“My name is Barack Obama of the Moneygall Obamas. I’ve come here to find the apostrophe that got lost along the way.”

A fantastic day for Ireland! A day that makes you proud to be Irish, for sure. Seeing himself and Michelle strolling around the town greeting everyone with a massive smile and open arms was excellent.

Come back soon Mr O'Bama!

The chorus goes: “O'Leary, O'Reilly, O'Hare and O'Hara, there’s no-one as Irish as Barack Obama. From the old Blarney stone, to the green hills of Tara, there’s no-one as Irish as Barack Obama.”

Moneygall’s Welcome Obama Song

“3.125 percent, 3.125 percent, he’s not really Irish but we’ll take what we can get!”

O'BAMA: A woman peers out of a shop selling Barack Obama t-shirts in Moneygall, Ireland, over the weekend ahead of the president’s trip there on Monday. For some in town, the stop is personal: Obama’s great-great-great grandfather worked there as a shoemaker, and many in town claim to be related to the president.

The president received a vigorous welcome, CBS reporter Mark Knoller tweeted: “From the size of the crowds lining the streets of Moneygall, looks like no one went to work today in order to [welcome] the Obamas.”

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Photo by Cathal McNaughton/Reuters

The Eagle has landed. Speech kicks off at 5pm, and well Dub weather is trying it’s mighty best to stay well behaved (but it’s not looking too promising) and the wind is untamed. How rude.

And speaking of rude, I know I should probably go take lovely photos for all ye, but I am too lazy. and not to mention there’s going to be a mad mass of people. Don’t feel like being tossed around like an olive in a salad :)

Oh and apparently Obama is Irish..somewhere down the line, from Moneygall. Everybody from Tipperary and Offally is now smiling from ear to ear! Although it’s a bit of a fight btn them as the village is smack in the border. I am trying to find that news article with his family tree. Will have it by tonight

Enda attends White House St Patricks Party

In his speech at the St. Patrick’s party at the White House on Tuesday night, the biggest applause line was when Obama accepted a certificate of Irish heritage and joked that he would hang it beside his birth certificate, which has been the focus of so much controversy for him. Obama’s speech was far more political than in previous years and he referenced all the Irish touchstones – President Kennedy and his visit to Ireland 50 years ago next year was high on his list and he cleverly worked in his own trip there in 2011.


Oh I must say I am thoroughly enjoying this.

Ok, so I did some light reading…and did you know:

Obama was called Barry until he was about 20 – growing up.

Mary Anne Kearney, (Obama’s great great grandmother ) had red hair and blue eyes, and she spoke with an Irish brogue 

Henry Healy -  Barack Obama’s 8th cousin lives in the village of Moneygall.