10 ways the grocery store is tricking you into spending more money

1. Purposefully disorienting customers

Stores are intentionally laid out in a disorienting way so that it takes more time to find what you’re looking for. And the more items you walk by, the more likely you are to make impulse buys.

2. “Charm pricing” and false promises

Grocery stores deliberately price items to make you think you’re saving money when you’re not really: There’s “charm pricing,” where an item is one or two cents below a round number (like $9.99).

3. Giant shopping carts

Those gargantuan shopping carts are intentionally designed like that to trick your brain: When you double the size of a shopping cart, consumers will buy 40% more, marketing consultant Martin Lindstrom told Today.

4. “Open the wallet” pricing

This technique involves placing seemingly cheap items (a big “SALE” sign must a mean big discount — right?) in proximity to the entrance, so you are tricked into believing you’re starting your shopping expedition by saving money.

5. Playing music — with a slow beat

In one study on the influence of music on consumers, published in in the journal Procedia Economics and Finance, respondents said pleasurable music in the background increased the likelihood they’d spend more time and money in the store — and thwarted their negative emotions.

6. Placing dairy far from the entrance

Dairy is one of the most popular grocery categories — and you may have noticed it tends to be miles from the entrance. That’s not a coincidence. This forces the consumer to walk by more grocery items and, you guessed it, exposes them to more opportunities to buy things they don’t need… like an ergonomic, bacteria-free sponge.

7. Putting popular items in the center of aisles

The most popular items and brands are often placed in the middle of aisles, which forces you to walk by way more products than you otherwise would. All those extra goodies you’re exposed to on your shopping mission increase the likelihood of an unplanned purchase. You came for the toilet paper, but left with a plate of pitted dates. Good for your fiber intake — bad for your budget.

8. Presenting a feast for the senses

The smell of freshly baked bread and rotisserie chicken is a more well-known tactic supermarkets use. When were hungry, we’re more likely to buy more. This effect is compounded by colorful produce up front, which can be pleasing and exciting to the eye. The combo of nice smells and pretty colors puts us in a good — or at least better — mood, making us more willing to make unplanned purchases.

9. Overwhelming shoppers with options

Literally tens of thousands of items are on offer in your average supermarket. And that demands a lot of decision-making. Brains scans examined by Bangor University, Wales, reveal that we can only keep this up for about 40 minutes, at which point we kind of get tired and give up. Once we’ve given up, we start to make emotional purchases — aka impulse buys — and this can lead to as much as 50% of purchases being unplanned.

10. Narrowing the checkout lanes

Grocery stores have also made their checkout lanes purposefully narrow. This is so that when you’re unloading, if you suddenly realize you’ve impulsively and regretfully thrown in a $15 small bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice, it’s too hard to get out of the checkout lane to go and put it back. Read more

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My Overwatch Animal Pins are finally ready!!

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Baby Witch Tips

•Learn stuff about where you live. This can help you with crystal magick and herbalism. I have a shit ton of quartz where I live, and a bunch of edible plants that grow in the woods. This way, you can start your witchy collection for free. (Be careful with harvesting wild plants, obviously.)

•You don’t have to follow spells you find exactly. Say you find a great spell for restful sleep online, but it calls for lavender and chamomile, and you only have lavender. That’s fine! Take the chamomile out or substitute it. 

•Learn a tiny bit of a lot of things. Don’t feel like you have to focus on one thing yet. Take some time to read up on stuff and figure out what appeals to you. 

•Make your own tools. You don’t have to waste money on fancy tools to be a valid witch. My wand, some of my candles, my pentacle, and my staff are all homemade. 

•On the line of saving money, thrift stores are your best friends. 

•DO NOT FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO LABEL YOURSELF. This took me so long to figure out. You don’t have to decide that you’re a chaote or a spirit worker or a Heathen or an eclectic witch or a Neowiccan or anything. If one of those labels strongly appeals to you, awesome! But don’t feel pressured to pick one.

•If you’re in the broom closet and live with someone who you don’t want to figure out about your practice, make a mini altar in a shoebox! Put all your altar stuff in the box and put it under your bed. You can set up the altar on the box when praying or doing spells or anything like that. 

•It’s okay to be Wiccan, but you don’t have to be. There are a ton of other options. 

•Don’t put yourself down if magick or astral projecting or spirit work or any other practice doesn’t come naturally to you. Practicing is an option, and so is not doing it at all. 

•It’s okay to take breaks from your practice.

The science of songs: how does music affect your body chemistry?

I spent four years gathering information for my book, Why We Love Music, reading textbooks and papers packed full with phrases like “spectral structure and harmonic syntax” and “amplitudes of transglottal airflow”. Translated into conversational English, the science – I think – is of interest to everyone who loves music (and even those few of us who don’t). For example, experiments have demonstrated that music is extremely effective at curing insomnia; that shoppers spend more money in stores playing classical music; and that communal singing helps humans to bond with each other by releasing oxytocin into our system - the same chemical we experience during sex or breast-feeding.

In “Why You Love Music,” John Powell, a physicist who has also studied musical composition, offers an array of answers that mainly reflect his scientific background. He conveys some basic musical information painlessly, including tuning and scales, the construction of melodies, and elements of timbre and key. His writing is chatty and unpretentious; he is informal and down-home, at times quite funny. If you have ever felt intimidated by music and its terminology of whole and half steps, scales and chords, this book will put you at ease. – Peter Pesic, Wall Street Journal (£)

Research has revealed that music holds the keys to your body’s pharmacy. Photograph: Simon Frazer/SPL/Getty Images

Tips for Canon era Les Mis cosplayers!

I get a lot of asks about this so here’s some tips for my fellow amis, on how to get that 1832 look.

1. TURN UP…the collar of your shirt. Whether it’s a cheap white button up from H&M or a fancy historically accurate one, make use of the collar and have it stick up, not fold down! Then apply cravat. It’s the key to getting that high-collar 19th century look you see in Pride and Prejudice. Can be done with any shirt. Just think popped collar 1800’s frat boy, not neatly folded over a tie.

2. Short waistcoats. The time called for waistcoats that were actually stupidly short - hence why you see everyone’s high waisted trousers. Long waistcoats that go down to your crotch can be cut and hemmed!

3. No cravat? No problem. Proper fancy cravats go for like $30 on Etsy and a lot of us don’t have that money. No issue! Thrift stores and charity shops usually have a cheap bin of scarves. Go cravat fishing! You can find anything from a pretty silk one to something you can cut up and modify.

4. Shake it up! You don’t have to look exactly like 2012 movie Joly or stage version Enjolras. You can mix and match. For my Enjolras cosplay I take influence from the 2012 movie, the West End AND throw in my own take from the book (sometimes a change up with a blue cravat really goes a long way!) - means you can get away with a little more!

5. Have fun. Honestly, none of it matters. It’s all for fun. Enjoy yourself and be kind to people, whether they’re in the very early stages of their cosplay or an old master at it. This goes for ANY cosplay.


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SERIES WARNINGS: violence, sexual references, swearing, angst, smut, drug, alcohol and other substance abuse



I was just 18 years old when it happened, she was 14. We were scared, insignificant children who knew nothing of the true horrors of the world, god, I was so naive back then… I didn’t know what to do or how to respond. I remember sitting in her bright bedroom as I told her the news, her face was expressionless, like she didn’t believe me. Seeing her like that was more painful than the loss of our parents, and being the one to break it to her was even more agonising. That day was the hardest day of my life… I’ll never forget the sound of her cries that night as she wept herself to sleep. Within a matter of hours my smart-ass, annoying little sister had grown up into a vulnerable, frail young woman. I never intended to hurt her, I only wanted what was best for her.

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So I recently moved Gotham and decided open a music store. Thinking who is going to rob a music store and even if they do I’m not going to keep that much money in the store. Well nobody told me about the Music Miester. Long-story short, he has a beautiful singing voice and he stole one of our grand pianos. #thisisnotwhatIexpectedfromgotham #butok  #Imgoingtoneedtobuyearplugs #IguessthisiswhatismeantbyonlinGotham


DuckTales enters the tech age with Silverbeak, the Silicon Valley of Duckburg

Silverbeak, seen below, is where “the local tech concern is,” according to story editor Francisco Angones. Think of it like a cool neighborhood in San Francisco, but with the hipster and creative mindset of those living in an area like Los Angeles’ Silverlake. Between the palm trees and what are supposed to be electric cars, the only thing missing is a Starbucks on the corner.

“Silverbeak is the hip and upcoming neighborhood and Silicon Valley of Duckburg,” executive producer Matt Youngberg told Polygon via email.

Although Silverbeak is the show’s most timely neighborhood, it isn’t the area where Scrooge and the rest of the Duck clan will be spending the majority of their time. Youngberg said the Ducks will spend most of their days in McDuck Manor and the Money Bin. The manor, Youngberg added, is located pretty close to their center of operations.

“The mansion and the Money Bin are two very key locations where we spent a lot of time, especially the mansion which is kind of the center base of operations,” Youngberg said. “That’s where it all happens and it being Scrooge’s house, it’s full of adventure itself.”

Angones added they put a lot of thought into the design of the manor because they wanted the feeling of visiting a grandparent or relative’s house and feeling that spooky chill run down your spine present in the show.

“One of the main things that we all talked about in trying to get everything coming from a place of character was you know, how when you go to your grandparents house, it’s just full of all this old stuff just covered wall-to-wall with like stuff that they got 30 years ago and 60 years ago,” Angones said. “We thought, ‘Scrooge McDuck’s house would be equally full of that, except most of it would be haunted or cursed.’”

Fans of the original series might notice that the Money Bin, where Scrooge stores his hard earned cash, looks a little different in the new series. Youngberg said they wanted it to feel different from the “square monolith” in the original series and, essentially, make it feel a little more safer. The idea was to take the idea of a bin and turn it into a vault.

“We wanted to find a way to take that plainness and that monolith feeling and expand it even more so we started looking at Brutalist Architecture and how everything brutalist has this real fortressy feel, and we wanted his money bin to feel like a fortress and so we put it out in the bay in the middle of the oceans where it’s even more protected because that’s where he keeps all of his worldly wealth,” Youngberg said.

Even though parts of DuckTales look and feel new, the producers said they’re staying true to the spirit that made the original so beloved in the first place.

  • Switzerland: Did you have to eat stolen bread?
  • Liechtenstein: Yeah... should I have thrown it away?
  • Switzerland: How foolish of you to have eaten it. I would have sold it. And with that money, I would have purchased other capital, and sold that again. And then I would have given back the money to the convenience store, much more than what I owed for the bread.
Tempting Trouble

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So I thought of this this morning. What about a crossover? Reader works for the BAU and is dating Tony and the teams have to work on a case together. The teams don’t know they are dating and the case is how they find out. I have a Tony obsession. Can you tell? LOL!!! PLEASE!!!

A/N : This is a crossover of Criminal Minds and NCIS

Title :  Tempting trouble

Pairing : Tony Dinozzo x Bau!Reader

POV : Reader’s

Word Count : 1046

Beta reader : The lovely @lostdreamsanddeadroses (she has started making edits go check them out)

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“Goth girl could walk in any second.” you gasped as Tony kissed your neck, hands fixed firmly on your waist as his thumbs drew circles on your skin.

“Abby. And she’s out, it’s fine.” he mumbled against your lips. For a second you let your guard down and lost yourself in the kiss. Tongues fighting for dominance, your fingers pulling at his hair. He moaned softly and pulled you closer so your hips grinded against each other.

“I’ve been waiting all week to do that.” he grins as you kiss his neck. You laugh slightly thinking of this week.

“You said you worked for the BSU!” Tony hissed dragging you in front of the elevator.

“The BAU Tony! Behavioral analysis unit which is part of the FBI! And keep your voice down!” you whispered.

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I had some asshole try to tell me that return policies can't be legally enforced. As in, if someone tries to make a return outside of a store's return period or return something for money instead of store credit, the store has to let them. Bitch, please. You want to spend the money to take a business to court because they won't let you return a pair of $40 slacks a year later go right ahead. Bet he screams at cashiers that it's illegal for them to refuse a $100 bill for a $0.99 purchase, too.

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They're trying to incentivize catching shoplifters by offering some sort of money reward at my store. They haven't told us the details but I can already predict this going horribly wrong.... so keep an eye on the news I might just be on it

For how many people can be accused of theft and sued the fastest?


Attention! 💖🔮

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White Lies: The Death of Emmett Till

The 1950’s were a shameful decade for human rights, with racial discrimination against people of colour not only legal, but actively encouraged and allowed. Many people died during the civil rights stuggle, but the murder of fourteen-year-old Emmett Till of Chicago rocked the entire nation to its core, and was a stark reminder of how the colour of ones skin can literally mean a death sentence.

On August 28, 1955 a young black boy named Emmett Till walked into a drug store in Money, Mississippi to buy some bubblegum. A white woman named Carolyn Bryant sold him the candy, and before he left, she claimed Till made sexually suggestive comments to her, touched her hand, and whistled at her. He then left the store.

Three days later Till was abducted by Carolyn’s husband and another man, and forced to carry a heavy cotton belt to the side of a river. Till was then stripped naked, beaten, and shot in the face with a revolver. As he lay wounded, his attackers gouged out his eye and tied him with barbed wire to the cotton belt. They tipped the terrified Till into the river, making sure he was drowned before fleeing the scene.

When the mutilated corpse was discovered three days later, Till’s face was unrecognizable. He was only identified because of an initialed ring he wore, and from the testimony of his uncle who witnessed his abduction. Carolyn Bryant informed a court of Till’s behavior towards her, and a court comprised entirely of white males found her husband and his accomplice not guilty of murder.

Till’s mother, Mamie, was appalled at the lack of justice sought for her son. She insisted his funeral be open casket so the entire world could see what had happened to Emmett. Pictures taken of Till’s sad corpse became famous and his murder is often cited as a catalyst for the civil rights marches of the early Sixties.

Over sixty years after the fateful day in the store, Carolyn Bryant has come forth and confessed she lied about what happened with Till. In an interview with a writer, Carolyn broke down and said Till never grabbed her or said anything to her, adding “that boy deserved nothing of what he got”. She claimed her husband pressured her to exaggerate Till’s behavior and - knowing a white woman would be believed over a black man - she agreed. It is not known if she knew of her husband’s plan to kill Till.