Multi-Colored Flame Candles

Make your loved one’s birthday extra special with the mutli-colored flame candles. These colorful candles are sure to upstage any cake. After being lit, the candles produces a unique flame that burns the same color as the candle.


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Ok! So it looks like my new boop is going to need a vet visit cause something is wrong with her mouth. I went for this rehoming situation because I expected someone who has the snakes for breeding to have them all in good conditions, so they’d be healthy when I got them. But because I am a fool, I didn’t run when i saw the conditions the poor babe was in.
As such, i am selling the contents of my life. You want one of my existing embroidery projects (pictured)? Want it in a cute frame? You got it. A premade felt critter (also pictured)? A hot/cold pack made out of whatever fabric I have in my drawer ATM and shaped like an owl/other simple critter? A plethora of knit hats in a variety of colors? My stuffed squid (if you don’t mind that it’s used and has a seam the wrong way round and couple weird tentacles)? Any other quick projects using materials I have? I can do shrinky dink charms of your pets, low quality drawings, what have you. No custom embroidery ATM because I’m working on a commission and they take a really long time. Hell, you a stalker and want a lock of my hair and a piece of paper with my lip print? Today is your lucky day! Make me an offer. I want to get this girl in to be seen as soon as I can, her mouth is wonky and I’m worried it’s mouth rot, in addition to her being too thin. Right now I have just enough for an exam, but I also need to buy her some basic supplies since this was so sudden, so I won’t have enough to get her in for a couple weeks, and I’d rather do so sooner. So if you want any of my stuff, or want me to make you something cute and quick, shoot me an ask!

I have a family I need to support. You know, there’s certain things that come up when you’re with the same person. You know, there’s just finances  – we have a mortgage at home. You’re twenty-nine, thirty years old next year, it’s not kids games anymore. It’s about finding what makes it work financially, and then going from there.
—  Ella Masar (x)

Coin. Because you have too much shit in your wallet.

I made this video because I believed. And now so does the rest of the world, apparently. Feels good, man.