Sunday, Quinn and I stopped into Old Navy to kill some time before grocery shopping. She saw this shirt and asked me what it said. I read it to her and she said,

“Like YOU, Mommy! You need that for your workout!”

She made me try it on in the dressing room with her and everything.

Kind of fun having a little shopping partner.

Okay broke student problem.

My parent gave me a credit card.
In their name….
And I kinda went to town on it. And now they kinda won’t help me out.
So yeah I’m contemplating selling off my ipad, laptop, and iPhone I bought with it.
Man life is rough .

Follow me on EVERYTHING lol and subscribe to my YouTube channel . I used to have one but I decided to reinvent. My YouTube channel has no videos yet but there will be 2 up within the next 2 weeks ! The rundown is simple .
It will basically be a lifestyle vlog . So travel , fashion , being natural(my hair journey!) , new products! And how I use them. How to get a job /promotion , problems I have at my job from the customers and staff pov. The first video that I post will be about my trip to JAPAN! Yasssss! And a Intro vid about my channel .

Ps. I am a photographer/stylist/creative director /fashion show producer/fashion student /future cosmetology student/ maybe even future fashion correspondent lol why not?! living in NYC! Working on becoming something bigger than what I am in the midst of all that I’m trying to GET MY LIFE YASSSS!!

For SERIOUS inquiries only email Currently looking for models wanting to expand their portfolios as well as make up artist looking to expand. VOLUNTEER only as of now.
Another day in the life...

It’s hard being alone. It’s hard being hundreds of miles away from anybody that legitimately cares. It’s hard living with people that are strangers… But nobody can say that I’m not a strong person. I might not be living the greatest life right now, but this prepares me to in the future. Thanks, public high school system, for saying that college will be hard, but life will be easy. I’m calling you out - college is a breeze, it’s the life part that’s fucking hard. As I sit here with tears in my eyes gazing out the window to see snow falling to the ground, I just want to say that I’m trying - and trying is better than nothing. 



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“I already have a job, I don’t need a part time business”

The title of this post is something that I hear a lot when talking to people about the opportunities that I present. Until now, I have just let that go and bitten my tongue. However, I recently listened to a podcast by Chalene Johnson, and it inspired me to write this post. For those of you that don’t know Chalene, she is actually my favorite trainer for Beachbody fitness programs, and you can find her in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most home fitness workouts. In addition to being a great health and fitness trainer, Chalene also hosts podcast and helps women all over the world to build their businesses and regain their confidence. She does this through her “Build your tribe” podcast, and her Courageous Confidence Club program.

One of her podcasts had Chalene talking about part time businesses, and how she and her husband actually encouraged their employees to have part time businesses on the side. Why? Because steady jobs are not always as steady as they seem. Companies crumble and go bankrupt, sometimes unexpectedly due to unforeseen circumstances. They may suffer a hit and be forced to do some layoffs. You hear of cases from time to time where employees get screwed out of their retirement money for one reason or another. In addition, things change in life! Maybe you decide that you want to start a family, but your full time income doesn’t provide you with enough money to comfortably support and raise a child. Maybe you do have a child, and you decide that you want to quit your job and become a stay at home parent. Whatever the case may be, steady jobs may not be as steady and secure as you think they are.

So why should you have a part time business on the side if you don’t have much time to spend on it? Because that is the beauty of a business that is part time. You can chip away at a part time business bit by bit, and over time, your business will grow. Will it take time and effort? Absolutely – but it is something that can be done at your own pace.

“I’m working full time on my job, and I’m working part time on my fortune” – Jim Rohn

Think of it in the words of Jim Rohn. How would it feel to be able to live off of your full time income, but to have the security of knowing that you also have funds from your part time business tucked away for your fortune. Work full time to support your lifestyle, and allow the money from your part time business to accumulate over time. This could end up being your retirement savings. If you’re like me and you like to travel, this money could send you on trips around the world. If you have children, this money could put your kids through school. No matter what your priorities in life may be, most of us are not millionaires, and we could all benefit from having extra money coming in for added security.

If your next objection to having a part time business is that they are scams or pyramid schemes, then you should jump over to my post on Network Marketing to discover the truth. It is a common misconception that all network marketing businesses are pyramid schemes, and it is time that we set the record straight.

To learn more about the Beachbody opportunity, Click Here.

To learn more about the Younique opportunity, Click Here.

So, I was at Forever 21 yesterday and I went there to find a few things. I was looking at a dress rack and these two girls were chatting. One of them said, “Can you just be my personal shopper? I am going to be spending so much money here.” And the other said, “Yessss! I mean, if you got the money to burn then yes.” And the first girl said, “Well, if I get signed with this agency I will be making soooo much money!”

And I felt so small right there… Here I was… 27 and working just above minimum wage. And these girls are probably 18-20 years old and they will already be making more money than me?! O.o I can not say I was not jealous. That girl will be able to afford her new wardrobe while I struggle to pay off my debts. And this girl was clearly bragging. Although, I still look young for my age I looked very frumpy next to these girls.

They wore name brand clothing while I wore baggy jeans from who knows where and a comfy baggy t-shirt. My hair was a mess and I had no makeup on. Of course I usually dress for comfort and wear zero makeup anyway. I just felt really out of place at that moment. I felt like I really did not belong. Not just in that store but in modern society. There are much younger girls getting fatter paychecks because they get signed on as a model.

There is no room for someone my size. I can not be a regular model nor can I be a plus sized model. Plus, I don’t have the confidence for modeling anyway. The point is that it bothers me that it bothered me. Why should what anyone else does matter to me? I feel pretty bad about feeling this way. But at the same time I feel so jipped in life. I just want to pay off all my debts and find my passions. But how can I find my passions when I have so much debt?

Maybe someday I will find something that makes me happy and gets me a decent amount of money to sustain me. Not for new clothes but for things that matter. I also, had a young couple at Gordman’s talking about how they had more than enough money to buy whatever they wanted. *sigh* Am I really left behind? What am I doing wrong?