from trying to grab a job (my hours are so odd, I wouldn’t be able to get a bus and work than run back to class).

I’d ask my family, but they’re as broke as I am. They’re struggling with bills and such and I can’t bare to ask them for the money they don’t have. 

All I ask is for some help, please. If you can spare a dollar, it’d be so important.
My campaign is here. Please spread this.

I love people saying how Sarah Nyberg was a teen when she said all that vile crap but the sources I read point to the fact that she was 21.

i’m sorry, but I pronounce 21 as Twenty One, not Twenteen One, maybe you do but I don’t.

Also keep in mind these are the same people who also defend Lena Dunham for doing the same crap so none of this is really new.

Hmmm... Interesting to know:

Executives from broadcast television networks revealed a more complicated set of calculations. When a reporter asked Fox co-president Gary Newman if social media buzz was keeping the genre mash-up “Sleepy Hollow” alive, he pointed to the strength of the series’ delayed viewing and also suggested that strong international support for the show gave Fox a financial cushion it could use to find “Sleepy Hollow” a better slot on the schedule. (x)

Good to know. At least if this year shit goes down the toilet, we don’t need to kill ourselves over social media campaigning for the show..

Spoiler for anyone who didn’t finish the game, but I have a question?

When people talk about the ending where you can save Josh, are they talking about the one where he becomes a wendigo at the end instead? Because I mean yeah, that might be considered saving him, but the poor baby is still long gone. I just wanna know if there’s an ending where he survives and isn’t a big ol’ scary, human eating monster.

No, right?


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Coin. Because you have too much shit in your wallet.

I made this video because I believed. And now so does the rest of the world, apparently. Feels good, man.