moneyed class

  • me: money isn't real and scarcity is almost always fabricated. we literally throw away necessities. we produce to excess and a majority of our labor could be automated.
  • them: okay but sweaty who's going to pay for that?
  • me: no one. money isn't real. scarcity is fabricated. we produce and throw away excess necessities.
  • them: but we can't afford to just give away necessities life doesn't work that way.
  • me: the goods literally already exist. you literally just put them in the hands of people who need them instead of the fucking dumpster.
  • them: but what about the money?

Don’t feel bad for making donations posts, it is literally exactly how capitalism works, so whenever fuckin pro-capitalists shit on you for “asking for handouts,” you’re literally working a job. 

heres how: people are deciding to pay you for whatever work you’re doing, be that begging or not, that’s literally what capitalism is, people exchanging money for a good or service, lmao, and if your good or service is begging for money, then bam a job definitionally. 

People gave you money because of something you did or made them feel. It was an exchange. lmao, that’s all these pro-capitalist edglelords define the freest of markets as.

They’re just jealous of the occupation you possess at the time, lmao. tbh. Even if you’re fuck poor and just trying to survive by any means necessary, something inside of them fucking hates capitalism lmao, and they’re taking it out on you, under the guise of support for the very thing you’re engaging with and using to your advantage.